"Turns out I donated all of my cash to an unworthy cause."
―Liam Walsh[src]

Liam Walsh is a thief who dated Tandy Bowen and operated as her partner in crime. He helped Bowen to gather enough money to flee New Orleans due to having wounded Rick Cotton, but Bowen ended their relationship as she left and Walsh was arrested by Brigid O'Reilly. Although he remained in custody for some time, Walsh was eventually bailed out by Bowen, who claimed that she wanted to build a new life with him. However, while accessing his hopes, Bowen tried to absorb it out of Walsh, which caused him to turn on Bowen and steal her money before leaving.


Meeting Tandy Bowen

"You didn't let me in."
"Well, that would've been malpractice. But you came back."
Tandy Bowen and Liam Walsh[src]

Liam Walsh worked as a vigil for a nightclub when he first met Tandy Bowen, who tried to get into the nightclub with a fake ID. Walsh refused to let her in, but Bowen returned some time later with a better ID. From this point, Walsh and Bowen learned each other and began dating, with Walsh hoping that they would marry some day.[1]

Working with Tandy Bowen

"You know, you do that a lot."
"Do what?"
"You stop talking right when you're about to say something."
―Liam Walsh and Tandy Bowen[src]
C&D101 Liam and Tandy in Rick Cotton's house

Walsh arrives to rob Rick Cotton with Tandy Bowen

Together, Walsh and Tandy Bowen used to steal from rich young men who went to a party at the nightclub where Walsh was working: Bowen would seduce them so that they would take her into their home, where she would drug them, enabling Walsh and Bowen to steal their stuff. One of their victims was Rick Cotton, from whom they stole a diamond necklace and ballet tickets before Walsh took Bowen back to the church she lived in. On the next day, Walsh went to see Elmer to sell their plunder, although he did not bring back as much money as Bowen expected.

Walsh then told Bowen about a big upcoming party he had heard of, suggesting they could find some targets to rob. Walsh waited for Bowen to return from the party and they had sex in his car. Once they were finished, Bowen asked him whether he believed in God, to which Walsh replied that he did not. They then discussed the night when Bowen lost her father Nathan, but Bowen did not go until the end of her story, which Walsh remarked was a habit of her.[2]

Left Behind

C&D102 Tandy needs to leave NO

Walsh helps Tandy Bowen to get a new ID

"I know you've got your demons. Everybody's got demons. If you just give me a chance I can help you. We can handle it."
"Liam, listen. There is no "we". Sorry."
―Liam Walsh and Tandy Bowen[src]

Walsh was told by Tandy Bowen about her being assaulted by Rick Cotton. He asked her whether he was still alive and what had happened to the knife Bowen pretended to have used. He then called Tulane Medical Center to see whether Cotton was there and decided to help Bowen get a new identity and flee New Orleans. To that end, Walsh drove Bowen to Elmer's dry cleaner shop to get forged ID documents. However, Elmer asked for 11,000 dollars, and although Walsh was ready to pay for half of it, they still had to find more money and Bowen left to find how many she had spared.

C&D102 Tandy and Liam at the wedding

Walsh and Tandy Bowen infiltrate a wedding

However, Bowen had lost all of her money because of her mother, so Elmer refused to provide them with the fake ID. In order to find the rest, Walsh and Bowen borrowed some clothes from the dry cleaner to infiltrate a wedding and steal money from there. They managed to blend in the ceremony and Walsh spotted the wedding planner who was supposed to have tip money, but Walsh found out that she did not. While dancing, Bowen thanked Walsh for who he was and how he supported her.

During the dance, Bowen accidentally accessed Walsh's hope of marrying her some day, causing the pair to break once the vision ended. Worried, Walsh asked Bowen whether everything was right but Bowen simply left for the bathroom. At the end of the party, Walsh managed to steal money from the bar, while Bowen had successfully robbed the bridesmaid Delia. They then quickly left the wedding with the young married's car.


Walsh is arrested by Brigid O'Reilly

Walsh and Bowen went back to the dry cleaner shop to return the clothes. Walsh asked her girlfriend what had happened during the dance and told her to confess about her problems so that he could help her with it and they could face it as a couple. However, Bowen replied that they were no longer a couple and left with her fake ID, leaving Walsh alone. Later, as Walsh sadly returned to his car, he was arrested by Detective Brigid O'Reilly. He called Bowen for help, but she had already left the city and did not reply.[1]

Walsh remained in the NOPD's custody, much to O'Reilly's surprise as she thought he would pay for his release. However, Walsh was actually completely out of money due to having given all of his savings to Bowen. O'Reilly informed him that Bowen was still in New Orleans and suggested that she could give her a message from Walsh, but Walsh replied that he had nothing to say. He then reluctantly told O'Reilly about the drug dealing activity going in the nightclub where he used to work.[3]


"You were a good dream, Liam. I just had to wake up to realize it."
Tandy Bowen to Liam Walsh[src]

Walsh was ultimately bailed out by Tandy Bowen, who had gathered enough money to have him released. They met as Walsh was exiting New Orleans Police Department Station and Bowen took him to the church where she used to live. Much to Walsh's surprise, Bowen mentioned about how she had hoped of marrying him some day, being tired of keeping his life miserable and expressing desire to build a new life with him, calling him a "good dream" she could no longer dread.

C&D109 Liam lost hopes

Walsh after Tandy Bowen tried to absorb his hopes

Walsh and Bowen then shared a kiss, but this enabled Bowen to access Walsh's hopes one more time. This time though, Bowen not only witnessed the hope but attempted to absorb it out of Walsh, only to be interrupted by Tyrone Johnson, who had gotten involved in the vision as well. This caused Walsh and Bowen to break apart and Bowen left the church, leaving Walsh alone. Disoriented after what had happened, Walsh wrecked Bowen's stuff in the church and found her secret money stash. He then stole the money and left the church as well.[4]


  • St. Theresa's Church: When he was reunited with Tandy Bowen, Walsh was taken to the St. Theresa's Church where Bowen used to live. Walsh remained for a short time in the church, but he eventually left after stealing Bowen's money as a consequence of Bowen having tried to steal his hopes.






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