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"When you have nobody, nobody's gonna save you."
― Lia Dewan to Tandy Bowen[src]

Avandalia "Lia" Dewan is a former nurse and the leader of a community support group specializing in victims of abuse. She was secretly part of a human trafficking ring in New Orleans orchestrated by Andre Deschaine, who used the support group to target young women who Dewan later had kidnapped to force them into prostitution. Dewan welcomed Tandy Bowen and her mother into her support group, and subtly manipulated Bowen before kidnapping her and bringing her to the Viking Motel. Dewan then fled with Deschaine after the motel was attacked by Tyrone Johnson, but then reluctantly let Deschaine manipulate her own despair to ease his migraines before being ruthlessly abandoned on the road. Dewan was later found by Bowen and Mayhem and briefly taken to St. Theresa's Church so that Cloak and Dagger could know more about Deschaine's whereabouts. In the aftermath of D'Spayre's defeat, Dewan was brought to justice.


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Early Life

From a young age, Dewan wanted to become a cellist. However, her father disapproved of her dream, forcing her into a life as a doctor.[2]

A Deal with Despair

Dewan eventually became a nurse at a local hospital. It was here she met Andre Deschaine following his suicide attempt during the Roxxon Gulf incident, becoming his first victim. After being convinced to join him, Dewan partnered with Deschaine in running a support group to assist those in need. However, Deschaine's ability to manipulate emotions and playing off his victim's memories allowed them to take advantage of the more serious cases, eventually leading to kidnapping many girls as part of a sex trafficking operation. When Dewan wasn't tending to the members of her support group, she kept an eye on the girls that were kept at the Viking Motel.[3]

Meeting Tandy Bowen

When Tandy Bowen joined the support group, she took an interest in Mikayla Bell. However, this became an issue for Dewan and Deschaine when Bowen started investigating. Dewan befriended Bowen and offered to "help" with the investigation, even going so far as to share their feelings and experiences regarding abusive relationships. Dewan talked about her ex-boyfriend, Eric, who apparently took advantage of her and forced her to perform unwilling and questionable acts for his clients and friends.

Dewan attempted to remain friendly and supportive but when Bowen started to get too close to the truth, Dewan kidnapped her and used Deschaine's help to sedate her and keep her out of reality until they could drain her of hope.[4]

After trying to convince Tandy that they were treating the girls with some sense of fairness and morality, Dewan sedated and prepared Bowen for the sexual favors she would have to unwillingly provide for Dewan's customers. However, Bowen and Tyrone Johnson were able to fight their way out of the motel. With their operation compromised, Lia and Andre managed to escape, but Andre betrayed her, leaving her unconscious on the side of a road.[5]


Lia was eventually found by the NOPD. With help from Brigid O'Reilly, Tandy brought her back to St. Theresa's church. Despite their animosity, Tandy decided to enter Lia's mind to find Andre, learning more about her captor's past in the process.[2]

Jail Time

After Tandy and Tyrone defeated Andre, Lia was turned in to the authorities and sent to prison. While picking up trash on the side of a road, she came across a poster for another missing girl.[6]



  • Father
  • Three Brothers




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  • In the comics, Avandalia was an agent of D'Spayre who manipulated Cloak and Dagger, as well as their allies.


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