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"Learn what you can. But you have to realize that when you're done... they can't be allowed to leave."
―Li to Jiaying[src]

Li was an Inhuman from Afterlife and Jiaying's second-in-command. He was strongly opposed to the presence of Kora in Afterlife, arguing that her very existence was a threat to other Inhumans and implying that she should be killed. However, he ended up captured by Nathaniel Malick after he convinced Kora to join him, and his powers were transferred into someone else before he was executed by Kora.


Threats to Afterlife

Kora's Dangerous Terrigenesis

"Not everyone here believes she's worth saving."
"If she's capable of this, she isn't."
Jiaying and Li[src]

Li was Jiaying's second-in-command in Afterlife. As such, he wanted to protect the Inhumans sheltered at the compound at all cost, and was extremely worried about the powers developed by Kora, Jiaying's daughter. Indeed, Li judged that Kora should be killed so that her powers would never come to harm other Inhumans, an opinion which was shared by others in Afterlife. However, Jiaying constantly rejected this idea, instead looking for a way to control her daughter's powers.

Encountering S.H.I.E.L.D.

"If you have a gift, show us."
"That's the problem. I used to be fast. I could run long distances in a single heartbeat. But I was poisoned. And now I just... I freeze in place."
"How convenient. Maybe after a few days here, you'll stop lying."
―Li and Yo-Yo Rodriguez[src]

Li and Gordon manage to recapture Kora

Due to the misery she suffered at Afterlife, Kora tried to run away, causing Li to chase her with Gordon. As they caught up with her, they noticed Melinda May and Yo-Yo Rodriguez, and Li ordered Gordon to bring them to Afterlife after they explained having come to see Jiaying. Li was then present when Rodriguez explained to Jiaying that she was an Inhuman that had lost her superhuman abilities.

Li brings Jiaying to meet the new arrivals

Li did not believe Rodriguez's story and presented her with a Diviner, daring her to touch it to prove her nature. Li was then forced to admit that Rodriguez was indeed an Inhuman when she was able to touch it unharmed. Despite this, Li kept remained distrustful towards the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. He advised Jiaying against helping Rodriguez, but she insisted that they had to know if it was indeed possible to remove powers from an Inhuman, as they could use the same method on Kora. Li then warned Jiaying that when she would be done, May and Rodriguez could not be allowed to leave Afterlife.

Li threatening the life of Melinda May

Li later attended Rodriguez's first attempt of healing. He remained in the back along with May, who felt how much tension and animosity he felt towards her and Rodriguez. Li then told May that he would decide when the two women would be able to leave Afterlife, and refused to discuss the case of Kora with her, leading May to ask him whether they kept prisoners in Afterlife. Li then manifested a knife with his powers and attacked May, trying to force Rodriguez to use her own powers to stop him. However, nothing of the sort happened, and Li was dismissed by Jiaying.

Li later witnessed the consequences of another instance of Kora's losing control of her powers. As he and Jiaying were confronted by May, Li recalled that Kora had nearly destroyed Afterlife a dozen times, and once again expressed his opinion that she should not be preserved. Moreover, Li noticed that the gun of the guard that had been with Kora before the incident was missing, and he feared that Kora would use it to harm other people. However, it turned out that Kora actually meant to kill herself, but she was prevented from doing so by Nathaniel Malick.

Attack on Afterlife

Li getting attacked by Kora's powers

"It was all for nothing?"
"We'll find another way."
"It's too late. There's only ever been one solution to this problem."
―Li and Jiaying[src]

Therefore, Li took part in the defense of Afterlife as the location was attacked by Nathaniel Malick's Crew. Upon realizing that Kora had actually joined him so that she could freely use her powers, Li saw the confirmation that she should have been killed long ago and attacked her. However, Kora retaliated by unleashing a massive stream of energy on him, causing Li's face to be heavily burned. Li was then taken prisoner by Malick while Jiaying escaped.[1]

Experimentation and Death

Li getting brutally executed by Kora

"I should have killed you years ago."
"I forgive you, for believing that."
―Li and Kora[src]

Along with other Afterlife Inhumans, Li was tied up and held prisoner by Nathaniel Malick and his crew. He was then accused by Malick of clinging to a set of ancient rules which meant nothing as to who was worthy to wield Inhuman powers.[1] Therefore, Li was later forced to go through a painful experiment designed by Malick, which was used to transfer his powers to Durant. Li was then sentenced to die by Malick, who asked Kora to end Li's suffering. Li unsuccessfully tried to defens himself by creating a knife, but he was too weakened by the experiment, and died in agony as his head was incinerated by Kora.[2]


"You're really gonna help them? These intruders?"
"I know it's your job to worry about everything, but you need to calm down."
"We're leaving ourselves exposed. They're a danger to us."
―Li and Jiaying[src]
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Powers and Abilities


  • Inhuman Physiology: As an Inhuman, Li has the genetic potential to gain superhuman powers after undergoing Terrigenesis.
    • Knife Conjuration: Li has the ability to summon knives from the air, and to de-materialize them just as quick.


  • Knife Mastery: Because his power is knife conjuration Li can use knives with great ease.
  • Bilingualism: Li was able to speak both Mandarin Chinese and English.



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Other Equipment

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"Once we cure Elena, we'll forget we ever found this place."
"I decide when you leave. Not you."
Melinda May and Li[src]
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