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Lewis wilson

A collection of quotes of the veteran and terrorist Lewis Wilson.

The Punisher

Episode 1.09: Front Toward Enemy

Spoken by Lewis Wilson

"The United States Government has become a tyrannical force, using its power to persecute teachers and citizens, trying them in a court like criminals for seeking to defend themselves as the Constitution allows. They wanna take away our guns, our freedom, and then we will be unable to defend ourselves. I have acted in defense of our liberty and identity. I have acted for all of us, to do what is right. You have championed the common hero before, Miss Page. I believe you understand that sometimes a man has to make a stand for what is right, what is true, even if the law stands against him. I ask you in the name of this country we love to print my words as a call to arms. If you do not, I will know you're one of them and you and everyone at your liberal paper will be on my list. Give me liberty, or give me death."
―Lewis Wilson's Letter to Karen Page[src]
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