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"I have acted in defense of our liberty and identity. I have acted for all of us, to do what is right."
―Lewis Wilson[src]

Lewis Wilson was a United States Army veteran who found it difficult to re-assimilate into civilian society. In his return to the United States, he began suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, which cost him his career with Anvil. Psychologically conflicted by O'Connor's extremist rhetoric, while he had also misread Curtis Hoyle's attempts to help him, Wilson turned to terrorism, and garnered considerable media attention as the perpetrator of the Bombings of New York City. During an attack on the Royal Hospitality amid the election campaign of Stan Ori, Wilson had been confronted by the Punisher, and he finally chose to kill himself in an attempted suicide bombing.


Military Service

Diagnosed with PTSD

"I once took out a machine gun nest, saw this guy's head explode, and all I thought was 'good shot'. I hated the enemy 'cause I had to, but... but I respected him, too. They don't haunt me. One of our Apaches hit some of our own. Friendly fire. There is no such thing. But it's war, right? Shit happens. Except I then saw some press officer pass it off to reporters as an enemy ambush."
―Lewis Wilson[src]

Lewis Wilson was recruited into the United States Army as he had joined the 1st Infantry Division.[3] Wilson's commanding sergeant frequently quoted from the Rudyard Kipling's poem The Young British Soldier while training his platoon, in order to teach them to keep fighting no matter what happened. Wilson deeply admired the lessons, as it was the only thing he could think about during the combat missions he was sent on.[4]

Wilson and his squad were stationed in Iraq when Wilson was tasked to escort the resupply line in Mosul.[5] Wilson's squad emerged into a firefight, while he had managed to take down hostile machine gun nest. However, one of the Boeing AH-64 Apaches was hit by some friendly fire from what Wilson could understand. However, the press officer decided to falsify the reports about the recent events and stated to reporters that it was actually an enemy ambush, as they had denied the truth.

The Officer's actions horrified Wilson, as he thought that they dishonored dead soldiers who were trained enough to evade the ambush. Wilson had a dream where an officer lied about Wilson and discredited his service for his country. The terrible events that he experienced throughout the war had negatively impacted on Wilson's mental health, which manifested as his nightmares and inadequate behavior. Later, he was diagnosed with Posttraumatic stress disorder and then discharged from their military, which Wilson would come to deeply regret,[6] as he came to believe that the country had no place for him.[1]

Group Therapy

Curtis Hoyle's Support

Wilson sits in Curtis Hoyle's group therapy

"I just know that I fought for this country and that it's got no place for me. I don't know what the rules are anymore, you know?"
"They're scared, man. Because they aren't stupid. They spent fifteen years training an army and then abandoned it on the streets."
―Lewis Wilson and O'Connor[src]

Returning into New York City, Wilson became a taxi driver as he lived with his father in their home. Upon his father's request, Wilson began to attend group therapy sessions for other veterans of the military as they were organized by Curtis Hoyle. During one session, Wilson had listened on as Hoyle gave his introduction to the group, offering them the opportunity to either speak or listen, promising that there would be no judgement from them, while telling a metaphorical story about a soldier being stuck inside a hole and digging his way out.

Wilson comments in response to O'Connor

Wilson had sat in silence while O'Connor spoke up, claiming that the liberal government was running the United States of America into the ground as Isaac Lange expressed his frustration at hearing O'Connor giving the same speech to them every session. When Hoyle gave the rest of the group the opportunity to give their opinion on O'Connor's statements, Wilson spoke up and noted how he only knew that he fought to protect his country and it no longer had any place for him, and he no longer understood the rules, with O'Connor claiming that the country was scared of this army they trained and abandoned.

Wilson discussing their actions as soldiers

As O'Connor had then continued to claim that they all needed to be ready to fight for their rights, Wilson had then quoted the phrase "sic semper tyrannis," which Hoyle had also recognized as "thus always to tyrants", as he then questioned if Wilson really believed that their leadership were tyrants. Considering this, Wilson explained that the only thing that he knew was that, as members of the United States Armed Forces, they had risked their lives and done terrible things in service to their country, and it had all simply meant nothing once they come home. With that, Hoyle then ended their group session.

Wilson talks to Curtis Hoyle about recovery

With their session over, Wilson began putting away their chairs as he prepared to leave St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, as Hoyle spoke to him privately, questioning how he was sleeping, as Wilson claimed that he was doing better, although he was driving his taxi a lot. Wilson claimed that the group therapy was helping him and that he was reading a lot more as well, with Hoyle telling him that gaining an outside prospective was good for him, but had told him to find the answers from within himself, which would require Wilson to look into his heart to help with his mental recovery, as Wilson then left.[1]

Describing War Scenes

Wilson tells stories from his military service

"It dishonored those men as soldiers. They were good at their jobs, they didn't get ambushed like assholes. It was a lie. When I dream, I see that guy. And it's me that he is lying about. Me that he is turning into an asshole. Like it all meant nothing. What do you do when you can't trust your own?"
―Lewis Wilson to Curtis Hoyle[src]

Attending another therapy session at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Wilson had decided to speak as he told their group about a time while serving in the United States Army that he had taken down a machine gun nest and witnessed a man's head explode, recalling how his feelings at the time were about how it had been a good shot. Wilson explained that he had hated their enemy because he had to, although he insisted that he had still respected them.

Wilson describing the nightmares he gets

Wilson went on to explain how he had also witnessed an incident of friendly fire from one of their helicopters, that the press had put down to an enemy ambush, much to his disgust, as he then claimed that it dishonored the men who died. Wilson then explained that when he dreamed each night, he saw the member of the press, and it was him who he was lying about. When Wilson had then questioned what he should do, O'Connor claimed that he should take these matters back in his own hands, much to Isaac Lange's frustration. However, Curtis Hoyle spoke up in agreement with O'Connor, surprising everyone.

Wilson being given propaganda by O'Connor

Wilson then listened as Hoyle noted how they had all felt betrayed by their country, noting how his friend had been betrayed in ways they could not even imagine, before commenting that he had turned his life around following leaving the army, noting that he sold insurance now. Wilson remained silent while Hoyle ended their session, and the group began putting the chairs away. However, before he had left the church, O'Connor came over to Wilson and gave him a National Rifle Association pamphlet, as he again insisted that Hoyle's lighter touch would not be enough to begin solving the problems in the country.[6]

Waking from Nightmares

Wilson comes close to shooting his father

"I could have killed you."
"Nobody got hurt."
"Dad... I could have killed you."
―Lewis Wilson and Clay Wilson[src]

As Wilson was getting some sleep in the Wilson Residence, he had found himself plagued with nightmares of his time within the United States Armed Forces, as he poured with sweat and stirred in his bed, moaning from pain and fear. However, as Wilson slept, he had failed to hear Clay Wilson returning, as he awoke in a panic, grabbing his gun and shooting a shot blindly, which had missed his father by mere inches, as they both froze in complete shock and horror.

Wilson has a break down in his father's arms

With Wilson frozen in fear and only able to stare forward with the gun still raised, his father had rushed over to him and he quickly threw the gun aside, before immediately embracing his son, who had burst into tears due to the realization that he had almost killed his own father by accident. While Wilson wept in his arms, his father reassured him as nobody had gotten hurt, only for Wilson to break down and push his father away, insisting that he could have killed him, as Wilson threw his father off him as he stormed out of the room in a state of despair, utterly devastated that his PTSD had almost cost him his father.[6]

Living Inside a Hole

Wilson begins digging a seven foot deep hole

"Talking, that doesn't work. You're all scared. I'm not scared. I'm gonna sign up with a private military group called Anvil. Go back over there."
"You're ready for that kind of work?"
"Why wouldn't I be? My evaluation reports are always excellent."
―Lewis Wilson and Curtis Hoyle[src]

In the wake of almost killing his own father due to all his nightmares, Wilson had made the decision that the best way that he could deal with his PTSD, would be to recreate the environment he was living in while within the United States Army, hoping that this would feel more homey for him. To do this, Wilson dug his seven foot hole in the backyard of the Wilson Residence, which he had then decided to live in for the next for days, regardless of the extremely cold weather.

Wilson getting a surprise visit by Curtis Hoyle

While living in the hole, Wilson had kept himself busy by reading all of the National Rifle Association pamphlets O'Connor gave to him, as he made notes about his feelings. While writing his notes, Wilson had been visited at his hole by Curtis Hoyle, who commented on the cold weather, although Wilson insisted that the cold did not bother him, as he noted that Hoyle better not be there to attempt to convince him to return back to their group therapy sessions at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, as Hoyle simply explained that Wilson's father had gotten in contact with him in the wake of the accidental shooting.

Wilson discussing the situation to Curtis Hoyle

Although Wilson tried to dismiss the incident by claiming that he had just had a nightmare, Hoyle noted that it had resulted with him living inside of this hole, only for Wilson to explain that he did not get the same nightmares while he was living in the hole. Wilson insisted that he should never have discharged from the Army, claiming that all the heat, cold and noise would never have kept him awake. Hoyle then offered some advice to Wilson, explaining that his father had been in the Vietnam War, and suggested digging an extra section in this hole for the rain water in order to prevent himself from drowning.

Wilson gets another lecture from Curtis Hoyle

However, Wilson struggled to concentrate on what Hoyle was saying, as he began fiddling with his dogtags instead. As he began trying to listen again, Wilson had claimed that Hoyle gained something while he was overseas, making a reference to Hoyle's prosthetic leg. While Hoyle insisted that he did not gain anything in Afghanistan, but had only lost a leg and suggested that Wilson did not have a clear idea about what he was talking about, as he only saw himself as a soldier, but people did not see him as one as he did not have a war wound, while Wilson's only real wounds were currently inside his mind.

Wilson explaining that he will be joining Anvil

Hoyle then offered his hand to Wilson, insisting that they missed him at their therapy sessions, only for Wilson to insist that the talking was not helping him. Wilson had then revealed that he intended to sign up with a private military group called Anvil in order to use these skills he gained in the military. When Hoyle had questioned if he was ready for that, Wilson insisted that his evaluation reports were excellent. When Hoyle had tried once again to get him to come out of the hole, Wilson simply refused and continued with writing, as Hoyle had then left him in peace, making it clear that Wilson could contact him any time.[5]

Rejected from Anvil

Wilson arrives to begin his training for Anvil

"Are you gonna give me the job mopping floors? Emptying trash? Is that making good on the investment my country made in me? You're just another liar in command."
"Okay, we're done. You need to leave. Now."
"Your brotherhood is bullshit!"
―Lewis Wilson and Billy Russo[src]

In order to begin his training, Wilson went the Anvil Headquarters and lined up with the other Armed Forces veterans who were also looking to be recruited into Anvil. Wilson stood in formation while they all got a speech from Billy Russo, who noted that they had all been trained by their finest military in the world and revealed that all their training had cost anywhere between fifty thousand to three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, noting that their country invested in them.

Wilson listens to Billy Russo's speech at Anvil

Noting that they had also invested their time, and also put their lives on the line, Russo asked Wilson and the others what they were doing with those investments, questioning if any of them were even making forty thousand dollars a year, questioning if they were not worth the investment. Russo told the group that their skills were not applicable for the tasks available to them now that they were home, calling them fights and promising that if they were recruited into Anvil they would have their opportunity to fight for a living and that they would be well paid, as well as finding themselves with a brotherhood to fight for.

Wilson proving himself to be a good soldier

As the training began, Wilson and another soldier began performing pull ups, with Wilson pushing his fellow soldier to keep going when he saw that he was beginning to struggle to keep up with Wilson's pace. As Wilson looked around the room, he noticed that Russo was watching them, as he and the other soldier then continued with their pull ups. Later in the day, Wilson joined his fellow recruits in hand to hand combat training, proving himself to be a highly skilled fighter as he disarmed his opponent with ease and winning their fight, knowing that Russo was still watching him closely throughout the training.

Wilson being rejected for Anvil by Billy Russo

Cooling down after the training, Wilson conversed with other recruits and told stories about being in Mosul, in Iraq at the same time as the other recruits, until he was called over by Russo. Although Wilson had assumed that Russo would offer him a position at Anvil, he was shocked when Russo instead asked about the foxhole he had dug at the Wilson Residence. Stuttering, Wilson tried to dismiss this as his project, although Russo made it clear that he had to know what was going on with his men for the sake of their safety. To Wilson's horror, Russo decided not to recruit him, noting that he had to put his trust in Wilson, who was clearly too emotionally unstable to join Anvil.

Wilson insulting Billy Russo after his rejection

Wilson then questioned if Curtis Hoyle was responsible for this, while Russo insisted that he had to check up on all his guys and Hoyle was not to blame. When Wilson furiously called Hoyle a snake, Russo had then defended him, calling Hoyle one of the best men he ever served alongside. When Russo had promised to still find Wilson work within Anvil, Wilson then became insulted by the idea of mopping floors or emptying the trash, and insulted Russo to his face, resulting in Russo demanding that Wilson leave the Anvil Headquarters immediately, as Wilson stormed out while he continued to insult Anvil's message.[5]

Protest with O'Connor

Wilson and O'Connor protest by a Courthouse

"A permit is required if amplification is involved in any gathering or protest. No mic, no speaker, no permit needed. We have no vehicles. We're fewer than twenty people. We're not blocking the sidewalk or the entrance of a building."
"This is a city courthouse. You wanna hang out here? I'm your permit, son. And today is not the day. Go home."
―Lewis Wilson and Fahey[src]

Seeking to take action however he could, Wilson joined O'Connor at a protest outside the Bronx County Courthouse, where a teacher was on trial after turning up into his classroom with a gun. While they stood outside the Courthouse, Wilson and O'Connor had begun to approach people with their pamphlets regarding their second amendment rights, although they had struggled to get people's attention as Wilson complained that every day they were losing more of their rights and yet people did not even know it.

Wilson and O'Connor are confronted by Fahey

However, Wilson and O'Connor were approached by Fahey, who had asked if they were protesting, although Wilson insisted that they were simply handing out literature, claiming that this was allowed by their law. O'Connor explained the reason for being out there, which Fahey took that as confirmation that they were protesting, demanding that they leave. However, Wilson stood his ground, insisting that a permit would only be required if they were at a gathering or a protest, noting that they had no speaks, vehicles and were fewer than twenty people who were not blocking anyone from entering into the Courthouse.

Wilson being taken into custody by Fahey

With Fahey still refusing to accept his argument and demanding that they leave, O'Connor suggested that they get some coffee, only for Wilson to refuse to back down, claiming that while he had still been respectful and obeyed the law, Fahey was making up the rules as he went along. However, this only proved to anger Fahey, who accused Wilson of reaching for his gun, which Wilson denied. As Wilson then tried to call on O'Connor as his witness, he saw that O'Connor had walked away, before Fahey threw Wilson down onto the ground and arrested him, while Wilson watched O'Connor abandon him.[7]

Bailed by Curtis Hoyle

Wilson asks why Curtis Hoyle bailed him out

"Why'd you bail me out?"
"I figured that if you had to call me, then you didn't want to call your dad. And that meant there was no one else. And I wasn't about to abandon you."
"You wanted to help me?"
"That's all I want, Lewis."
―Lewis Wilson and Curtis Hoyle[src]

While in the New York City Police Department's custody, Wilson had decided not to call his father for help, and instead hoped that O'Connor would come back for him. With nobody else left to call, Wilson was then forced to ask Curtis Hoyle for help, as Hoyle came straight down to the station to bail Wilson out. Feeling mixed emotions about what had happened, Wilson went to the St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in order to speak to Hoyle, finding him setting out all the chairs ready for their group therapy.

Wilson asks why he was rejected from Anvil

Wilson questioned why Hoyle bailed him out, as Hoyle explained that as Wilson had not contacted his father, there was simply nobody else he could call, and that he refused to simply abandon Wilson in police custody. Unsure about this, Wilson questioned why, if Hoyle wanted to help him, he screwed him over with Billy Russo and Anvil, as Hoyle explained his view that Wilson going back into any war zone was the worst decision that he could make, although Wilson insisted that this was not Hoyle's decisions. Asking if Wilson believed he had betrayed him, Hoyle asked what O'Connor had done when he was arrested.

Wilson learns about O'Connor's deceptions

Turning away from Hoyle, Wilson made it clear that O'Connor had not come to his aid, before Hoyle revealed that he had pulled O'Connor's Armed Forces records, and discovered that he was not what he said he was. Hoyle revealed for Wilson that O'Connor had never actually served in the Vietnam War and had not earned the Silver Star like he claimed to, as Wilson stared in shock as Hoyle accused O'Connor of being a liar and fraud who was not worthy of Wilson's respect. While Wilson tried to process that information, Hoyle invited him to stay for their therapy, only for Wilson to instead storm out of the church.[7]

Breaking Apart

Confrontation with O'Connor

Wilson confronting O'Connor about his lies

"I read your army records. You never went to Vietnam."
"You have my records? Where'd you get my records from? The Internet? You know... the Jews run the internet."
"What's the name of the air base outside of Tam Kỳ? You could google it. But if you were there, you would know."
―Lewis Wilson and O'Connor[src]

Having looked into O'Connor's military records himself, Wilson then traveled over to O'Connor's residence to confront him himself, while O'Connor had then teased Wilson about getting a boyfriend while he was locked up, commenting that the state of the New York City Police Department never changed. While O'Connor got a beer for Wilson, he began telling stories about abuse he got from the police after returning from Vietnam before he was interrupted by Wilson.

Wilson asks O'Connor about his army record

Wilson noted that he was aware that O'Connor had never served in the Vietnam War, explaining that he had already managed to look at all of O'Connor's Armed Forces records, much to O'Connor's shock. Although O'Connor attempted to make excuses about these records being tampered with by Jews who controlled their internet, Wilson interrupted him by asking to know the name of the Air Base that was outside of Tam Kỳ, insisting that if O'Connor had actually served in Vietnam, then he should know the answer. When O'Connor failed to answer the question, Wilson had accepted that he had been lying.

Wilson furiously fighting against O'Connor

Although O'Connor tried to dismiss the accusations by claiming that they were just stories, Wilson began to lose his temper, insisting that O'Connor could not just make up stories like this, having taken great personal offence to them. When O'Connor tried to throw Wilson out of his house, Wilson responded by calling him a liar before striking him in the face. O'Connor responded by using his large body weight to push Wilson across the room before grabbing a knife and slashing Wilson across the stomach. Proving himself to be the better fighter than the larger O'Connor, Wilson then held then back the blade.

Wilson repeatedly stabs O'Connor in the chest

However, as Wilson wrestled for control of the blade, he inadvertently plunged it into O'Connor's stomach, which had caused O'Connor to immediately lose all of his strength. However, rather than attempting to stop the bleeding and save him, Wilson then unleashed his anger by repeatedly stabbing O'Connor in the stomach, covering Wilson in his blood and causing him to bleed out and die, now unable to keep Wilson off him. Stepping away from the dying O'Connor, Wilson then began to yell out in anger as he kicked over O'Connor's possessions as he had then watched while O'Connor breathed his last breath.

Wilson washes O'Connor's blood off his face

Wilson struggled to consider what he should do next in the wake of him committing an act of cold blooded murder.[7] Eventually, Wilson had managed to calm himself back down, as he went back upstairs to O'Connor's bathroom and washed the blood from his face. As he looked at himself in the mirror, Wilson saw that his shirt was covered with O'Connor's blood, as he proceeded to rip it off himself, looking at the cut that O'Connor had caused across his stomach. As he went to leave the bathroom, Wilson then tore down those shower curtains and covered O'Connor's body with it, in order to cover the smell..[2]

Contemplating Suicide

Wilson returning to his home without his shirt

"Look at you. How long's it been since you slept? Now, I know this is a tough time for you. But this damn hole in the backyard... You keep going like this, you're gonna hurt yourself or somebody else. I love you, son. I'll do whatever you need."
"There is nothing that you can do."
Clay Wilson and Lewis Wilson[src]

In the wake of the murder of O'Connor, Wilson drove his taxi back to the Wilson Residence, still without his shirt which he had left behind due to all of the blood that was on it. Having hidden his gun in his jeans, Wilson stepped in his home. However, as Wilson walked into his living room, he found his father there, much to his surprise, as his father claimed that he was leaving for work but wanted to see his son first, before questioning why Wilson was not wearing a shirt.

Wilson getting some comfort from his father

While his father attempted to make a coffee for him, Wilson had tried to keep his blooded hands hidden, as his father commented that he accepted that his son was struggling to sleep but he questioned the need for that hole in the garden. Offering him a cup of coffee, Wilson father confessed that he loved his son, and promised to do whatever he needed him to do, although Wilson claimed that there was nothing that he could do for him. Wilson's father then offered him pills that he was offered when his wife died. As Wilson took all the pills, his father had hugged him and called him a hero until Wilson walked away.

Wilson considers shooting himself in the head

Having gotten away from his father, Wilson then went downstairs into his basement where he began to consider every terrible thing that he had done, included the murder of O'Connor. Feeling helpless and desperate, Wilson walked around in circles and bit down on his hand while he continued freaking out, desperately trying to figure out what he do next. Seeing no other way out for himself, Wilson put his gun in his mouth and prepared to shoot himself in the head. However, after a moment with the gun in his mouth, Wilson changed his mind as he had then finally put it down, deciding to continue his journey.[2]

Advice from his Father

Wilson joining his father to watch television

"You're smart. You're a good boy. You can do anything you set your mind to. Accomplish anything."
"I've done things, Dad. Things that you don't know about."
"You didn't do anything you weren't told to do. You fought their war, you took your licks. Now, you gotta fight for yourself."
Clay Wilson and Lewis Wilson[src]

Having finally calmed himself down, Wilson had then gone upstairs in the Wilson Residence, where he found his father watching television, as Wilson asked how his work was while his father questioned if Wilson had been able to get any sleep. Wilson was offered a slice of pizza as he sat down with his father to watch the television, while also being given a beer to drink, as his father claimed that Wilson was looking better now that he had managed to get some sleep.

Wilson and his father share pizza and beer

Wilson had watched the footage of a boxing match between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali, as Clay told his son about how Ali had caused Foreman to become exhausted in order to win their match. Wilson claimed that he envied boxers who knew who their opponent was and had one job, to beat them, as Clay continued commenting on how Ali had won the fight by changing his tactic, knowing that he could not beat Foreman toe-to-toe, before acknowledging that their real world might be more complicated, but it was not a fight, as Clay told his son that he was no longer at war and now needed to live.

Wilson discusses what his future will be like

As Wilson questioned if his father believed that he was giving up due to him commenting about how Ali did not quit the fight until Foreman was beaten, his father had claimed that he simply did not know what Wilson was doing. Wilson had listened as his father claimed he was a smart and good person, before confessing that he had done terrible things that his father did not know about. However, Clay thought that Wilson was referring to his time with the United States Army, not the murder of O'Connor, promising that this was his duty and now Wilson had to fight for himself, which Wilson had quietly contemplated.[2]

Bombings of New York City

Wilson begins to make his homemade bombs

"This country is being cannibalized by people like Ori. Shipping our jobs overseas, selling us out, then taking away our guns so we can't do anything about it."
"You're such a coward. Those people that you killed, they were not making the policy. They were secretaries and janitors and beat cops, regular people. How does that help your cause?"
―Lewis Wilson and Karen Page[src]

Following everything that had happened to him, Wilson decided that it was time for him to take action, as he traveled to a hardware store and purchased items to create homemade bombs. Once he had got everything he needed, Wilson returned to O'Connor's Residence as he worked quietly at building all of these bombs that he had needed to send his message to the people of New York City. While he worked, Wilson ignored the corpse of O'Connor, which was continuing to rot where Wilson had killed him.[2]

Wilson writing out a manifesto for Karen Page

Once everything had been prepared, Wilson had then set off several bombs throughout New York City, targeting a ATF Field Office as well as the 10th Precinct Police Station and the Federal Courthouse. With the city in a state of panic in the wake of these bombings, Wilson had remained in O'Connor's Residence where he wrote out his manifesto, which he intended to send to Karen Page at the New York Bulletin, as he believed that Page would understand these views. Wilson claimed in his manifesto that he was defending the liberties for their American people against a government intending to take away their rights.

Wilson hearing Karen Page condemning him

Wilson had also claimed in his letter that since Page had previously stood up for Frank Castle's rights following his actions so he thought this meant she would stand with him, demanding that Page print his words as a call to arms and promising to target the New York Bulletin Building if she had failed to do so. However, instead of following his instructions, Page did not print Wilson's words and instead went on the Ricky Langtry Show with Senator Stan Ori to condemn Wilson's actions, with Ori stating his view of reducing the guns in the country, which only managed to enrage Wilson who called into the show.

Wilson speaks with Karen Page on the phone

Getting onto the show, Wilson was asked for his name as he claimed that this was not important, only his actions were. Wilson questioned why Page had spoken out against him, to which she claimed that she despised everything that Wilson had done. Wilson then claimed that the United States of America was being cannibalized by people like Ori who took away their jobs and their guns, only for Page to accuse him of being the coward who had killed innocent people, noting that while she did not know his actual story, she claimed that Wilson had no right to take people's lives in the way that he just had done.

Wilson threatening Karen Page and Stan Ori

Disappointed that Page had failed to see his viewpoints on the state of the country and supported all his actions in attempting to start an uprising, Wilson had struggled to control his rage before he had then accused Page of simply being another pawn like everyone else, while also calling Ori a joke who did not represent anyone but his own self interests. Wilson then insisted that the war that he was starting had only just begun, as he claimed that Page and Ori were on the wrong side of it. Before he hung up the call, Wilson then quoted the phrase "sic semper tyrannis" and ended the call, leaving them terrified.[3]

Kidnapping of Curtis Hoyle

Wilson finds Curtis Hoyle looking at his bombs

"We could still figure this all out. It is not too late to do the right thing."
"Oh, I am doing the right thing."
"I can't leave here without you, buddy. You know that, right?"
"Right. You can't leave here."
Curtis Hoyle and Lewis Wilson[src]

Wilson's appearance on the Ricky Langtry Show had the unfortunate consequence of Curtis Hoyle hearing his voice and quickly realizing that Wilson was responsible for all those bombings across New York City, as he had decided to try to get Wilson to surrender himself. Wilson had then kept himself hidden as he overheard Hoyle entering into his hideout, where he found the body of O'Connor, as well as Wilson's Homemade Explosives. Wilson had then revealed himself for Hoyle, noting that Hoyle should not be there, while Hoyle had calmly insisted that he needed to check on him.

Wilson deciding that he must kill Curtis Hoyle

While Wilson's body shock and he breathed heavily, unable to decide what to do next, Hoyle calmly told him that he needed help, before pointing out O'Connor's corpse. However, Wilson had continued to insist that none of that mattered anymore, only for Hoyle to promise that they could still figure everything out and Wilson had the chance to do the right thing, with Wilson claiming that he was doing the right thing. When Hoyle promised not to leave without him, Wilson noted that Hoyle simply could not leave, before drawing a gun and aiming it at Hoyle's chest, preparing to shoot and kill his friend and mentor.

Wilson furiously fighting against Curtis Hoyle

However, before Wilson was able to pull the trigger, Hoyle grabbed the gun as these two wrestled for control of the weapon, with Hoyle proving to be much stronger than Wilson as he slammed Wilson's wrist into the wall and table until he finally dropped the gun. Wilson then continued to fight back against Hoyle, punching him in the face and proving himself to be faster, until Hoyle was able to grab him by the head and launched him across the room. Seeing that Hoyle had some advantage in their fight, Wilson responded by dropping to the floor and had attempted to grab ahold of Hoyle's prosthetic leg.

Wilson attempts to take out Curtis Hoyle's leg

Hoyle was able to pick Wilson up, before pushing him against a wall and throwing him down onto the ground, before he ordered Wilson to stay down. However, Wilson had then seen yet another opportunity to gain the advantage, as he kicked at Hoyle's prosthetic leg before diving across the floor to grab it, until Hoyle furiously picked Wilson up and got him into a tight headlock, punching Wilson repeatedly in the head and throwing him into a table. While Hoyle had attempted to adjust his prosthetic leg in order to continue the fight, Wilson had grabbed part of his explosives and launched it at Hoyle's head.

Wilson beating Curtis Hoyle into submission

Wilson then charged into Hoyle, smashing him through the table and putting Hoyle at a clear disadvantage, as Wilson his chance to grab ahold of Hoyle's prosthetic leg with Hoyle desperately attempting to push him off from him. Despite Hoyle's best efforts to push him back, Wilson managed to rip the prosthetic leg off him and had then struck Hoyle across the face with it with some considerable force, before he hit Hoyle in the head multiple times with his own leg, until Hoyle was beaten into submission, and knocked unconscious. While Hoyle was unconscious, Wilson tied him up, attaching a bomb to his chest.[3]

Encountering the Punisher

Wilson sees Frank Castle helping Curtis Hoyle

"I guess they needed you gone. Too many people were on your side, people like me, people who know that we have to to take matters into our own hands."
"Is that what you're doing here, Lewis? You... you taking matters into your own hands?"
"Someone had to. Same as you."
―Lewis Wilson and Frank Castle[src]

While Wilson then left Curtis Hoyle behind with one of his Homemade Explosives strapped onto his chest, Wilson had still remained close to see if anybody came to Hoyle's aid. While stationed on top of the roof that was opposite O'Connor's Residence, Wilson had used a rifle scope to see into the room where he was shocked to witness Hoyle being found and helped by Frank Castle. Wilson then called a phone which he had left in Hoyle's pocket to speak with Castle, noting that Castle was supposed to be dead.

Wilson compares his actions to Frank Castle

Wilson speculated that the government had needed to fake Castle's death since he had believed that too many people like himself were on Castle's side, who knew that they all needed to take action for themselves, which Castle questioned while Wilson insisted that he had no choice, while comparing himself to Castle. When Castle had questioned what all this had to do with Hoyle, Wilson claimed that Hoyle had simply chosen the wrong side, which Castle disputed as he claimed that Hoyle had never been on the wrong side of anything, before Castle then questioned what Wilson's plan actually was.

Wilson being called a coward by Frank Castle

As Castle had promised that if Wilson tried to take on the New York City Police Department then he would be killed before he ever made a dent, Wilson claimed that he had already made a dent. Castle then insisted that Wilson needed to allow him to get Hoyle to safety before Wilson turned himself into the police before anybody else got hurt, although Wilson claimed that this was not what Castle had done, as Castle had fought his war and now Wilson was fighting his, to which Castle then insisted that they were nothing alike, since he looked the people who he killed in the eye while Wilson hid behind his bombs.

Wilson warning Frank Castle about the police

Castle had then furiously how Wilson had kidnapped the member of the United States Marine Corps, calling Wilson a coward and shit on his shoe, until Wilson hung up the call. Wilson left Castle to attempt to defuse the bomb left on Hoyle chest for some time, while Wilson then contacted the police and told them where to find Castle, in his attempt to force Castle to run away before he was killed in the next explosion. When Wilson called Castle to tell him this, he insisted that he did not wish to hurt Castle as he claimed that Castle was not his enemy. Wilson had then suggested they work together, which Castle agreed to, as long as Wilson explained how to disarm the bomb.

Wilson learns how Curtis Hoyle lost his left leg

However, Wilson suspected that he could not trust Castle, to which Castle had claimed that trust had nothing to do with it as they could still be let down. Castle then told Wilson about how Hoyle had lost his leg, explaining that in the wake of an IED explosion that was set off in a market, killing women and children, Hoyle had remained calm and gone down to perform medical aid on those who in need. Wilson listened as Castle then confessed that he failed to shoot a pregnant suicide bomber coming at Hoyle, who detonated her bomb, blowing off Hoyle's left leg and killed the child Hoyle was trying to save.

Wilson and Frank Castle discuss the military

Considering all this, Wilson told Castle to come to the back window where they could look at each other, as Wilson noted that the police were on the way, only for Castle to insist that he would stay in there regardless. Castle then questioned why Wilson had joined the United States Army, to which he had simply claimed that he had wanted to served the United States of America, although Castle did not believe that, claiming that Wilson had wanted fight. Castle accused Wilson of using his status as a veteran to defend his actions ever since he had gotten home, although Wilson then insisted that he had no home.

Wilson explaining how to disarm the explosive

Wilson insisted that he would never have any home as long as Karen Page and Stan Ori continued to write whatever they wanted against him and all his rights, claiming that Ori was targeting patriots like him. Castle promised that he was about to go back inside the house and cut a wire at random, pushing Wilson to decide if he was ready to kill him and Hoyle. Struggling with this, Wilson began furiously bashing his head against a brick wall while Castle pushed him for an answer. Finally, Wilson had told Castle what wire to cut, before walking away, leaving Castle to save Hoyle's life before he escaped the police.[3]

Murder of Isaac Lange

Wilson shoots Isaac Lange through the door

"Who is it?"
"New York Bulletin."
"I don't need a subscription."
Isaac Lange and Lewis Wilson[src]

Continuing his mission to assassinate Senator Stan Ori in response to Ori's stances with gun control, Wilson had then come up with his plans to infiltrate the Royal Hospitality, and assassinate Ori while he was staying there. When Wilson learned that Ori had recruited Anvil agents as his security, he decided to pose as the member of Anvil to get close to Ori. Wilson went to the apartment of Isaac Lange, who had recently been recruited by Anvil and was ordered to guard Ori, as Wilson had then knocked on the door, claiming to be from the New York Bulletin. When Lange looked through his peephole, Wilson shoot him in the face, before shooting at the lock and breaking in.

Wilson attempts to free Isaac Lange's birds

Once he was inside, Wilson walked past Lange's corpse and began to search the apartment for anything that he could use to ensure that he got inside the Royal Hospitality to assassinate Ori. As Wilson had then begun to remove Lange's Anvil jacket to use as a disguise, he realized that Lange had two birds inside a cage, he attempted to free them by releasing them outside the apartment window. However, no matter how Wilson positioned the cage and tapped on the bars, the birds remained inside the cage, which had left Wilson confused and disappointed until he left the apartment to continue his mission.[4]

Attack on Stan Ori

Wilson poses as an Anvil agent in the hotel

"I got a bomb! I got a bomb! It's a dead man's switch, Frank. Drop it! Drop it."
"You don't need her, kid. Just let her go."
"Stay back. You want her dead? Get back! Everybody, get back! I will blow us all to hell! Back! Get back!"
"He's wired, stand down!"
―Lewis Wilson and Frank Castle[src]

Wearing Isaac Lange's uniform, Wilson had then entered in the Royal Hospitality, posing as an Anvil agent in order to not arose suspicion when he had arrived inside. However, almost immediately after he entered the building, Wilson had caught sight of Billy Russo walking through the lobby, as Wilson had pulled his hat down, and walked away before Russo could see him, leaving Russo to talk with Dinah Madani while he then continued his mission, by going up the back staircase to find a quiet route towards Ori.

Wilson shoots and kills several Anvil agents

As he went up the back staircase, Wilson encountered an Anvil agent standing guard, as Wilson joked about Ori using taxpayer money to fund all of this protection. Seeing that this agent was not alarmed to see him, Wilson swiftly drew his gun and shot him in the head, killing him instantly. Wilson had then looked down the hallway of the hotel, finding the room which Ori was staying in, with another Anvil guard stationed outside. Putting his Anvil hat back on, Wilson had stepped forward and claimed to be taking the man's shift, only to immediately shoot him in the head as the agent had dropped his guard down.

Wilson setting up his Homemade Explosives

Ensuring that there was nobody else around, Wilson then went to the elevator and locked it open in order to ensure that he had an escape plan when it was needed. With everything going to plan, Wilson then took his Homemade Explosives out from his bag and placed them on Ori's door. Wilson then put on his gas mask as he readied the trigger for his explosives, making his final checks to ensure that there was nobody coming, before detonating the explosives, blowing open the door before he had then threw two smoke grenades inside the room to blind the two remaining guards who were still protecting Ori.

Wilson trying to kill Stan Ori and Karen Page

Charging into the room, Wilson had then immediately shot and killed the two Anvil guards, before finding Ori who was desperately trying to crawl to safety. While Ori begged for his life, Karen Page appeared from behind their sofa, having been interviewing Ori in their room, as she begged Wilson not to kill Ori. However, just before Wilson could kill both Ori and Page, Frank Castle burst into the room as he dove in front of those shots, as they hit his Bulletproof Vest. Wilson was then forced to retreat as he continued shooting at Castle's bulletproof vest to prevent Castle from shooting him back during all of the chaos.

Wilson has Karen Page hostage with a bomb

However, when Ori and Page were attempting to escape their room, Ori pushed Page into Wilson's arms, as he grabbed ahold of her and revealed that he had more Homemade Explosives strapped onto his chest, which he explained were on a dead man switch. Wilson then ordered Castle to drop his weapon as he backed out of the room, still holding Page close to his chest. With Castle slowly following him and trying to convince him to let Page go, Wilson was also threatened by more Anvil agents, as Wilson revealed the bombs to them and forced them to drop their guns. Wilson dragged Page into the elevator as he escaped, with Castle promising that he would come after him.[4]

Stand-Off with the Punisher

Wilson ordering police to back away from him

"Whole world thinks we did this together, kid."
"Hey! Hey! Stay back."
"You know, kid, maybe you were right. Maybe you and me, we are the same. Maybe this is the way it's supposed to end. Just... just you and me, though, right? Just you and me, and a bomb."
Punisher and Lewis Wilson[src]

Getting downstairs, Wilson still held Karen Page close onto his chest, while the Royal Hospitality's workers ran for their lives once they saw that Wilson had all his Homemade Explosives strapped to his chest. When members of the New York City Police Department found them, Wilson then demanded that they stay back, or he would detonate these bombs and kill them all, which had then forced those officers to back off while Wilson then dragged Page back to the kitchen.

Wilson desperately looks for an escape route

Once they got into the kitchen, Wilson ensured that they were alone before he let go of Page and began desperately searching for an exit plan, cursing as he realized that he was trapped. As Wilson cursed and muttered to himself, Page questioned what his plan was, noting that there were police outside, only for Wilson to insist that he would not hand himself over to their police. As Page insisted that nobody else needed to die, Wilson had demanded that she shut up, furiously threatening to drop the dead man switch and blow them up, while he quoted The Young British Soldier to himself in order to calm down.

Wilson confronting Karen Page for failing him

Wilson then told Page about how his former Sargent had drilled him with that quote during his training for the United States Army, which allowed him to relax during a firefight. As Page said that Wilson did not need to hurt anybody else, he had noted how he had sent Page letters at the New York Bulletin, claiming that he had invited her to be part of the solution but she had chosen to be a part of the problem. When Page asked Wilson to help her understand his viewpoint rather than kill them, Wilson responded by noting that as long as he had her and his bomb, then he would be okay, which had terrified Page.

Wilson demands that Frank Castle stay away

However, Wilson and Page were then interrupted as Frank Castle had burst into the room, insisting that he was unarmed while Wilson then grabbed hold of Page again and continued threatening to blow them both up. Castle noted how the entire world now believed that he and Wilson had arranged this attack on Stan Ori together, commenting on how Wilson was right that they were the same. Castle noted that this should be how it ended, with just the two of them as well as Wilson's bomb, noting how when they were with Curtis Hoyle, Wilson had told him to pull out the white wire, which had been the right thing to do.

Wilson listening to all Frank Castle's warnings

Castle told Wilson that he could do the right thing again if he let Page go free, only for Wilson to continue to demand that Castle stay back. When Castle questioned if Wilson's father had never taught him not to hurt a woman, Wilson simply insisted that his father had nothing to do with any of this. However, Castle insisted that as soon as Wilson had detonated those bombs across New York City, he had made his father a part of this conflict, noting that one day soon Wilson's father would wake up to find the word TERRORIST spray painted outside of his home, he would receive hate and death threats in the mail, and would also lose his friends and family because of Wilson.

Wilson trying to keep Karen Page close to him

Castle continued to insist that because of Wilson's actions, his father would know what it was to be truly lonely once his friends and family had abandoned him, while Wilson had continued to struggle to keep a tight grip on Page while Castle had still taken small steps towards him, forcing Wilson to back away. Castle told Wilson that they both knew what that feeling of loneliness was really like, as they both had had similar experiences during their time in the Armed Forces, as he claimed that they understood what it meant to pretend to be fighting for something more noble, noting how they were creatures of habit.

Wilson weeping once he realizes he has failed

While Wilson held onto Page tightly, Castle compared their habits to women and their bags, noting how Page was still carrying her own bag and could likely tell him everything that was inside it, before then noting how Wilson was a creature of habit. However, this all proved to be a distraction tactic, as Castle yelled to Page to do it now before she ripped out the white wire from Wilson's suicide vest, disarming the bomb, before firing the gun she had inside her bag and shooting Wilson in the foot. Castle had then charged forward and pulled Page away from Wilson, who locked himself in a freezer while weeping.

Wilson kills himself with his remaining bombs

Devastated by his failure, Wilson began openly weeping while Castle banged onto the freezer door. To find comfort, Wilson still continued quoting The Young British Soldier, while he took the white wires that Page had pulled out of the trigger as he placed it back in, in order to reactivate the bomb. Seeing what he was doing, Castle then stayed outside the freezer and encouraged Wilson to do it, while Wilson had quoted the poem by saying that he would go like that soldier. Wilson then pulled the trigger and had detonated the bomb, blowing himself up in a massive fireball, which Castle and Page barely avoided.[4]


Bombing Aftermath

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"I'm telling you, man, if I was out there, I wouldn't want that kid watching my six. And a team is only as good as its weakest link, right?"
"And this one would snap?"
"Only a matter of time."
Curtis Hoyle and Billy Russo[src]

Lewis Wilson was often quiet and unassuming, keeping many things to himself. He suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and from frequent nightmares from his times in the United States Army. Wilson became agitated upon learning of betrayal of those who served and felt his freedoms were limited.

After learning of O'Connor's true history and subsequently murdering him, it finally pushed Wilson over the edge. Thus he had decided to take a pro-active stance on O'Connor's rhetoric against the United States of America's apparent opposition to the Second Amendment, leading him to become a terrorist.

In spite of all his flaws, Wilson possessed a small fragment of conscience when he told Frank Castle which wire to pull to disarm the Homemade Explosive that Curtis Hoyle was wearing.


Wilson trains with his fellow former soldiers

  • Expert Combatant: As an Army veteran, Wilson was a potent fighter and able to go to toe to toe with larger men than him, like O'Connor or a crippled Curtis Hoyle.
  • Expert Marksman: Even after his service in the military, Wilson has been able to execute multiple targets with one precise shot. When he assassinated Isaac Lange, he shot him directly through his door's peephole and in his eye, proceeding to shoot the apartment door's weak spots to open it. As he traveled through the stairwell of Royal Hospitality, he managed to kill every Anvil security official in site while under the disguise as another officer. When involuntarily shooting at his father, he only missed him from a fraction.
  • Expert Tactician: Wilson was intelligent enough that he could orchestrate an attack on Stan Ori's penthouse.
  • Expert Spy: Wilson was able to disguise himself as an Anvil agent to avoid being seen by Billy Russo.
  • Explosives Mastery: Wilson was able to create, plant and use remote-controlled bombs from household objects like pans. All of his bombs seem to be made with an open circuit as he makes the white wire the "trigger" both during his assault on Curtis Hoyle and his kidnapping of Karen Page.



  • Beretta 92FS: Wilson kept his army service pistol when leaving the United States Army, even sleeping with it despite his severe Post-traumatic Stress Disorder. Due to this, while experiencing a nightmare, he instinctively grabbed his weapon and shot at his father Clay Wilson, believing him to be an intruder. Fortunately, he missed the shot, and his father ran to embrace him. A few days later, Wilson, having killed O'Connor, considered committing suicide, even placing his gun inside his mouth. Wilson then issued his handgun with a silencer, in order to stage an attack on Senator Stan Ori. He killed Isaac Lange in his apartment and used his gear to infiltrate the hotel, killing four Anvil operatives before losing his gun against Frank Castle.

Wilson seeing Frank Castle and Curtis Hoyle

  • SIG Sauer SIG516: Wilson used this rifle to keep watch on Curtis Hoyle, who had been restrained and tied to a set of Claymore mines in case he had led the police to his position. However, as Frank Castle entered into the house to look for Hoyle, Wilson contacted Castle while aiming the rifle to watch the whole situation.
  • Homemade Explosives: Wilson has knowledge in crafting bombs; upon their creation, he used them in bombing several businesses and the door into Stan Ori's penthouse. He would, later, detonate the bombs attached to his person to commit suicide.

Other Equipment

  • Gasmask: Wilson used a gas mask to avoid being breathed by chemical gases from smokes.


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Behind the Scenes

  • Before The Punisher release, Daniel Webber's character was known as Lewis Walcott.
  • Showrunner Steve Lightfoot argued that Wilson may not have become violent if he had not been betrayed by O'Connor: "Lewis' story is a tragedy. In so many ways, if someone had just gotten an arm around him at the right time or if certain things hadn't gone the way they had gone — you know, if O'Connor (Delaney Williams) hadn't lied to him, which unhinged him — he may not have lashed out. What's interesting to me is the psychology of when people are hurting, they lash out, and I think Lewis is a very extreme example of that. When people get in a hole that deep, it's incredibly difficult to see your way out."[8]


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