Doctor Levi Van Kempen was Werner von Strucker's therapist before von Strucker was transferred into the HYDRA Preparatory Academy.


Difficult Patient

"I don't think that you are a violent person. A few outbursts don't define you. But you need to open up about the trauma that led you here."
―Levi Van Kempen to Werner von Strucker[src]

Kempen sits down with Werner von Strucker

Van Kempen was put in charge of Werner von Strucker's therapy following the harsh ordeals he went through during his time within HYDRA and his captivity in S.H.I.E.L.D.. Van Kempen attempted to have von Strucker talk about his life, beginning with his difficult childhood. Van Kempen also warned von Strucker that other doctors wanted to prescribe Thorazine, a very powerful drug, but that he himself disapproved the idea and encouraged von Strucker to show some progress.

However, while in therapy session, von Strucker revealed that he knew many things about Van Kempen's personal life, notably his family and his home address. As Van Kempen grew afraid of von Strucker, he noticed that the pen he usually used to keep the window opened was missing. Indeed, von Strucker had taken it and suddenly stabbed Van Kempen in the hand with it. As Van Kempen screamed in pain, von Strucker required to be given the Thorazine and was taken away by guards. Van Kempen never saw von Strucker again as he had been transferred into the HYDRA Preparatory Academy under Hale's responsibility.[1]






  • Levi Van Kempen's address is 513 Elm Drive, Danvers, MA 01923.


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