Leticia was a young woman who lived in Miami, Florida, and was friend of Maria and Elena Rodriguez.


Leticia, together with her friends, bride-to-be Maria and fellow bridemaid Elena Rodriguez, attended a party on a rooftop in Miami. During the party they watched Mertz, a magician, perform a magic trick with a cocktail umbrella, which he made disappear and reappear behind Leticia's ear. Surprised with the trick, she asked Mertz how he did it. Mertz told her that she has a gift.

Like most of the partygoers Leticia and her friends watched the city turn black. Leticia joked about the fact they would now be unable to drink blended drinks. Shortly after, a helicopter fell from the sky and crashed into a nearby building, exploding in a massive fireball and falling to the ground.

When Darryl told them about a so called Inhuman attack and suggested to get downstairs, Elena objected, but since Maria walked away to get downstairs they had to follow. At first Leticia hesitated because she was wearing heels and they had to walk down 30 floors.

As they made their way into the lobby, they were suddenly surrounded by members of the Watchdogs led by Briggs, who all charged in armed with guns. Despite Darryl trying to hand over his wallet, Briggs made it clear that they were not there for money, but to find the Inhuman who was hiding among them.

With all the partgoers under gunpoint Darryl told Briggs that Mertz is the Inhuman. They all watched on when some of the watchdogs grabbed Mertz, who was blamed by Darryl, and planned to kill him. When Elena was eventually revealed to be the Inhuman the watchdogs surrounded her and planned to execute her. Just in time Phil Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz entered the hotel. While a brawl began Leticia and the other partygoers fled the scene.[1]





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