"I won't be a part of this."
―Leslie Hansen to Karl Malus[src]

Leslie Hansen was a trauma surgeon working for IGH. After her murder at the hands of Alisa Jones, the latter woman stole her name as an alias.


"Dr. Leslie Hansen worked at Metro-General in the '90s and then nothing. Twenty years of web presence completely wiped out, and that takes some doing."
Jessica Jones[src]

Leslie Hansen was a brilliant trauma surgeon who worked alongside Dr. Karl Malus at IGH. Hansen was responsible for bringing Alisa Jones into the program.[1] Years later, Dr. Hansen was killed by Alisa as she sought to stop Trish Walker from discovering anything about IGH. She subsequently cremated Hansen's remains in her building's furnace. By the time Jones and Walker arrived, only Hansen's charred head survived the fire. Unaware of the head's identity, Jones smuggled it into a morgue and forged a work order to get the coroner to identity it.[2]




  • Alisa Jones † - Patient turned Impersonator and Killer


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