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"Once you take a person's life, there's no going back. Whatever reason you tell yourself, however you rationalize it, nothing can take away the ghosts. The people that I've killed, the things that I've done, I carry that with me every day, and the weight is heavy. I don't wish that on anyone. Especially you."
―Leslie Dean to Molly Hernandez[src]

Leslie Dean (née Ellerh) is the leader of the Church of Gibborim, and the former leader of PRIDE. She is the wife of Frank Dean and the mother of Karolina Dean, a daughter she actually had with Jonah. For fifteen years, Leslie managed both the Church of Gibborim and PRIDE in order to provide sacrificial victims for PRIDE's Rite of Blood meant to periodically revive Jonah.

In 2017, Leslie selected Destiny Gonzalez to be the next victim. However, while bewildered and worried by the fact that Jonah did not feel better, Leslie later learned that the sacrifice had failed due to a Dematerialization Box malfunction. Leslie urged her fellow PRIDE members to find someone else, which they eventually did. However, Leslie still had to overcome several ordeals: Victor Stein suffering from a violent brain cancer, an affair between Janet Stein and Robert Minoru, Frank trying to ascend into the ranks of the Church of Gibborim and discovering her affair with Jonah, and Jonah seemingly undermining her authority within the Church. Eventually, upon witnessing Jonah assaulting Karolina and discovering that he had kept her in the dark regarding his plans, Leslie decided to turn on him. She secretly helped the Runaways to release Karolina from Jonah and gathered PRIDE in a secret plan to murder Jonah.

Leslie struggled to maintain a delicate balance between her wish to kill Jonah and her duty to keep a friendly face to him in public. Having lost the leadership of the Church of Gibborim to her husband Frank, and with the reveal that Karolina had been meeting with Jonah, Leslie feared that Jonah, whose extraterrestrial origins were well established, could take Karolina away from Earth. However, her worries disappeared when Jonah was apparently killed during the Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site. Leslie then attempted to dismantle the Church of Gibborim for its teachings were nothing but lies, but was stopped in this endeavor by Frank, who managed to have her sent into the Crater. Nevertheless, Leslie was able to reunite with her long lost mother Susan Ellerh, and was eventually saved from the Crater by Karolina, who decided to provide shelter to Leslie in the Hostel.

Leslie became aware that the baby she carried, who had been fathered by Jonah, would be targeted by the Gibborim. Indeed, Leslie was soon abducted by the Magistrate's Son, who planned on delivering the baby to the Magistrate in exchange for being allowed to stay on Earth. However, Leslie was able to alert Tamar, who in turn informed the Runaways. With help from Tamar, Leslie then gave birth to her second daughter Elle. Remembering a prophecy made by her father, she decided to leave the baby in the care of Xavin, who took Elle to accomplish her destiny. Months later, Leslie decided to restart the Church of Gibborim without any extraterrestrial influence. She then rejoined PRIDE when the group was reassembled by Geoffrey Wilder and helped save Molly Hernandez from the Coven.


Early Life

Meeting Jonah

Ellerh meets Jonah

"Hello, sweet one. What's your name?"
Jonah to Leslie Ellerh[src]

Leslie was born the daughter of Susan and David Ellerh. In 1979, a young toddler Leslie was with her father and other persons, including Aura and Frances, in a compound. She met Jonah when he entered the house to confirm her father's beliefs eventually written in the Book of Gibborim and help to establish the Church of Gibborim.[7] Later, her mother Susan was exiled to the Crater for distrusting Jonah because of the interest he had in Leslie.[3]

Losing her Father

Ellerh is comforted by Jonah

"Thank you for coming. You always seem to be around at just the right time."
―Leslie Ellerh to Jonah[src]

Leslie, now a young woman, eventually lost her father David Ellerh who died due to testicular cancer. Leslie stood by his side with Jonah on his deathbed, thanking Jonah for being with her. She also regretted the absence of her mother Susan and wondered whether she should be informed of her husband's death. Leslie was then told by Jonah that they would lead the Church of Gibborim together, and Leslie was warned that there would be sacrifices to be made.[8]

Ellerh wrote the book A Pioneering Look into the Gibborim Movement, one of the canonical texts of the Church of Gibborim.[9]

Birth of Karolina

Ellerh eventually married actor Frank Dean. However, she also had an affair with Jonah. Leslie and Jonah had a daughter named Karolina, who was officially Frank's daughter.[10] Leslie gave Karolina a Church of Gibborim Bracelet from her youngest age,[11] as she feared that she could display the same light emission abilities than Jonah.[12]

Rite of Blood

First Sacrifice

Dean sacrifices Brooks Watten

"What do you mean, "his energy's been converted"? He's dead?"
"And we killed him?"
"It isn't a death. He lives on in another. Eternal."
Robert Minoru, Janet Stein and Leslie Dean[src]

In parallel, assisted by Jonah, Dean formed PRIDE, a charity publicly devoted to improve the life of the inhabitants of Los Angeles, while actually it would only serve Jonah's interests.

Dean tells PRIDE what happened

Leslie gathered PRIDE in the secret basement of the Wilder Mansion. She then brought Brooks Watten, a young member of the Church of Gibborim she had selected to be sacrificed, into the room. As Watten got into the Dematerialization Box and his body was converted into pure energy, Dean explained to her associates that Watten would keep living within another person. This shocked the rest of PRIDE, and when Gene and Alice Hernandez claimed that they had not signed up for such crimes, Dean replied that they actually had when accepting Jonah's gifts.[10]

Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez

Dean murders Gene and Alice Hernandez with a bomb

"Gene and Alice are no longer a problem."
"You mean..."
"I handled it."
―Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

Dean was later alerted about Gene's and Alice Hernandez's suspicions towards Jonah's true agenda due to the rock samples they had taken from the PRIDE Construction Site. As the Hernandezes became a threat to the whole plan, Dean decided to take them out of the equation. She went to Goodman University where the Hernandezes were working and locked them up in their lab before tossing an explosive device into the room. The bomb detonated, killing Gene and Alice. Dean then informed Tina Minoru of what she had done. Little did Dean know that their daughter Molly was there as well and that she miraculously survived the blast.[12]

Dean never told anyone beside Minoru about killing the Hernandezes. She sent a text to the rest of PRIDE with the single word "TSUNAMI" to alert them and pretended that the Hernandezes had died in an accident.[13] Dean later attended the Hernandezes' funeral with the other members of PRIDE.[14]

Amy Minoru's Funeral

Dean gives a speech in memory of Amy Minoru

"May we come together to find peace and strength in our bonds. May we hold each other up and let ourselves be held in this time of grief, so that we may say goodbye to our beloved Amy."
―Leslie Dean[src]

By 2015, Leslie and her daughter Karolina went to the funeral of Amy Minoru at the Minoru Mansion. She gave the eulogy at the funeral service that was attended by members of PRIDE and their children, as well as other people.[15]

Sacrificing Destiny Gonzalez

Leslie, Frank and Karolina Dean talking to a member of the Church of Gibborim

"It's gonna be okay, sweet girl."
―Leslie Dean to Destiny Gonzalez[src]

In 2017, Leslie welcomed a new adept into the Church of Gibborim: the young Destiny Gonzalez. Assessing her background and the events which had led Gonzalez to her, Leslie identified her as an ideal victim for a Rite of Blood sacrifice in the framework of the Ultra Project. Leslie gave Gonzalez a new life in order for her to feel safe among the Church of Gibborim so that she could persuade her into accomplishing the ritual when the time would come.

Dean learns that Destiny Gonzalez is missing

Leslie carried out her role as the leader of the Church of Gibborim by delivering another preaching session to her parishioners. Once it was over, Leslie was approached by her daughter Karolina, who asked her permission to leave for a school trip to San Francisco. However, Leslie refused due to having scheduled an interview with the Vogue magazine, causing Karolina to angrily leave.[11] Afterwards, Leslie was informed by Frances and Aura that Gonzalez was missing. Since Leslie had planned to sacrifice the young girl on the night to come, she ordered her followers to find Gonzalez.

Dean convinces Destiny Gonzalez to stay

Leslie eventually tracked down Gonzalez to the Los Angeles Bus Depot. Leslie listened to Gonzalez's story, who told that Leslie had given her the courage to return into her family and look after her infant daughter. Fearing to lose an ideal sacrifice, Leslie pretended that she could make Gonzalez an Ultra member of the Church of Gibborim and managed to persuade Gonzalez to postpone her departure. Leslie then led Gonzalez in the secret basement of the Wilder Mansion.

Dean attends a PRIDE meeting

Before the sacrifice actually occurred, Leslie joined a PRIDE meeting organized in the Wilder Mansion. As the meeting neared its end, Leslie handed over files detailing the life of Gonzalez to her fellow members of PRIDE. Seeing Geoffrey Wilder refusing to read, Leslie insisted that they all had to be at the same level of understanding of what they were doing. Once the case of Gonzalez was accepted, Leslie and the other members of PRIDE went down into the basement to prepare for the sacrifice.

Dean sacrifices Destiny Gonzalez

Leslie contacted followers at the Church of Gibborim to activate the Dematerialization Box in which Jonah had been put in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. She then went to find Gonzalez and brought her among the other members of PRIDE wearing their usual red robes. When Gonzalez worried over the fact that she did not recognize any of them, Leslie did her best to reassure her and told her to get into the Dematerialization Box. However, Gonzalez grew more and more afraid, causing all the members of PRIDE to restrain her and force her into the Dematerialization Box. Leslie could not hold her tears as she kept pretending that Gonzalez would be fine.

Dean comments on how hard the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez had been

Once the sacrifice was over, Leslie commented on how the sacrifice of Gonzalez had been particularly hard. However, the conversation between the PRIDE members was interrupted when they saw a flash of light which alarmed them. Leslie waited for Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder to investigate, and they returned explaining that it had probably been caused by a circuit break. Leslie then returned into the mansion's hall, where she discussed with the recently reunited Runaways, especially her daughter Karolina and Nico Minoru. She then returned to the Dean Mansion with Karolina.[16]

Another Sacrifice to Make

Dean visits her daughter's room

"This is why. Why he isn't getting better."
"Does this mean what I think?"
"We're gonna need another sacrifice."
―Leslie Dean and Tina Minoru[src]

On the day following the sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez, Leslie heard that her daughter Karolina was listening to a recording made by Leslie herself as the leader of the Church of Gibborim. Leslie joined Karolina in her bedroom and commented on how she was pleased to see Karolina having reconnected with her former childhood friends, and that she hoped that Karolina would stay in touch with them.

Dean sits beside Jonah

Leslie returned into the secret room of the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, where Jonah was still forced to remain in bed in his decrepit condition. Leslie did not understand why he was not getting better, as he usually was quickly revived after each sacrifice. Leslie then left the room and encountered Vaughn Kaye, a young member of the Church of Gibborim who informed her that Karolina had been asking questions about Gonzalez's whereabouts.

However, before Leslie could reply, she received a phone call from Tina Minoru, who instructed Leslie to watch the TV news. Therefore, Leslie went into her office and turned on the TV, and watched a WHiH World News report revealing that the body of Gonzalez had been discovered on a beach in Los Angeles. Thus, Leslie figured out that the most recent PRIDE sacrifice had failed, meaning that they had to find another person to murder.[14]

Dean attends an emergency meeting

Leslie summoned a PRIDE meeting in order to solve this urgent situation. Once all the members of PRIDE, except Dale and Stacey Yorkes, had arrived at the Wilder Mansion, Leslie joined them and informed them that Jonah was worse than ever, meaning that they had to find someone to sacrifice. Robert Minoru suggested to pick another person from the Church of Gibborim, but Leslie refused, claiming that it would draw attention. She instead agreed with Victor Stein's idea of kidnapping someone like a homeless person or a prostitute. When asked by Geoffrey Wilder whether she meant someone who did not count, Leslie replied that everybody did count and that she did not feel at ease with the idea of sacrificing someone.

Dean lies in bed with Jonah

Before the end of the meeting, Leslie recalled that they all had to honor their commitment to PRIDE, mentioning how the Yorkeses had missed the meeting, prompting Tina to claim that she would handle it. Leslie then returned beside Jonah. She said some prayers as per the Book of Gibborim, although Jonah asked her to stop, causing Leslie to inquire what she could do. Since Jonah asked her to warm him up, Leslie took off her clothes and lied naked in his bed next to him.

Upon leaving the private room, Leslie was confronted by her husband Frank, who suspected her to have an affair. However, Leslie managed to convince him otherwise and informed him that she had made arrangements so that Frank could try to reach the rank of Ultra in the Church's hierarchy. The two then shared a kiss. In order to fully reassure her husband, Leslie returned with him to the Dean Mansion where they enjoyed the evening together, sharing a meal, playing and laughing in the yard.[1]

Dean takes part in Andre Compton's sacrifice

Leslie then returned to Jonah, who asked her whether PRIDE was close to getting another person to sacrifice, which Leslie denied. Nevertheless, Leslie was then contacted by Catherine Wilder, who claimed to have found someone for the ritual: Andre Compton, a member of the Crips wounded by Geoffrey during the Kidnapping of Alex Wilder. Due to the emergency, PRIDE gathered and performed the ritual directly in Jonah's room. Before sacrificing Compton, Leslie asked Catherine about how he had been wounded, but Catherine simply replied that she simply should be happy that they had found someone for their sacrifice.

Dean is reunited with Jonah

Once the ritual was complete, Leslie announced that they had succeeded and ordered the other members of PRIDE to leave the room. Leslie briefly left it as well and returned to find Jonah in his prime youth. Overjoyed at the idea of being reunited before a gala held by PRIDE, Leslie and Jonah began making out. Leslie was then told by Jonah that his biggest fear was that he could die without having seen his daughter: Karolina. He then requested to meet her before kissing Leslie again, unaware that she actually was uncomfortable with the perspective of Jonah talking to Karolina.[17]


Dean argues with Jonah about he meeting their daughter at the gala

"Victor is sick. He kept it a secret from everyone."
"Seems to be a trend amongst the PRIDE. Affairs, illness... What else are they hiding from you?"
"I told you, everything is under control."
―Leslie Dean and Jonah[src]

Leslie returned to Jonah's private room in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, expressing concern at the idea that he would show up at a PRIDE gala held at Wizard Headquarters. Nonetheless, she assured Jonah that she would not keep him from meeting with his biological daughter, Karolina Dean, but only that she was worried that her husband Frank Dean might discover their secret relationship, since he already had suspicions about Leslie cheating on him.

Dean at the PRIDE gala

Leslie attended the PRIDE gala with the other members of the organization, agreeing to have some pictures of herself and her colleagues taken by the press. She then remarked that Frank appeared to be less comfortable with this situation than usual, and Frank explained that his failure to go Ultra in the Church of Gibborim's hierarchy had made him more humble, and that he no longer craved for the spotlight as he used to do. They were then approached by Jonah, prompting Leslie to pretend to Frank that he was an old member of the Church and a former friend of her father David Ellerh.

Dean asks for Jonah's help to heal Victor Stein

Leslie agreed to take Jonah to see Karolina. They looked for her among the guests, asking her friend Chase Stein whether he knew where she was, but she was nowhere to be found. Thus, Leslie returned with her PRIDE colleagues as Tina Minoru delivered a speech. However, things went wrong and Leslie was aghast to learn about the affair between Janet Stein and Robert Minoru, which was revealed by Victor Stein, who collapsed immediately after.

Leslie helped to carry Victor into a quiet room and learned from his son Chase that he was actually suffering from brain cancer. Although Dale Yorkes suggested to call for an ambulance, Leslie assumed that she had a better idea and returned to Jonah to request his assistance. Jonah commented on how Leslie seemed to have trouble to keep the PRIDE members in check as they hid several things from her, although Leslie tried to defend her position. Leslie then watched in silence as Jonah and Yorkes used the former's serum on Victor to cure him.

Leslie is asked by Dale Yorkes if Frank Dean remembers Jonah

Back at the party, Leslie saw Jonah and Frank discussing from afar. She was then approached by Yorkes, who assured that he had wiped out all memories of Jonah from Frank's mind and wondered what the two of them could discuss, to which Leslie replied that it could not be anything good.[10]

Challenges Add Up

Leslie and Frank Dean argue over the Healing Gloves

"You have such a big heart. Your compassion's healed so many. Now I need you to turn it towards your friends, because they're falling apart, and you are the only one with the power to bring them back together. I need you to do that, and I need you to do it quickly."
Jonah to Leslie Dean[src]

Leslie went beside Calvin, an old member of the Church of Gibborim on the verge of dying, in order to pronounce the last sacraments before he died. However, the ceremony was interrupted by Frank Dean, who revealed to Leslie that he had been given Healing Gloves by Jonah. Leslie was deeply upset by this and confronted Frank, claiming that he would be considered a healer and that it could be dangerous, but Frank retorted that this was what he was trying to achieve.

Dean confronts Jonah

Leslie went to Jonah's private room in order to confront him and accused him of trying to undermine her authority within the Church of Gibborim. However, Jonah remained mostly unfazed by Leslie's criticism. Leslie was shocked when he told her that the Church was nearing its end and that it did not matter, unlike PRIDE, which was all that mattered. Leslie was then encouraged by Jonah to deal with the inner problems PRIDE was facing in order to quickly bring back order in the organization before something went wrong.

Dean with her daughter at Atlas Academy

Leslie later attended the Atlas Academy open house with her daughter Karolina, and expressed surprise that Frank was not there. Instead, Leslie found Tina Minoru, who was still troubled by the ongoing affair between her husband Robert Minoru and Janet Stein. Leslie assured Tina that she would support her and that she would make sure that Janet and Tina would end their relationship. Therefore, Leslie approached Stein and pressured her to carry on that decision, which she reluctantly agreed.

Leslie tells Frank Dean about her relationship with Jonah

As the open house was closing, Leslie texted Jonah to inform him that she had arranged for everything. However, she was then confronted by her husband Frank, who had found a picture representing a child Leslie holding the hand of an adult Jonah and requested an explanation. Leslie admitted that Jonah was the Being mentioned in the Book of Gibborim, and that she had had an affair with him for years, although she claimed that she was too ashamed of it to tell Frank about it.[18]

Back at the Dean Mansion, Leslie discussed with Karolina before she went to bed, talking about Frank's behavior during the gala, which Leslie explained by the hardships he had to face in his recent life. Leslie then exited the room, but remained behind the door and eavesdropped on her daughter, learning that something had happened to Victor. Leslie drove all the way to the Stein Mansion, only to discover that Victor had been shot by Janet and that PRIDE had done everything they could to save him. Since Victor had fallen into a coma, Leslie called Frank for assistance.

Leslie watches Frank Dean's attempt at Victor Stein's revival

Once Frank arrived, Leslie explained the situation to him. She also insisted that he remained silent about her affair with Jonah for everyone's sake and that he should only do what he was told, although Frank rebuffed her. Leslie then witnessed his attempt to revive Victor with his healing gloves, which failed as Victor became clinically dead. While they attempted to hide the body, Jonah arrived, with Leslie insisting that she was not the one who had called him.

Jonah announced that he intended to sacrifice the responsible of the situation in order to save Victor with the Dematerialization Boxes, prompting Leslie to claim that it was not her fault, which Jonah agreed, instead naming Janet to be sacrificed. This caused a serious argument within PRIDE as Janet tried to defend her case while the others, especially Leslie and Tina, were inclined to have Janet give her own life. When Robert suggested to sacrifice Frank, who had left the room, Leslie admitted that it was a possibility, but then Jonah threatened to kill all PRIDE and their children, prompting Leslie and the others to call for Janet's sacrifice.

Things got even worse when Dale Yorkes picked up the gun used to shoot Victor and threatened his fellow PRIDE members. Leslie asked him whether he actually knew how to handle a handgun, which he did not, making him even more dangerous. Although Dale was eventually disarmed by Geoffrey Wilder, the situation was still unresolved and Jonah once again ordered Janet to give her life, which she reluctantly agreed.

Dean confronts Tina Minoru for having destroyed a Dematerialization Box

However, Robert chose to give his life instead, prompting Tina to use the Staff of One to destroy one of the Box to save her husband. This greatly angered Leslie, who accused Tina of being foolish and of not realizing the consequences of this deed. Leslie was ready to engage in a hand-in-hand fight against Tina, but Jonah stopped them and reassured Leslie, telling her that he no longer needed the Boxes anyway, causing Leslie to begrudgingly apologize to Tina.[13]

Confrontation with the Runaways

Dean at the PRIDE Construction Site

"We know you have a lot of questions."
"You mean like how could you murder fifteen kids?"
"We promise you everything we've done, we've done for you."
―Leslie Dean and Karolina Dean[src]

Along with the other members of PRIDE, Leslie was called by Jonah on the PRIDE Construction Site to witness the activation of the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine enacting the final phase of Jonah's plan. Through the Church of Gibborim, Leslie also provided Jonah with adepts able to provide security for the construction site instead of the workers hired by Geoffrey Wilder Construction Inc., although Geoffrey Wilder was displeased by this choice. Leslie then watched in amazement as the drill was activated by Jonah.

Dean is confronted by Jonah about the Attack on Victor Stein

However, in the evening, Leslie and the rest of PRIDE were once again summoned by Jonah, this time in his apartments at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. There, Leslie was shocked to learn from Jonah that the children of the PRIDE members, the Runaways, were actually aware of the crimes that PRIDE had perpetrated for years since they had witnessed the failed sacrifice of Destiny Gonzalez. Leslie asked Jonah how he knew this, to which he replied that someone had informed him. Leslie was then confronted about her choice of not calling Jonah on the night of the Attack on Victor Stein.

Leslie was ordered by Jonah to check on her daughter Karolina's whereabouts, who was nowhere to be found. She was also informed by the other members of PRIDE that the other children were also missing, along with valuable artifacts such as the Staff of One and the Fistigons. Wilder then directed them to the PRIDE Construction Site. Leslie led PRIDE inside, as they discovered that the Runaways had already sabotaged the drilling machine.

Leslie discovers Karolina Dean's powers

As they were confronted by the Runaways, Leslie tried to explain that all PRIDE's actions were meant for their well-being, but they refused to listen and to be ready for a fight. Much to Leslie's astonishment, Karolina removed her Church of Gibborim Bracelet, revealing her ability to glow with a colorful aura. When Wilder asked her whether she knew about her daughter's powers, Leslie replied that she did not know but that she feared that Leslie would display such abilities, as they were actually identical to one displayed by Jonah.[12]

Dean watches Jonah attack the Runaways

The fight was engaged between PRIDE and the Runaways, with PRIDE being protected by Tina Minoru who had reclaimed the Staff of One. Jonah, accompanied by Frank Dean, arrived as well and joined the fight, ready to attack the Runaways. Leslie begged him that it was not necessary and that they should not resort to violence, but Jonah refused to listen and assaulted the teenagers. Still, the Runaways stood back, and Leslie remained helpless as they all left, except Karolina, who remained to fight Jonah on her own. Leslie was in tears during the whole confrontation, fearing for her daughter's life.[19]

Turning against Jonah

Dean with an unconscious Karolina

"We have a common enemy, and we need to do something about it."
―Leslie Dean to PRIDE[src]

Karolina was eventually defeated, knocked unconscious and held captive in Jonah's apartments at the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Leslie and Frank sat beside her, waiting for her to awaken. Leslie confronted Frank for having reached out Jonah and telling him about the Runaways, but Frank rebuffed her, accusing her of her own betrayals, such as ordering to have his memories erased by the Synnergy Serum and having a child, Karolina, with Jonah. As they were arguing, Jonah arrived and told them to leave and to get some rest.

Dean meets the Yorkeses at the PRIDE Construction Site

Leslie returned to the PRIDE Construction Site, where she found Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who were also inspecting the site. Pretending to be doing the same, Leslie remained with them as they scanned the hole dug by the Nemo Industrial Drilling Machine. She was surprised when the Yorkeses mentioned a living creature apparently lying underneath the surface. Leslie had to admit that she was not aware of it, prompting Stacey to comment on how Jonah kept secrets from her.

Leslie was then approached by Vaughn Kaye, a member of the Church of Gibborim who explained that the Runaways had told him that Karolina was in danger because of Jonah. As Leslie still feared for Karolina's well-being, Leslie ordered Kaye to help the Runaways to rescue Karolina, without revealing her own involvement. The operation was a success, as Kaye reported to Leslie later. Leslie thanked him for having come to her, and when he voiced his fears that Jonah was taking over the Church, Leslie assured him that she was still in charge. Heavily displeased by the reveal that Jonah had kept her in the dark, combined with the fact that Jonah had endangered the very life of her daughter, Leslie decided to turn on Jonah and to plot to have him killed.

Dean confesses her knowledge of the Assassination of Amy Minoru

She gathered several members of PRIDE, namely Tina and Robert Minoru and Janet Stein and led them to the Yorkes Residence, where they were reluctantly welcomed by the Yorkeses. Leslie explained that they had to deal with the threat of Jonah and declared that she wanted to confess her crimes. Although PRIDE was already aware of her involvement in the Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez, Leslie confessed that she knew that Amy Minoru had been murdered by Jonah. This greatly enraged Tina, who threatened to kill Leslie, but Leslie convinced the others of her value as she could help them to get close enough to Jonah in order to kill him.[19]

Further from the Church

Facing Distrust

Dean at the District 27 West Side Station

"I've known Jonah my whole life. But where he came from before that or who he is, I have no idea. I'm only just now realizing how much he kept from me."
―Leslie Dean to PRIDE[src]

Leslie joined the PRIDE efforts to locate the Runaways. She and her husband Frank went with the rest of PRIDE to the District 27 West Side Station as Detective Flores claimed to have found them. However, it turned out that the teenagers arrested by the LAPD were not their children, who were still missing. Thus, Leslie and the rest of PRIDE went to the PRIDE Headquarters, where they were greeted by PRIDE employees. Leslie and her fellow female members of PRIDE assured them that their children were not criminals and that they were more dedicated to the cause of PRIDE.

Dean speaking to the PRIDE

Leslie and the others then went into a meeting room from which they accessed a secret command center. As Tina Minoru explained that they had to keep it a secret from everyone, including Jonah, Leslie sensed that the rest of PRIDE still distrusted her due to her former relationship with Jonah, and she insisted that she had moved on and wanted to take him down just like the rest of them. She then listened to the conversation mentioning the threat that Graciela Aguirre could pose to PRIDE.

Dean admits she knows little about Jonah

Later, Leslie got to watch the video tape recorded by Gene and Alice Hernandez about the earthquakes which could occur should Jonah keep digging on the PRIDE Construction Site. She then urged Dale and Stacey Yorkes to disclose what they had found on the dig site: that there were living beings down into the hole dug by PRIDE. When questioned about Jonah's true nature and his possible alien origin, Leslie confessed that she did not know much about Jonah despite the fact that she had known him for most of her life. Leslie then remained silent as Minoru claimed leadership of PRIDE along with Geoffrey Wilder.[20]

In the next day, as an earthquake had struck Los Angeles, Leslie returned to the PRIDE Headquarters to meet with the rest of PRIDE, insisting that they should not conclude that it was the event mentioned by the Hernandezes. When asked by Robert Minoru whether Jonah had said anything to her regarding the earthquake, Leslie stated that he had not, since he was more interested in her husband Frank than in her at the moment.[21]

Dean confronts her husband Frank

Leslie then returned to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, expressing her dissatisfaction at the idea that her husband Frank had taken the leadership of the cult without her consent. In return, Leslie was confronted about what she had done to him, namely cheating on him with Jonah, having his memories erased with the Synnergy Serum, getting him out of PRIDE and lying to him about Karolina Dean's true ascendance. Leslie listened as Frank explained that he only wanted their family to be together again, but they were interrupted by Jonah, causing Frank to leave. Leslie assured Jonah that she still hated Frank, although he seemed to disbelieve her despite her claims that she was still serving him.[22]

Progress in the Search

Dean listening to a discussion between the members of PRIDE

"It's a PRIDE soup kitchen."
"That's no help. They operate anonymously. Everything they do there is confidential."
"Not if we're the ones asking the questions."
Catherine Wilder, Robert Minoru and Leslie Dean[src]

Leslie learned about the failed attempt from Geoffrey and Catherine Wilder to find their son Alex, and openly voiced her criticism about how they had hidden such information from the rest of PRIDE and failed to keep their son due to the Runaways' intervention. However, Geoffrey replied by revealing that the Runaways had managed to escape because Nico Minoru was in possession of the Staff of One given to her by her mother Tina. Despite this argument, PRIDE still worked together. Leslie told Dale and Stacey Yorkes that she would arrange for them to access the PRIDE Construction Site so they could test the serum they had been developing against Jonah.

Dean and PRIDE interrogate Mike on a Bike

Leslie and PRIDE then used Alex's phone data to discover that the Runaways had gone to a PRIDE soup kitchen in the past few days, and Leslie asserted that it could provide them with answers regarding their children's whereabouts. They had Jules, a volunteer working at the soup kitchen, come to the PRIDE Headquarters for interrogation. Although she was not of much help, she told them that she had come with Mike, a homeless thief who admitted that he had encountered the Runaways, as evidenced by him mentioning the Fistigons and Old Lace.

Dean and PRIDE arrives at Atlas Academy

Later, Leslie and the rest of PRIDE received an alert indicating that the Runaways had been spotted in Atlas Academy, as they were infiltrating the school to retrieve a computer. Leslie and her colleagues immediately got into their car and drove to the school right in the middle of an evacuation due to a new earthquake having occurred in Los Angeles. However, despite searching through the school, they were unable to find their children.[23] Leslie returned to the PRIDE Headquarters to discuss the theft of the computer, wondering whether the Runaways would use it against them. She was then shocked when the Yorkeses revealed that they had seen both Jonah and Karolina Dean on the dig site.[24]

Alien Daughter

"Jonah told me what he is. What I am."
"I'm so sorry you had to hear that from him. Believe me, I wanted to tell you so many times."
Karolina Dean and Leslie Dean[src]

Dean confronts Jonah about spending time with Karolina without telling her

Infuriated by the fact that Jonah had been seeing her daughter Karolina behind her back, and worried about the influence that Jonah might have over Karolina, Leslie went to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office to confront him. She stated that he should not have told her about her true descent without Leslie being present as she wanted to accompany her on her journey to discover her true identity. Despite Jonah assuring her that he would take good care of Karolina, Leslie remained angry at him, demanding that he disclosed the full truth about he was and what his plans for Karolina were.

Leslie tells Frank Dean that Jonah has been seeing Karolina behind their backs

Leslie then left the building, watching a new group of runaways being welcomed into the Church of Gibborim, and noticed her husband Frank as well. Leslie was told by Frank that Jonah had tasked him with finding a victim to sacrifice, which surprised her as she thought Jonah no longer needed such rituals. In return, Leslie told Frank about Jonah's secret meetings with Karolina and assured him that he had been a far better parent to Karolina that her. She was then briefly impressed when Frank clearly stated that he would not follow Jonah's request.

Dean is confronted by her daughter Karolina

Later, as she was near her car, Leslie was confronted by Karolina, who wanted to ask her questions about Jonah.[17] Thus, mother and daughter returned to the Dean Mansion and began talking about Karolina's true father and his nature. Leslie explained that she wished to have been the one telling Karolina the truth about her father, detailing how she trusted him, but Karolina showed her mother little compassion due to the fact that she had willingly sacrificed teenagers to him. Still, Leslie insisted that everything PRIDE had done was for their children, whereas Jonah could be much more dangerous. As evidence, Leslie revealed to Karolina that Jonah had murdered Amy Minoru, which clearly shocked Karolina.

Dean returns to the Church of Gibborim

In order to protect her daughter from Jonah, Leslie decided to remain close to him and returned to the Church of Gibborim, joining back the cult in front of a applauding crowd of parishioners thanks to her husband. Leslie and Frank then met with Jonah in his office. Leslie remained mostly silent as Frank and Jonah argued over Karolina's real descent and Frank's alleged weakness, while Frank managed to stand up to Jonah. In the end, when Jonah begged Leslie to sacrifice someone in order to save him as he felt incredibly ill, Leslie openly refused, claiming that she had killed enough people for him and that he would have to do this new sacrifice by himself.

Leslie then joined her husband for a Coruscation ceremony held by the Church, accompanying an initiate for the ritual. During the ceremony, however, a large and colorful aura appeared in the room, causing the adepts and Frank to believe a miracle was happening. However, Leslie knew that there had to be a more reasonable explanation, as it was actually Karolina distracting the crowd so that the Runaways could infiltrate the facility.[25]

Battle at the PRIDE Construction Site

Deans asks Jonah whether he will leave Earth alone

"Good riddance."
―Leslie Dean on Jonah's death[src]

Leslie was present when Jonah arrived in the PRIDE Headquarters, detailing how he would be taking his spaceship far from Earth in the evening and assuring PRIDE that there would be no earthquake. Fearing that he could take her daughter Karolina away from her, Leslie asked Jonah whether he planned on leaving alone, but Jonah left without clearly answering as noticed by Victor Stein, thus increasing Leslie's fear.

Dean warns her husband that they could lose their daughter

Leslie then went to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office, where the parishioners prepared to provide security at the PRIDE Construction Site. She met with her husband Frank, who was convinced that this was all about an event mentioned in the Book of Gibborim called the Ascension. Leslie tried to convince him otherwise, voicing her concern that they could lose their daughter. Then were then approached by Jonah, and Leslie realized that Jonah intended for her not to be present for the launch. However, she managed to convince him otherwise, stating that the Ascension was everything she has worked for.

Dean warns PRIDE about Jonah's arrival

Therefore, Leslie went with Jonah to wait for Karolina at their usual rendezvous point. When Jonah began to worry that their daughter was not coming, Leslie told him that she might have lied to him, like all teenagers do to their parents. Leslie then accompanied Jonah to the PRIDE Construction Site as she learned that Jonah had told Karolina that there were more Gibborim there, but not before alerting the rest of PRIDE with the codename "TSUNAMI" to warn them that the final confrontation with Jonah was approaching.

Dean is relieved to see her daughter

Arriving on the construction site, Leslie realized that at least some of the Runaways were down into the hole. She was then considerably relieved when Karolina flied out of the hole with Chase Stein and Molly Hernandez, but insisted that Jonah could not proceed to the launch as Nico Minoru was still in the hole. However, shortly after all of PRIDE arrived on the site, Minoru got out of the hole with the Staff of One, enabling both PRIDE and the Runaways to be ready to confront Jonah.

Dean argues with Jonah

Much like Leslie feared, Jonah asked Karolina to come with him as he offered to be her one and only family. Leslie claimed that Karolina already had a family, only to be replied by Jonah that she had prevented Karolina from becoming what she was meant to be. However, Leslie was proud to hear Karolina stating that she would remain on Earth with her friends. On the contrary, she was disappointed when Jonah assumed that Karolina would die in this case, as evidenced by an earthquake striking the site.

Dean witnesses Jonah's apparent death

Leslie was not able to take an active part in the ensuing battle against Jonah, only witnessing PRIDE's effort to stop the spaceship. She was knocked back by Jonah's furious attack against his opponents, but then watched as the ship was being destroyed by the combination of the Anti-Gibborim Serum and the Anti-Gravity Device. She saw Jonah furiously approaching PRIDE to make them pay, only to be stabbed from behind by Minoru using the Staff of One imbued with anti-Gibborim poison, much to Leslie's astonishment. As Karolina mourned her father, Leslie claimed that it was a good thing that Jonah was dead.

Leslie then attempted to comfort her daughter, who pushed her back as she was devastated by the death of her father. She was then put asleep by Minoru's spell and woke up later as the Runaways had all left.[8]

Losing the Church

Dean comments on Nico Minoru stabbing Jonah

"This Church is not a family. It's a scam. Built on my father's bad poetry and the gullibility of desperate people. Which is why I'm shutting it down, starting with the Runaways Program."
―Leslie Dean to Aura and Frances[src]

Leslie joined the rest of PRIDE at the PRIDE Headquarters to celebrate their victory at the PRIDE Construction Site. She commented the fact that Nico Minoru had killed Jonah, stating that she had made the right move and that this made the members of PRIDE free from their obligations, meaning that they could disband the organization and entirely focus on the search for their children, who were still missing.

Dean announces the end of the Church of Gibborim to her husband

With Jonah seemingly gone, Leslie could no longer tolerate that the Church of Gibborim, which only existed because of the lies Jonah had told her father David Ellerh, still existed. Thus, she decided to shut it down for good so that it false beliefs would no longer be spread. However, while packing stuff in her office, she was approached by her husband Frank, who revealed that he had murdered Destiny Gonzalez's brother Oscar, who knew about the Ultra Project. Leslie agreed to call Detective Flores to dispose of the body, but warned Frank that Jonah was dead and that she was closing the Church despite his disagreement as he had found a new purpose in it.

Dean meets with Flores

Therefore, Leslie later met with Flores in a parking lot where Frank had left his car with the body in his trunk. Leslie gave him money so that he would handle the corpse, and also informed him that this would be the last time that PRIDE required his services since the organization would no longer exist in a close future. She was unaware, however, that her encounter with Flores was being watched by Frank, who took incriminatory pictures of Leslie standing next to his victim's corpse.[7]

Dean and PRIDE are confronted by Flores

Leslie returned to the PRIDE Headquarters, where PRIDE was confronted by Detective Flores about not telling him that some of the Runaways had superpowers. Once Flores left after warning them that the Runaways were coming for them, Leslie regretted that they still had to deal with crimes related to PRIDE as the organization was supposed to be over. She then listened as Victor Stein suggested crafting weapons for PRIDE to be able to defend themselves against the Runaways' powers and equipment. Later, Leslie, along with the rest of PRIDE, learned that Flores had kept records of PRIDE's crimes and agreed to replace him with AWOL.[26]

Dean throws away Church of Gibborim's documents

In parallel, Leslie maintained her efforts to shut down the Church of Gibborim. She went to the dumpsters to throw away some of the Church's writings, asking Vaughn Kaye not to tell her husband where she was. Leslie was found by Frank nonetheless, and showed little consideration for his shock at the idea that she was getting rid of documents dating back to the foundation of the Church. Leslie explained to Frank that she shared his wish to have their family reunited, but that he could not have both his family and the Church, and that he had a choice to make.

Dean meets with Aura and Frances

Later, in her office, Leslie, who had removed her Church of Gibborim Bracelet and put it on her desk, had an interview with Aura and Frances, two devout members of the Church, and was bewildered by the fact they believed she sought some kind of comfort. Leslie firmly assumed that she was shutting down the Church now that Jonah was gone, triggering Aura's anger. Leslie insisted that she was in charge of the Church, and thus within her right to declare it to an end, but Aura and Frances refused to listen to her, stating that they would not ler her do as she pleased.

Dean is taken to a reindoctrination ceremony

Hours later, Leslie was approached by Kaye, who unwillingly took her to a reconditioning session set up by Frank, Aura and Frances. Leslie claimed that such a technique would not work on her since she had invented it and thus knew its mechanisms, but discovered that she was trapped in the room as she could no longer open the door. As the adepts approached her to seize her, Leslie angrily told them not to touch her and tried to call for help to Kaye, who had remained outside, but to no avail.[2]

Imprisonment in the Crater

Leslie is forced into a reconditioning led by Frank Dean

"I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant because I didn't want to face it myself. My greatest fear is failing as a mother again."
―Leslie Dean to S4E2R[src]

Leslie was forced to undergo the reconditioning, but just like she predicted, it did not work on her as she knew how the technique worked. Although she knew what fate befell her, Leslie remained defiant towards her husband Frank, causing him to send her to the Crater in Palm Desert. Leslie was taken there by Aura and Frances, and upon arrival, she began shouting to the adepts that all the teachings of the Church of Gibborim were lies, but they were far too indoctrinated to heed her message.

Dean argues with S4E2R

Leslie was then welcomed by a woman introducing herself as S4E2R, who gave her a new Church of Gibborim Bracelet. Leslie tried to confront S4E2R as long as she could, claiming that she would never surrender to the indoctrination, but eventually fainted due to being dehydrated by her ordeals and her presence in the desert. She eventually regained consciousness, still with S4E2R around her. Leslie was surprised by S4E2R mentioning her father David Ellerh, but she claimed that he would have wanted the same thing than her: dismantling the Church. However, Leslie was told that she could never fulfill her plans.

Dean fails to convince Susan Ellerh

Leslie was even more shocked when S4E2R revealed that she knew about her pregnancy, one which Leslie struggled to accept herself. Later, Leslie was locked into a bedroom cell, but she managed to sneak out of it and to access a room where the files of those living in the crater were stored. Thus, Leslie learned that S4E2R actually was no other than her own mother Susan Ellerh, who had been banished years ago.

Leslie went to see Susan in a room where she meditated and told her that she forgave her, telling that she feared to be a poor mother for her child to come just like Susan might have feared to fail Leslie. She then spoke Susan's name in an attempt to awaken her consciousness, but it only caused Susan to angrily state that Leslie should not have resisted and to call the guards on her.[3]

Leslie argues with her husband Frank Dean

Later, Leslie was summoned by Frank in his office. They ended up arguing over what they wanted to do with the Church, with Leslie claiming that Frank only cared about the Church because it brought him the fame he had failed to get in his acting career. In return, Leslie was blamed by her husband for making him believe that he was unworthy and insignificant over their years of marriage. The argument escalated further and Leslie made Frank notice that she was pregnant and that she would be happy to get a paternity test as long as she would no longer be locked in the white room of the Crater.

Dean is reunited with her daughter Karolina

Leslie was brought back into her bedroom cell. She remained angry at Frank and began yelling at him, throwing various objects, including her new bracelet, across the room. However, when the door opened, Leslie was surprised to see her daughter Karolina, who had come to rescue her, aided by Susan. Leslie and Karolina were adamant that they had to leave the Crater, despite Susan wanting to remain to cleanse the Church from Frank's influence. Leslie and Karolina eventually persuaded Susan to help them to escape.

Dean hugs her mother goodbye

Therefore, Leslie, Karolina and Susan made their way through the Crater and managed to reach the gates. Nevertheless, Frank caught them right before they left and called the adepts on them, calling them apostates. Leslie feared that the guards would seize them, but Karolina intervened by activating her Gibborim powers, thus seemingly achieving the prophecy of the Radiance and reciting the Book of Gibborim. This convinced the adepts to let them go and to turn on Frank instead. Leslie attempted to persuade her mother to come with them, but accepted her refusal and hugged her to say goodbye.[4]

Sheltered at the Hostel

Dean arrives at the Hostel

"I'm pregnant. I don't... I don't really have anywhere else to go."
―Leslie Dean to Alex Wilder[src]

Leslie was taken to the secret underground mansion where the Runaways had been hiding, the Hostel, by her daughter Karolina, Nico Minoru and Molly Hernandez. Despite Alex Wilder opposing her presence in the Hostel, Leslie convinced him that she had nowhere else to go and that she was pregnant, and Minoru clearly stated that she had to stay in the Hostel for her own safety. She was then shown her bedroom by Hernandez.[4]

Dean meets Xavin

Discarding her usual white clothes for a new darker outfit, Leslie began to adapt to her life in the Hostel. She notably shared a breakfast with the also recently arrived Xavin, a Xartan shapeshifter who claimed to be Karolina's betrothed. Leslie later went to see Karolina in her bedroom, recalling how she was happy back in the time when Karolina was a baby. Leslie asked whether Karolina would ever be able to forgive him, and told her that Karolina was now the head of the Church of Gibborim.

Dean speaking to her daughter Karolina

Leslie offered to help Karolina to deal with the new responsibility before an argument between Minoru and Xavin erupted. Indeed, Xavin insisted to come to a planned meeting between the Runaways and Chase Stein, which was refused. During this encounter, Leslie was left under the protection of Xavin. Later, as she wanted to do some cleanup, Leslie mistook Xavin, who had taken Karolina's appearance, for her daughter, but was quickly corrected by the Xartan. Leslie then told Xavin that she could not keep calling herself Karolina's betrothed, as courtship in Humans was much more complicated, and urged Xavin to leave and see the world.

Dean learns the threat on her baby

However, the conversation became more disturbing when Xavin revealed that Leslie's unborn child was also of Gibborim descent and that this baby could be in danger. Leslie was then shocked when Xavin told that not only Jonah, but also his family, were still alive and had probably taken control of new human hosts. Leslie then remained alone in the Hostel while Xavin left to help the Runaways. Later, she was horrified when only Wilder, Minoru, Xavin, and Hernandez were able to return, while Karolina had been captured by Jonah.[5]

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"Things always ran flawlessly because we ran them. Both of us know how to stay focused on the big picture. It's all about the forest, not the trees."
―Leslie Dean to Tina Minoru[src]

Leslie was a complicated woman with a manipulative side which she often used with proficiency. She was able to take the reins of the Church of Gibborim after her father David Ellerh passed away and to expand the ranks of the organization, which had a good reputation in Los Angeles. She was also able to lead PRIDE with efficiency, carrying Jonah's agenda and making sure that all the PRIDE members remembered what they had to do for the organization. This often caused Leslie to perform immoral and even criminal deeds, such as the Assassination of Gene and Alice Hernandez. Throughout PRIDE's continued Rite of Blood, Leslie was convinced that they were working for something greater than themselves. She also envisaged to sacrifice her own husband Frank to revive Victor Stein, as she actually did not care much for him due to having an affair with Jonah.

However, despite being at the head of a secretly criminal organization who carried out ritual murders herself, Leslie could hardly be considered a cruel person. She claimed that the sacrifices perpetrated by PRIDE were hard for her to carry, showing that she did not kill out of pure pleasure or cruelty but only because she had been convinced by Jonah that it was necessary. Although she did not have real feelings for her husband Frank, she deeply cared for her daughter Karolina, claiming that everything PRIDE had done was done for her along with the other Runaways. When Karolina dueled against Jonah, Leslie was extremely worried by the outcome of the confrontation. She could also show a kind and compassionate side to her parishioners of the Church of Gibborim.

Leslie was not beyond recognizing her wrongdoings. She eventually realized that she had made a mistake and that Jonah had manipulated her, endangering the life of Karolina in the process. Therefore, she ultimately chose to turn against him and to strike an uneasy alliance with the other members of PRIDE, to whom she admitted her crimes and her knowledge of the Assassination of Amy Minoru. When confronted by Molly Hernandez about having killed her parents, Leslie never attempted to deny her responsibility and instead explained that she would even accept if Hernandez chose to kill her in retribution, although she warned her that this would follow her forever. In spite of her past feelings for Jonah, Leslie resolved to murder him in order to protect Karolina and her friends. Having fully realized the alien nature of Jonah, she came to the conclusion that all the teachings in the Book of Gibborim were lies and resolved to shut down the Church of Gibborim, the work of her life, so that no one could be indoctrinated by these false beliefs any longer. She then reconsidered this choice, choosing to build a new Church free of all the Gibborim influence as she realized that she could not simply take it away from people who needed the answers it provided.



Former Equipment

"What happened to your bracelet? It's a good thing I have a new one for you."
S4E2R to Leslie Dean[src]
  • Church of Gibborim Bracelet: Like every member of the Church of Gibborim, Dean had a bracelet signaling her membership to the religious organization. She discarded the bracelet as she attempted to dismantle the Church, only to be given a new one by S4E2R when she was sent to the Crater. However, Dean quickly got rid of this new bracelet shortly before being rescued by her daughter Karolina.


"You don't have access to her private meditation suite."
"I can't even check it out? See what she's done to the place? It must be pretty nice, considering how much time she's been spending in there."
Vaughn Kaye and Frank Dean[src]
  • Dean Mansion: Leslie lived in this wealthy residence with her husband Frank and their daughter Karolina. She had an office at home in which she often went to meditate and pray away from the rest of the world.
  • Church of Gibborim Executive Office: As the leader of the Church of Gibborim, Dean worked at the organization's main facility, where she had her own office. She also claimed to have a private meditation room in the building which no one could enter, not even her husband Frank. Actually, Leslie used this room to hide Jonah from the public, especially when he waited to be revived. When Jonah was revived, Dean occasionally slept with him in this room.
  • Hostel: Having been rescued from the Crater, Leslie was taken to the Hostel where the Runaways resided by her daughter Karolina, and was allowed to stay there in spite of Alex Wilder's reluctance due to being pregnant.


  • Crater: In an attempt to keep her from shutting down the Church of Gibborim, Leslie was sent to the Crater by her husband Frank, who intended to emotionally break her so that she would no longer be a threat to the Church. However, Leslie was reunited with her mother Susan Ellerh and managed to put an end to her indoctrination, thus gaining an ally in the Crater. Leslie was eventually rescued from the Crater by her daughter Karolina.






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