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"На кого ты работаешь? На Лерментова, да? Он все еще думает, что мы должны через него продавать наш товар?[1]"
―Georgi Luchkov to Black Widow[src]

Lermentov is the weapons dealer who had an encounters with Georgi Luchkov.


"Скажи Лерментову, что он нам не нужен, чтобы продать танки. Скажи ему, что он выбыл.[2]"
―Georgi Luchkov to Black Widow[src]

Establishing illegal weapons business in Russia, Georgi Luchkov was confronted by another dealer Lermentov who insisted that Luchkov was bound to move his cargo through him. When Luchkov captured Black Widow and interrogated her, he believed that she works for Lermentov and ordered to tell him that now he is out of the business.[3]




  1. Translates from Russian to: "Who are you working for? Lermentov, yes? Does he think we have to go through him to move our cargo?"
  2. Translates from Russian to: "Tell Lermentov we don't need him to move the tanks. Tell him he is out."
  3. The Avengers