"You don't seem like the most sentimental guy, but you're still listening and that knife isn't in my neck, so I have to believe that right now, maybe, you and I are on the same side."
"You've got guts, Harvard. I'll give you that."
Foggy Nelson and Leon[src]

Leon is a member of the Dogs of Hell of New York City who provided Foggy Nelson with key information about his friend Smitty's murder at the hands of the Punisher.


Dogs of Hell

Threatening Foggy Nelson

"They were hit by a god damn army, the whole crew was cut to pieces, left there like roadkill."
"Any idea who did it?"
"Nah, new crew. Doesn't matter, whoever they are we're gonna find them, and when we do you want to be very far away from the action. You didn't hear none of this from me."
―Leon and Foggy Nelson[src]

Leon watches Foggy Nelson's questioning

While in the Dogs of Hell clubhouse in New York City, Leon witnessed the Tattooed Doorman bringing Foggy Nelson inside to meet with Jimmy the Bear, with Nelson claiming that he was there to speak to his old friend Smitty. Knowing that Smitty had been killed by the Punisher earlier that week, Jimmy had his men throw Nelson against the table and questioned him while Leon watched on. When Nelson admitted he was a lawyer at Nelson and Murdock, Jimmy ordered him out and told Leon to beat him up as punishment for coming in the first place.


Leon threatens to cut Foggy Nelson

Taking Nelson outside and threatening him with a sharp knife, Leon informed him that Smitty was dead, to which Nelson insisted that he did not know this. To make a case for himself, Nelson noted that he had once helped a biker named Pope, knowing this Leon told him to leave before he got hurt. Nelson continued to asked questions about Smitty however and in the end, Leon relented and explained that Smitty and his crew were gunned down seemingly by an army and then ordered Nelson to leave and never return.[1]


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