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"She's pretty handy. I think you got a future engineer on your hands."
"Yeah, well, I don't know who she gets it from. I'm useless. And David was brilliant, but I mean, never really got his hands dirty."
"Is that right?"
"Yeah, when when things would break, we'd call a guy."
"Hmm. Now, right, you don't need to call a guy anymore. You got Leo."
Pete Castiglione and Sarah Lieberman[src]

Leo Lieberman is the daughter of David and Sarah Lieberman.


Family Times

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Pete Castiglione

"Think you can pull that sucker out of there?"
"Yeah? Give it a wallop. Oh! Attagirl. Good job."
Pete Castiglione and Leo Lieberman[src]

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Suspicious Intruders

"Where's your daughter? Is she home or not?"
"No, uh, my daughter is spending the night at a friend's."
Jack and Sarah Lieberman[src]

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Lost and Afraid

"They took Mom and Zach. I don't know what to do."
"Yeah, I know what they did. I know you have no reason to trust me, but I'm the only hope you and your family have."
―Leo Lieberman and Frank Castle[src]

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Return to Family Life

"Do you have any queens?"
"Take 'em."
"Do you have any nines?"
"Go fish."
―Leo Lieberman, David Lieberman and Zach Lieberman[src]

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"It would have cost, like, 500 bucks if we went to a mechanic. More, if your insurance went up."
"No, I know. You're right, it was generous of him."
"So inviting him to dinner is a nice way to say thank you. It's just being polite."
"We barely even know the guy."
"Right, but you'll have him over to fix the car?"
"Okay. That's not... That's not fair. He insisted."
"All the more reason we should show our gratitude."
―Leo Lieberman and Sarah Lieberman[src]

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