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"She's pretty handy. I think you got a future engineer on your hands."
"Yeah, well, I don't know who she gets it from. I'm useless. And David was brilliant, but I mean, never really got his hands dirty."
"Is that right?"
"Yeah, when when things would break, we'd call a guy."
"Hmm. Now, right, you don't need to call a guy anymore. You got Leo."
Pete Castiglione and Sarah Lieberman[src]

Leo Lieberman is the daughter of David and Sarah Lieberman.


Family Times

Leo lived happily together with her brother and parents until her father was tracked down and apparently killed by Homeland Security because he had evidence of the illegal activities of Operation Cerberus.[2]


Pete Castiglione

"Think you can pull that sucker out of there?"
"Yeah? Give it a wallop. Oh! Attagirl. Good job."
Pete Castiglione and Leo Lieberman[src]

When Pete Castiglione helped the family, Leo found that good. He helped her fixing the garbage disposal, and a few days later, she assisted him in fixing the car lights. During that, she noticed that Zach had a skateboard which hadn't in the morning. When she asked him where he get it, he didn't give a proper answer. Inside, Leo convinced her mom to invite Pete to a dinner which he accepted, although he didn't show up. A few days later, Sarah confronted Zach because he stole the skateboard from his neighbor. Thinking that Leo snitched him, Zach slapped her in the face. He then claimed that even if she didn't snitch him this time, she will do it soon and Zach cracked the family photo before he went away.[3]

Suspicious Intruders

"Where's your daughter? Is she home or not?"
"No, my daughter is spending the night at a friend's."
Jack and Sarah Lieberman[src]

Leo is comforted by her mother

When the Castles' existence was revealed to the public, the family saw it on TV and Leo asked her Mom if "Pete" is really bad, she didn't know what to say. Later, Leo was doing her homework when she got a call. After she went upstairs to her bedroom, the door knocked and a "police officer" came in. He claims that they got a call from their address to the Frank Castle tip line, and Sarah realizes that Zach must have called, trying to pass it off as a mistake. The officer persists, however, refusing to leave and asking where Leo is. When Sarah sees Leo on the stairs, she indicates for her to stay upstairs and hide, then tells the man that she is staying at a friend's house. He says that for their protection, they should come with him, but when Sarah refuses, a brief fight occurs which results in the kidnapping of both. After the house was safe, Leo fled the scene.[4]

Lost and Afraid

"They took Mom and Zach. I don't know what to do."
"Yeah, I know what they did. I know you have no reason to trust me, but I'm the only hope you and your family have."
―Leo Lieberman and Frank Castle[src]

Following her escape, Lieberman walked through a park and got call on her phone. Picking it up, she heard the voice of Pete Castiglione, who instructed her to remove the SIM card from her phone and throw both it and the phone away to prevent being tracked and also advised her to go to a known playground and that he will pick her up. Once Lieberman arrived at the place, she expected Castiglione, but her father came. Once she realized who it was, Lieberman emerged from her hiding place and goes to hug him as her father promised that he would soon explain everything.[4]

Return to Family Life

"Do you have any queens?"
"Take 'em."
"Do you have any nines?"
"Go fish."
―Leo Lieberman, David Lieberman and Zach Lieberman[src]

Lieberman was taken to the Homeland Security Headquarters for her protection where her father talked to her, telling her that Sarah and Zach would be safe soon. As she asked her father what happened to him, he said that he was trying to protect her and that he hoped she would understand that at some point.

Soon after, Sarah and Zach were saved and the family except David waited in a room, because he needed a brief recovery from his second faked death. Once David entered the room, Sarah was overcome with emotion, angrily hitting him and shouting at him for having let them believe he was dead twice. David calmed her down and once she has let out her feelings, she hugged her husband, as Leo then joined the hug, and eventually so did Zach, finally embracing as a family again.

The family was later taken to a safehouse and the kids played a card game together with David until Sarah interrupted them to talk with him.

Many days later, the family were back in the Lieberman Residence as they were preparing a dinner to celebrate David's return. He finally entered the door and was kissed by Sarah and happily hugged by Leo and Zach.[5]


"It would have cost, like, 500 bucks if we went to a mechanic. More, if your insurance went up."
"No, I know. You're right, it was generous of him."
"So inviting him to dinner is a nice way to say thank you. It's just being polite."
"We barely even know the guy."
"Right, but you'll have him over to fix the car?"
"Okay. That's not... That's not fair. He insisted."
"All the more reason we should show our gratitude."
―Leo Lieberman and Sarah Lieberman[src]

Leo is a smart and kind kid. After her father's "death," she moved on from it. She sometimes blamed herself for little things like getting grades less than an A.







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