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"I find the only motivation people ever really need... is pain. And its proper application."
―Leo Fitz[src]

Agent Leopold James "Leo" Fitz was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who sought to rescue his girlfriend Jemma Simmons and his teammates from an apocalyptic future. With the help of ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Lance Hunter, Fitz found the team's abductor, a Chronicom named Enoch. Enoch helped Fitz freeze himself for 74 years to arrive in 2091, where he posed as Boshtok the Marauder to rescue his team and gain the trust of Kasius, the Kree who ruled over the destroyed Earth.

Fitz succeeded in returning to the present with his team, albeit some months after his team had been abducted. Fitz became engaged and married to Simmons, but during S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attempts to prevent the Destruction of Earth, he experienced a psychic split that caused his dark personality from the Framework to resurface. Their mission brought him into conflict with the last remaining major HYDRA group led by General Hale and the alien Confederacy. However, a new threat arose as their old ally Glenn Talbot infused himself with Gravitonium and became mad with power. during their final conflict against Talbot, while the team succeeded in preventing the destruction of Earth, Fitz sustained critical injuries during the city's evacuation and died of his wounds.

Despite Fitz's death, another version of him still existed in the timeline, frozen by Enoch so he could arrive in 2091 to save the team from a future that he himself already helped prevent. S.H.I.E.L.D. then set out to search for Fitz's alternate self, a mission that they would succeed in, reuniting the team.


Dystopian Future

Disguised as a Marauder

"We have a few days before we arrive at the Lighthouse, that should give me enough time to prepare you."
"Prepare me for what?"
"For facing off against some of the most ruthless and brutal mobsters, monsters, and mercenaries in the galaxy."
Enoch and Leo Fitz[src]

Fitz getting woken back up by Enoch

In the future of an alternate reality,[7] Fitz woke up from his cryo-sleep after 74 years. Enoch, who had been waiting for him, then teased Fitz's upcoming mission to save his friends and then said it was time to begin his training.[8] Fitz eventually learned that while he slept, the Earth was blown apart, and the remains of humanity were living as slaves ruled by the Kree led by Kasius.

Fitz reveals himself on the Lighthouse

Later, as Kasius was on the verge of opening a demonstration of Inhumans' powers for his potential customers so that Quake could show her potential, Fitz intervened, revealing his presence on the Lighthouse, and declared that Quake should fight to the death.[9]

Reunited with Simmons

Fitz proposes to a deaf Jemma Simmons

"The universe can't stop us. 'Cause we've crossed galaxies. We've traveled through time. We've survived the bottom of the Atlantic just so we could be together. Now, a love like that... that's stronger than any curse. And you and I... we are unstoppable together. I... I don't want to live another day without you. So, Jemma Simmons, will you marry me?"
―Leo Fitz to Jemma Simmons[src]

After Kasius' inaugural speech, Enoch told Fitz about the other attendees and about how they all viewed him as a formidable Marauder known as Boshtok. Fitz then saw Jemma Simmons and walked over to her while she turned his back to him. After telling her to pretend she did not hear him, Fitz once again confessed his love for her and eventually proposed to her. However, Fitz figured out that Simmons could not hear him and asked Kasius about the reason, prompting Kasius to turn off Simmons' Silencing Implant.

Fitz having dinner with Kasius

Later, Fitz had dinner with Kasius and the rest of the potential bidders, where he engaged in conversation with several of the participants in the demonstration. Fitz impressed Kasius with his comments about using Inhumans for a death battle. When asked by Gaius Ponarian to try the Xandarian snail, Fitz declined the offer saying that only slimy people eat something so moist. During the dinner, Fitz eyed Simmons, where she showed him discretely that she had taken a knife from the table.

Fitz watches Melinda May's fight

After the dinner, the fight began and Kasius escorted the bidders into an overlook, where Kasius and Fitz sat next to each other. Kasius then announced the first fight, which was between Ben and Melinda May. During the fight, Fitz and Kasius talked about their difficult relationships with their respective fathers. As May had trouble fighting Ben, Fitz exclaimed that he was bored and demanded to see The Destroyer of Worlds fight. Kasius assured him it would happen, and Fitz told Kasius to send May to the surface, which he complied.

Fitz watching the executing of Ben

After the first fight, Fitz returned to the hall, where it was assumed the bidding would begin on Ben. However, Kasius revealed that he knew Ben had previously lied to him, which was punishable by death. Despite Fitz's and Daisy Johnson's protest, Kasius had Sinara kill Ben with her Kree Spheres. Later, down a hallway, Fitz saw Simmons, where she stopped to stare at him. Fitz was about to approach her when another one of Kasius' servant girls walked over to Simmons and told her to go with her. Enoch, in turn, approached Fitz and told him that Kasius' brother Faulnak had come to the demonstration to bid on Johnson, which endangered their plan of purchasing her.

Fitz and Jemma Simmons are reunited

Fitz attended the second fight: Johnson versus Sinara. Sinara was ultimately defeated and Fitz seized this opportunity to punch Gaius Ponarian in his face and disable the barrier between the arena and the gallery, then pointing the weapon at the others in the room. Simmons had launched forward during this and cut Kasius' left cheek. Daisy then launched herself up, using her powers, and prepared to attack Faulnak, when he disabled her abilities and she went crashing to the floor. Moving forward, Fitz saw this and began shooting at the bidders and jumped into the arena, reactivating the barrier in the process to keep the bidders from following him. Finally fully reunited with Simmons, the two shared a passionate kiss and Simmons asked Fitz to marry her, to which Fitz immediately and fully agreed. Fitz, Simmons, and Johnson then left the Arena, after Fitz shot Sinara and another Kree guard.[1]

To The Surface

Fitz witnessing his ship being destroyed

"I feel like I'm not getting enough credit here. I have traveled through time and space to find you. I think we're moving past that bit a little bit too quickly."
―Leo Fitz to S.H.I.E.L.D.[src]

Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Quake made their way through Kasius' suites until Simmons had to stop due to the Kree messing with her Silencing Implant. Fitz managed to extract it while Quake took down a Kree guard. Fitz intended to take his friends to the Chronicom Vessel he had used to come to the Lighthouse, but the spaceship was destroyed by the Kree, leaving them with no escape. They reached an elevator, hoping to find the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team, but the elevator was stopped by Maston-Dar, forcing them to escape through the elevator shaft.

Fitz is helped by Jemma Simmons

They arrived in the room where the artificial gravity of the Lighthouse was created with Gravitonium when Maston-Dar found them and shot Fitz with his machine gun, wounding him. They still managed to escape after Quake briefly fought Maston-Dar. Hiding elsewhere in the Lighthouse, they were found once again, this time by Deke Shaw. While Quake and Shaw argued about the latter's betrayal, Simmons tended to Fitz's wounds. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents then reluctantly agreed to follow Shaw. Together, they fled to the Salvage, where Fitz was reunited with the rest of his friends, much to their enjoyment. After rescuing Flint from the Kree Watch, they were surrounded by Kree led by Maston-Dar and Sinara and figured out that the only place to go was the surface of the Earth.

Fitz about to use the Gravity Puck

The team, starting with Fitz and Simmons using Shaw's Gravity Puck to create a gravity well to reach the Trawler. However, Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez and Flint decided to remain behind to protect the inhabitants of the Lighthouse. Thus, Fitz told them about the secret cache where he had stored some S.H.I.E.L.D. weapons before entering cryo-sleep. Fitz and Simmons sat together in the Trawler and expressed their desire to have some peaceful time alone. Suddenly, they began to lose control over the Trawler and prepared for a crash landing.[2]

Reunion with Robin Hinton

Fitz arrives on the Zephyr One

"To me, Robin was a little girl only days ago."
―Leo Fitz[src]

After the Trawler crashed onto the surface of the Earth, Fitz and the others were rescued by the True Believers who took them to the remnants of the Zephyr One, and Fitz was amazed to see that his designs had endured time so well. Fitz and Jemma Simmons met with a now elderly Robin Hinton and tried to get answers from her, but to no avail as Robin still had a hard time distinguish the different times. They went to explore the plane further and found a strange mechanism and Samuel Voss told them that it had been built by Owen Shaw to bring the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents from the past. Fitz and Simmons remained alone in the room and finally enjoyed some privacy together.

Fitz and Jemma Simmons enjoy each other

Later, while Fitz and Simmons were examining Daisy Johnson to determine whether they could remove her Inhuman Control Device, Phil Coulson and Melinda May revealed that they had found a fragment of the Time Di'Alla. Fitz figured out that the piece fitted into the strange mechanism they had found and they decided to ask Robin about the whereabouts of other fragments. Fitz and Simmons studied the mechanism further and when Fitz tried to get out to report their findings to the others, he discovered that the door had been locked.

Fitz mourns the loss of Robin Hinton

Indeed, the True Believers had turned against them and intended to keep them from returning in the past, believing that by doing so Quake would not destroy the Earth. S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to defeat the True Believers, but Robin was killed by Voss during the fight, leaving them with less answers than ever. They mourned their loss and May told them that Robin had told her the key to their return in their time: Flint.[10]

Constructing the Time Di'Alla

Fitz repairing the Zephyr One

"Unless someone else just happened to come up with the exact same idea... we did this... in the past... after we've lived this moment."
"Yeah, the causal loop paradox. We'd only know how to design it because we'd already seen it."
―Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Fitz and Jemma Simmons worked on repairing the Zephyr One with the intent of flying it back to the Lighthouse. However, the task proved to be difficult as the plane was damaged and had not been used for years. Fitz and Simmons discovered that the Zephyr One had been modified by Fitz's designs he never had the chance to put into practice and they found what was powering the plane: Gravitonium, an element which could have had a role in the Destruction of Earth. Fitz, the fact that his designs had ultimately been used meant that they were trapped in a time loop paradox and that they would not succeed in saving the world, although Simmons disagreed.

Fitz during the gravity storm

The S.H.I.E.L.D. team tried to take off as the gravity storm approached, but the engines were too damaged. Simmons and Fitz suggested to use the gravity storm and the Gravitonium-based thrusters of the plane to fly anyway, to which the others agreed even if this plan was highly dangerous. Although the grounding anchors initially got stuck, Melinda May was finally able to take off the plane. Fitz signaled to May when she had to activate the thrusters and the plane stabilized into the outer space. Once in space, Fitz and Simmons requested the shard of the Time Di'Alla from Deke Shaw so that they could split it in half and use the two fragments to return to their time.[11]

Fitz arriving at the Lighthouse

The team then made it to the Lighthouse where they continued their plan to construct the Time Di'Alla. Fitz and Jemma Simmons then headed off to give Flint the Time Di'Alla shard, which would allow for them to return to their time.

Fitz activates his beheading trap

The two found Flint who was with Alphonso Mackenzie, and the group began to start the construction process. When Flint began to doubt himself, while Simmons explained Flint how to master his powers so he could built another Time Di'Alla, Fitz rigged the place with a trap should the Kree Watch find them. When three Kree guards arrived, Fitz activated his trap, which beheaded them instantly much to Simmons' discomfort.

Fitz prepares to go back to the present

As Flint began forming rocks in space, Fitz, Simmons and Mackenzie made their way to the suites, where they rescued Ava as Flint killed the Kree Watch including Hek-Sel. Fitz apologized to Mackenzie for having killed the Kree guards under his eyes. When Mackenzie remarked that asking Flint to kill other guards did not help, Fitz noticed that his was his fiancée's idea, revealing their engagement to Mackenzie. The team was joined by Phil Coulson, Melinda May and an unconscious Daisy Johnson.

Fitz ready to return to 2017

Flint then began to construct the Time Di'Alla, when Deke Shaw called them and informed them that Enoch had decided to sacrifice himself to have the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents return to their time and that they needed to activate the machine. Fitz asked Enoch to hold on a little longer as Mackenzie, Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez were still missing. Eventually, they returned just in time and the Time Di'Alla was activated, sending Fitz and the others back into the present.[12]

Return to the Present

Retrieving the Kree Orb

Fitz returns to the present

"It takes you through time, but to the same place. I've been here before with Enoch. We made it."
―Leo Fitz[src]

The team all arrived back on Earth in 2017 where they found themselves still in the Lighthouse. The team took a moment to celebrate their return, but soon greeted by a pre-recorded message by General Rick Stoner, informing them of the purpose of the Lighthouse. Fitz and Melinda May searched the place for means of communication and discovered three Monoliths stored in secure boxes. They also encountered Noah, another Chronicom, who explained that the Monoliths' origin was unknown.

Fitz looking at a transmission signal

The team then gathered together again when they were informed by Noah, who explained to Fitz and the others that he was monitoring all of Earth activities. Upon noticing footage with beams of light seemingly coming from the sky, which was something Samuel Voss warned them about, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team decided to investigate the St. Louis Aerospace Facility. Using secret tunnels, they arrive in the city of River's End where they borrow a van. After a safe travel, albeit crowded and despite a police encounter, Fitz took his friends to where he left the Zephyr One.

Fitz heads to the Zephyr One's location

The team, minus Daisy Johnson, made their way through the tunnels that led them to River's End. Once there the team took a moment to enjoy the environment after being trapped in space with a destroyed Earth for a while. The team manage to hijack a minibus and headed to where Fitz had left a cloaked Zephyr One. As they drove, the team recounted on the numerous situations they have encountered during their time in S.H.I.E.L.D..

Fitz and Jemma Simmons analyze the signal

They were soon approached by a police officer, but were not arrested, so they continued on their mission. They was able to locate the Zephyr One and use it to take of where they had discovered the location of the signal and that it was being sent from Earth. They also discovered that the beacon sending the signal was the same one that Hive used to summon the Kree.[13]

Fitz and Simmons examines the Kree Orb

The team arrive at St. Louis Aerospace Facility to attempt to stop the signal. They then broke through the firewall where the came across Piper who explained that she had come to investigate and stop the Kree Orb as well. Fitz and Simmons studied the Kree artifact, but it activated once again. Fitz further examined the orb and found a man-made timer which had been implanted after the orb was reclaimed. At this moment, Piper drew her gun and pointed it at the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, revealing she had actually struck a deal with General Hale to make the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents come as an armed squad invaded the facility.

Fitz is order to take the Kree Orb

Although Piper claimed that the squad were not there to hurt them, their leader, a masked feminine figure, ordered to kill them all. As the fight revealed that their opponents were revealed to be androids, Phil Coulson convinced Piper to help them, enabling Fitz and Simmons to take the Kree Orb. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents managed to retreat to the Zephyr One, but Yo-Yo Rodriguez was heavily wounded, her arms being cut off by Ruby Hale. Fitz and the rest of the team returned to the Lighthouse, where they discovered the presence of Deke Shaw.

Fitz stores the Kree Orb in the Lighthouse

Fitz, Noah and Daisy Johnson took the Kree Orb to the Lighthouse secure storage room, where the Monoliths were kept as well. They kept studying the artifact, but Noah noticed that it was heating up. Figuring out that the Kree Orb was rigged to explode, Noah told Fitz and Johnson to leave right before the explosion, which only slightly wounded Fitz.[13]

Discovering the Fear Dimension

Fitz discovering the Fear Dimension

"We can't just let him die! How do you not have a better plan?"
"One life's better than two. That's simple mathematics, Daisy."
"There are no acceptable losses. This isn't HYDRA, Leopold."
Daisy Johnson and Leo Fitz[src]

Fitz sent D.W.A.R.F.s to the floor where the Kree Orb had exploded to assess the damage caused by the blast, notably on the Monoliths. Although his drones were destroyed, Fitz managed to review the video feed on and one of them he saw an image of Lash, who was supposed to be dead. He also discovered an entire forest which had manifested on Level 27 of the Lighthouse. Further reviewing the feed, Fitz explained to his S.H.I.E.L.D. colleagues that the explosion of the Monoliths had caused a tear in spacetime which could have a role in the Destruction of Earth.

Fitz explaining the apparent dimensional rift

Fitz elaborated on his discovery, stating that the rift exposed their world to what he called a Fear Dimension, which generated recreations of the S.H.I.E.L.D.'s agents greatest fears: Lash was manifested out of Melinda May's mind, the forest out of Deke Shaw's who found this vision terrifying and a Kree Warrior out of Daisy Johnson's. Fitz, who feared that the phenomenon could spread outside the Lighthouse, came up with a plan to contain it: using the Gravitonium contained in Shaw's Gravity Puck to craft a Gravity Containment Device. However, this device had to be placed right in the rift, putting the life of the one holding it in great danger.

Fitz arguing with the rest of the team

This led to an argument between the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Indeed, Phil Coulson volunteered for the mission, which the others strongly disagreed. Fitz suggested sending out Piper, as she had betrayed them and was willing to do anything to make amends for it, but his idea was rejected. As Johnson and Coulson kept arguing in front of Fitz and May, Coulson suddenly had a respiratory distress which made him collapse on the ground. Fitz and the others then ran to find Jemma Simmons for help.

Fitz learning Phil Coulson is dying

Fitz waited with the others S.H.I.E.L.D. agents for Simmons' diagnosis. Simmons explained that the old deadly wound Coulson had suffered during the Battle of New York had festered and that the flesh went necrotic. Coulson explained that this was due to his possession by the Spirit of Vengeance when he defeated Aida and that he was dying. Johnson angrily left, followed by Coulson, leaving Fitz and the others saddened by the reveal and the fact that there was nothing they could do about it.

Fitz discussing the Fear Dimension

Nonetheless, Coulson insisted on performing the mission. Fitz provided Coulson with a hazmat suit, a gas mask, a gun and the Gravity Containment Device and explained Coulson what he had to do, warning him one more time about the dangers of the Fear Dimension. Before Coulson departed, Coulson had Fitz promising that no matter what happened, he and Simmons would get married. At first, Fitz dismissed the idea, claiming that this was only a symbol and would not change anything, but upon seeing Coulson insisting as it would give hope to the others, Fitz nodded.

Fitz waiting in the Lighthouse's control room

Fitz joined the others in the Lighthouse's control room. As Coulson seemed to be in trouble, Johnson was in favor of going and helping him, but Fitz advised her against it, claiming that they could not afford to lose two people instead of one. As they kept following Coulson's progression, they received an alarm indicating that an aircraft was incoming, and it turned out to be Shaw bringing S.H.I.E.L.D. reinforcements, including Deathlok, who went down and successfully helped Coulson to carry on the mission.[14]

Long Expected Marriage

Fitz ready to marry Jemma Simmons

"I've been thinking about what to say, uh, just words don't really seem enough. I think that you are perfect and um, I don't deserve you, Jemma. I don't. I don't deserve you. And I'm well aware that I'm the luckiest man on any planet."
―Leo Fitz to Jemma Simmons[src]

With the Fear Dimension momentarily contained and the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents being relatively safe in the Lighthouse, Fitz decided to keep his promise of marrying Jemma Simmons. He took the elevator down with Phil Coulson and Deke Shaw to the artificially generated forest. While in the elevator, Fitz kept discussing about the arrival of Deathlok and the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents until Coulson asked him whether he was playing for time, as the elevator had arrived to their destination for a minute. Coulson then told Fitz that his wedding would be a great moment.

Fitz finally marries Jemma Simmons

Fitz got out of the elevator and joined his bride, who he said looked stunning in her wedding dress. Coulson then proceeded on celebrating the wedding, assuming that it was a long expected moment. Fitz and Simmons exchanged their vows and Fitz told Simmons that she was perfect and that he was well aware of his luck of having found such an ideal person who he thought he did not even deserve. Fitz then put a ring on Simmons' hand, officially marrying her. The two then tenderly kissed while their friends happily cheered around them.[14]

The Gravitonium Threat

Quest for Gravitonium

Fitz listens to Daisy Johnson's briefing

"He never stops. It's like somebody let Scrappy-Doo in here."
"You can't be so hard on him. We both know what it's like to be pulled into a strange world. Plus, he has exquisite taste in wedding rings."
"Can you believe that we're married... wife?"
―Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Fitz informed Phil Coulson that the Gravity Containment Device they had used on the Fear Dimension rift was not resistant enough, meaning that they needed more Gravitonium to craft an upgraded version of the device. Fitz joined a briefing held by Daisy Johnson who had investigated Cybertek, as they had previously possessed Gravitonium. During the briefing, Fitz noticed the presence of Deke Shaw, which annoyed him.

Fitz getting frustrated with Deke Shaw

While the rest of the team left the Lighthouse in search for Dr. Joseph Getty, Fitz remained with Shaw, much to his annoyance as Shaw when to get a baseball and trying to convince Fitz to play catch with him by quoting Albert Einstein. Which Fitz at first refused, when Shaw made a joke about him and Simmons having some along time, this causes Fitz to break and tell him they he would play fetch with Shaw. Before they could start playing, Fitz received an alarm indicating that the Fear Dimension had become more active, meaning that recreations could be manifested. Fitz warned the people in the Lighthouse before going back to work.

Fitz and Jemma Simmons as a married couple

The team called Fitz to report the results of their interview with Getty, who mentioned the Principia, a ship which had sunk with a cargo of Gravitonium, but Fitz could not locate the ship. Once the call was ended, Fitz is joined by Jemma Simmons who comforts him. Fitz now getting frustrated with Shaw, which causes Shaw to leave the room. Fitz is told by Simmons to go easy on Shaw due to what he was experiencing. The two then began to commemorate their recent marriage by jokingly calling each other "husband" and "wife." Simmons then suggested that they should hyphen their names, only to realize that Simmons-Fitz sounded awkward.

Fitz searches for the Principia

Shaw eventually returned to the control room, telling Fitz that he should look for the Principia in the sky and not in the abyss. Which Fitz mistaken Shaw, when he progressively realized that he might be right after all. Fitz along with Shaw and Simmons, Fitz designed an algorithm to locate the ship which had been sent in the air when the Gravitonium was loaded with a lightning strike. Thanks to their work, S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to find the Principia.

Fitz having an awkward moment with Shaw

Fitz monitored S.H.I.E.L.D.'s infiltration into the Principia, explaining to the team how the ship could fly in the air. At first, the search for Gravitonium appeared unsuccessful, but the team eventually found a small quantity which would be enough for Fitz. Fitz witnessed the team's fight against Sleeper Mechs and later welcomed them as they returned to the Lighthouse. Coulson handed over the Gravitonium to Fitz, who took it and instructed Shaw to come with him, trying to get along with the man who, unbeknownst to him, was his own grandson.[3]

Psychic Split

Fitz attacked by Fear Manifestation

"You had a psychic split. But that dark persona, that's not you."
"It is me. It's not an apparition. It's not some evil doppelganger. It... was... me."
Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Fitz and Jemma Simmons began working on a new Gravity Containment Device to help seal the rift from the Fear Dimension. During a talk with Simmons, Fitz expressed his annoyance at the Fear Dimension and wished for it to have been a 'wish dimension' instead. Around this time, Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie began creating cybernetic arms for Yo-Yo Rodriguez. While talking with Simmons, an astronaut attacked her but Simmons eventually shot the astronaut until it turned to dust.

The Doctor knocking out Deke Shaw

Fitz, Simmons, Daisy Johnson and Deke Shaw gathered in the control room of the Lighthouse where they brainstormed ideas to close the rift. The group decided to take a look at the old notes of Franklin Hall to better understand the properties of Gravitonium, where Fitz and Simmons went to take a look in the database. Fitz is found by Shaw, who informed him that they captured Hale. Fitz didn't respond to Shaw's news or attempt at humor, when Fitz is offered help by Shaw with the Sleeper Mech, Fitz still didn't respond. Fitz was doing the opposite of what he was supposed to, which Shaw pick up on, when Fitz knock Shaw unconscious after he suffered a mental break and became his Framework persona "The Doctor".

Fitz is confronted by The Doctor

Later, while in the control room with Johnson, Fitz expressed his annoyance in not being able to find anything in Dr. Hall's notes, which resulted in a small, yet violent, outburst from him. Johnson tried to get him to calm down but left when two cameras had gone down ten levels below control. After Johnson left, Fitz began to talk to himself until The Doctor appeared to Fitz, who believed the Doctor to be a recreation from the Fear Dimension. The Doctor claimed to be here to do what Fitz could not before Fitz heard a gunshot and Simmons calling for help. Fitz ran into the medical station where Simmons, Mackenzie, and Rodriguez who had been attacked by a Sleeper Mech. Here, Fitz revealed that The Doctor was in the base.

The Doctor captures Daisy Johnson

Fitz ran in search of Johnson and found her strapped to an operating table after she had been captured by another Sleeper Mech sent by The Doctor, who intended on removing her Inhuman Control Device, calling it the only way to compress the Gravitonium and thus seal the Fear Dimension. Fitz entered the room and as he and The Doctor argued over the latter's actions, Johnson asked who Fitz was talking to, just before Simmons burst into the room. Johnson, Simmons, and Fitz himself discovered that The Doctor was not a recreation from the Fear Dimension: the dark personality resurfaced from times to times and took control of Fitz, making him capture and hurt Johnson.

Fitz removes Daisy Johnson's control device

Despite Simmons' protests, Fitz stated that he had to continue what The Doctor had started. The Sleeper Mech then came into the room, holding Shaw and Simmons at gunpoint. Fitz then leaned on Johnson and painfully removed her inhibitor, despite Simmons urging him to reconsider due to the risks for both the Earth and Johnson herself. As Fitz extracted the inhibitor, Johnson told Fitz that she would never forgive him, to which Fitz replied that she would not be the only one. Once the device removed, Fitz instructed Johnson to use her powers to compress the gravitonium into the Gravity Containment Device so they could finally, once and for all, seal the rift.

Fitz and Jemma Simmons discuss his actions

When the rift was closed, Fitz was locked up by Johnson and visited by Simmons. The two began to talk, Simmons pointing out that Fitz had suffered a psychic split due to his prior brain injury, and that The Doctor was not actually him, to which Fitz replied that he was. Fitz then expressed that he believed he had done the right thing, and Simmons agreeing with him, much to his surprise. Simmons then left Fitz after talk about the uncertain future of their marriage.[15]

The Invincible Three

Fitz is asked by Melinda May for help

"I don't feel good about it, either, but in a few hours, the town up there would've been affected, as well, so... I'm sorry. I don't need your forgiveness. I just need you to trust me."
"You are not leaving this room. You are HYDRA."
"Well, that's an advantage. I salute the same flag as those people."
―Leo Fitz and Daisy Johnson[src]

Fitz was visited in his cell by Melinda May, who was trying to locate Phil Coulson after he was captured by General Hale. Fitz was given all the intel gathered by May and Daisy Johnson about Hale and May asked him about any potential insight, even coming from his darker self. Fitz studied the documents and correctly inferred that Hale might have been looking for a HYDRA weapon she intended to use with Gravitonium. Knowing that S.H.I.E.L.D. needed all the help they could to find Coulson, Fitz suggested being temporarily released so he could perform some research on the matter.

Fitz argues with Daisy Johnson

However, Johnson, who had been eavesdropping all along, burst into the cell and categorically refused to let Fitz out. Fitz is put in an argument with Johnson about the former's actions, which he did not regret, causing Johnson to use her powers to throw Fitz against the wall. When Johnson called him a HYDRA agent and claimed that S.H.I.E.L.D. agents did not turn on each other, Fitz blatantly noted that Johnson had turned on S.H.I.E.L.D. on several occasions, which caused Johnson to angrily leave.

Fitz learns that Deke Shaw is his grandson

Later, Fitz was visited by Jemma Simmons, who wanted to talk about their relationship. Fitz feared that Simmons would be driven away from him but Simmons reassured him, revealing the truth about Deke Shaw's lineage by presenting two versions of the same tool: one belonging to Fitz and the other belonging to Shaw who had obtained it through his grandfather. As Fitz, astonished, processed the reveal, Simmons explained to him that Shaw's existence proved that they would survive anything and that they were invincible.[16]

Fitz and Deke Shaw both accepting the truth

Fitz was soon visited by Shaw his grandson, Fitz revealed that he had a hard time digesting the fact that Shaw was his grandson as there was lack of anything common between them and he liked Flint better. Fitz is reminded by Shaw that his sentiment by reminding him of the time he had a Sleeper Mech threaten him with a gun, to which Fitz said that he didn't want to do it.

Fitz talking about his psychic split

Fitz was surprised to hear from Shaw that he has grown some respect for removing the Inhuman Control Device from Johnson claiming that Fitz had done exactly what Shaw had based his whole life upon playing on the long game, which was the resemblance between Fitz and his grandson. Fitz is told by Shaw that when Johnson was still mad at him for selling her to Kasius, he believed he had to make the tough call to insure everyone's survival, which Fitz partly understood. Shaw informed Fitz after remarking that Johnson had become somehow rigid following Coulson's disappearance, something Fitz agreed to as he was still locked up in his cell.

Fitz listerning to Jemma Simmons' plan

Nevertheless, Fitz soon got an opportunity to get out of his cell. Indeed, Simmons took Yo-Yo Rodriguez to him. Much like Simmons, Rodriguez believed she could survive anything as she had seen herself in the future. Therefore, Simmons suggested that they, the "Invincible Three", left the Lighthouse to investigate the HYDRA weapon mentioned by Fitz. Although Rodriguez agreed, she warned them that Alphonso Mackenzie, who was in charge since both Coulson and Johnson were away, would never agree to let either Fitz or Rodriguez leave the base. Simmons and Rodriguez then left Fitz to work on their escape plan.

Fitz watches helplessly at Jemma Simmons

Simmons and Rodriguez came back to Fitz's cell, accompanied by Mackenzie. Fitz would learn of Simmons' plan, where they had set up an experiment to convince Mackenzie that she indeed could not be killed: four beakers, one filled with toxic phosphoric acid compound and three with water, which she intended to drink, believing that there was no chance of her drinking the wrong beaker. Fitz rejected the plan, fearing to lose his wife and trying to convince her not to go along with her experiment.

Fitz is successfully freed by Jemma Simmons

Despite Fitz and Mackenzie's worries about Simmons, she would proceed with her experiment and was able to drink the first two beakers. When she selected the third beaker, she collapsed on the ground, seemingly poisoned. Fitz demanded to be released so he could fetch some drugs to try and save Simmons, which Mackenzie agreed and unlocked the door and Fitz ran away to get the medicines. However Simmons and Rodriguez tricked Mackenzie allowing them to lock him to be trap in the room, letting the three escape. When Fitz returned, finding out it was a trick, Simmons revealed that there was actually a poisonous beaker, adding to her belief of invincibility. The three then made their way to a Quinjet and headed off to one of three locations where the HYDRA weapon could be.[4]


Fitz and Simmons jump out of the Quinjet

"There's always a chance that we've tried this before."
"More than a chance. Previous selves probably came here, made all the same decisions, still failed to change the timeline."
Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Fitz, Jemma Simmons and Yo-Yo Rodriguez took their Quinjet over the England region of Herefordshire. Fitz and Simmons casually discussed over their honeymoon, mentioning England as a possible destination. They then strapped their parachutes, with Simmons noticing that Fitz had gotten more experienced with it since the time he had tried to save her from a deadly fall years ago. They then jumped over the aircraft to reach the HYDRA Herefordshire Facility.

Fitz arriving in Herefordshire, England

As they approached the facility, as they discovered a radio frequency present which turned out to be Anton Ivanov and a fleet of Sleeper Mechs. They then made their way into the facility, having to take extra precaution in doing so, until they came across Ivanov, who they were able to distract with some explosions going off outside that they had set up. When Simmons noticed a hidden room behind a wall which was where they found the weapon. As they destroyed the weapons, they began to doubt themselves, believing they had probably already attempted this in another timeline and were never successful. They then asked Rodriguez about what she discovered from talking to her future self, which was that they need to let Phil Coulson die.

Fitz and Simmons fight the Sleeper Mechs

Just then, a group of Mechs attempted to break in so Rodriguez went to disarm the Mechs, but was unable to due to her new arms not being able to handle the speed. They were then left with no other option but to fight off the Mechs. Due to making a new rule never to leave each others side, Fitz and Simmons decide to stay and let Rodriguez to get out and call for backup from the Quinjet. Fitz and Simmons then forted themselves in the room and began to face off against the incoming Mechs.

Fitz and Jemma Simmons comfort each other

They soon became overwhelmed by Mechs coming from both ends as they had nearly exhausted their ammunition, but the two stilled had faith that they would make it. They then completely exhausted their ammunition, causing remaining Mechs to approach them as they held each other in the potential final moments, which were short lived by the Mechs suddenly shutting down due to Ivanov being defeated by Rodriguez.

Fitz is forced to build the Chamber

They then inspected the Mechs as they discussed their fortunate survival, which altered their previous belief of being invincible. Suddenly, a Chakram was thrown at them, hitting the table, which was revealed to be thrown by Ruby Hale accompanied by Werner von Strucker. They discovered that they had destroyed a component to the weapon, stopping them from transferring the Gravitonium, Fitz was then ordered to repair the chamber in exchange for Simmons' life, and he admitted that he had no choice but to comply, and actually never had one.[17]

Repairing the Chamber

Fitz repairing the Particle Infusion Chamber

"Let her go. You want this machine fixed, I need her help. Please. I'm engineering. She's biotech. We're a team."
―Leo Fitz to Ruby Hale[src]

Fitz was forced to work on the damaged components of the Particle Infusion Chamber, while Jemma Simmons was then tied up and threatened by Ruby Hale. Fitz then told Ruby to stop threatening Simmons and that he needed her in order to repair the component. Ruby freed Simmons and the two began to work on the component.

Fitz comforted a freed Jemma Simmons

Fitz and Simmons would try to warn Ruby about what would happen if she goes through with her plan, but she didn't care. Werner von Strucker, who had reactivated the Sleeper Mechs and found the body of Anton Ivanov. Fitz and Simmons watched as the Gravitonium was brought into the room and took advantage of their enemies' distraction to discuss their options, although they could not consider losing each other trying to stop Hale. Thus, they resolved to work as slowly as possible awaiting for backup, even with Ruby urging them to complete their job faster.

Fitz reluctantly repairs the Chamber

As they continued to repair the chamber, Ruby started to get frustrated with the pace of their work, when Fitz was threatened by Strucker, when Fitz tried to defend Simmons, but Ruby then started to brutally punch him, as Simmons was forced to watch until she begged her to stop. Strucker noticed that the component had been improperly fixed, causing Ruby to get anger and consider killing Simmons. Fitz then tried to defend Simmons, but Ruby then started to brutally punch him, as Simmons was forced to watch. Which Simmons begged her to stop, saying that they will fix the error, which Ruby told Fitz that their next mistake would cost Simmons' life. They then returned to repairing the chamber, now having to fix it properly and faster. Ruby then went to threaten to cut their limbs, but Fitz told her that they were finished.

Fitz is threatened by Ruby Hale

Strucker then turned on the chamber as which they warned Ruby that the Gravitonium is not easy to manipulate. They Gravitonium successfully transferred into the chamber and Ruby went inside and began the infusion process. Fitz and Simmons then watched as Ruby screamed out in pain due to the infusion. Strucker then threatened Fitz and Simmons saying that they had sabotaged the chamber, but Hale along with Quake and Melinda May entered, telling him that it wasn't the chamber. They then shutdown the chamber, which had only infused 8% of Gravitonium.

Fitz observes an infused Ruby Hale

Ruby then exited the chamber, floating and began to lose control of herself, killing Strucker. Ruby then told them to put her back in the chamber to remove the voices, which they told her that they can't put her back in the chamber as it only works one way. Ruby then attacked the two, forcing them against a wall, but Hale stopped her. Fitz and Simmons then escaped with May as Quake and Hale stayed to try and calm Ruby down. They then ran into Rodriguez, who had returned from the Quinjet, realized that Quake was still in there. The three returned to find Ruby dead and Hale gone. Simmons checked on Rodriguez, whose arms were getting worse. Rodriguez then informed them that she had killed Ruby, believing that to have saved the world.[18]

Upgrading Zephyr One

Fitz listens to Phil Coulson's plan

"I am proof that you can move between them."
"Or... you're proof that we are in one timeline, in a loop – an infinite, intractable, unchangeable loop."
Deke Shaw and Leo Fitz[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. then returned to the Lighthouse where Phil Coulson informed everyone about their plan to destroy the Gravitonium, by throwing it into the sun. Fitz and Jemma Simmons had begun working on the Zephyr One so it would be applicable for space travel. They were still working on finding a way to extract Gravitonium to power the engines. The group then began to argue amongst themselves about Yo-Yo Rodriguez killing Ruby Hale, where Coulson then broke up the argument and ordered everyone to do their jobs.

Fitz listens to Deke Shaw's theory

Fitz, Simmons and Shaw returned to their lab and began extracting Gravitonium while Shaw began talking about the Multiverse theory and that he is proof of that. Fitz however believed that they were stuck in the one timeline in a loop, which Simmons hoped that they would break once they destroy the Gravitonium and save the world. They then gave Shaw the Gravitonium for him to protect whole he went to the Zephyr One, warning him that the Gravitonium is unpredictable.[5]

Siege of the Lighthouse

Fitz learns about the Remorath

"Sorry, Jemma. I never should've left your side."
"Wait. Deke... has he blinked out of existence?"
"No, he's still here."
"Then we're good."
―Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Moments later, an alien ship arrived over the Lighthouse and a few Remorath infiltrated the inside. After Deke Shaw had escaped from an attack, he informed everyone who they were and that there was no stopping them. Phil Coulson then ordered Fitz and Jemma Simmons to try and find a way to override the lockdown setting that Coulson had accidentally activated.

Fitz witnessing the death of Wahl

Fitz then found an analog override which required him to make a bypass, so Alphonso Mackenzie and Shaw went to get to the hangar while Simmons readied the Gravitonium for travel. Despite this going against their "Never Leaving Each Other's Side" rule, Fitz and Simmons knew that they had to do this, as they had no other option. As Fitz made his way to level 17, Simmons radioed him worrying if maybe they shouldn't have separated, but Fitz reassured her.

Fitz is saved by Shaw from all the Remorath

Fitz arrived to level 17, where he was saved by Shaw just in time to save him from a Remorath that just killed Agent Wahl. Fitz and Shaw retreated to where the override switch was, after Fitz was saved by Shaw after he used a fire extinguisher to distract Remorath. After the coast was clear, Fitz questioned Shaw what he was doing here, only for Shaw to remind Fitz that without him, he won't exist. There family reunion was cut short when they realized the Remorath destroyed the manual override, preventing them from escaping.

Fitz listerning to Jemma Simmons

When Coulson contacted everyone on the plan to stop the Remorath, Simmons revealed that she, Piper and James Davis couldn't move the Gravitonium via the stairs. Fitz informed her that Shaw believes he could get one of the elevators working and they could use that. While Shaw got to work fixing the elevator, Fitz informed everyone that the Remorath could be using an E.M.P. to disable all things electronic.

Fitz and Deke Shaw go upstairs in the elevator

Once Shaw got the elevator moving, Shaw worried about being stuck in the Lighthouse again and miss out on all the Earth has to offer. When Fitz made fun of his multiverse theory, Shaw told him to shut up. Fitz contacted Simmons and realized that splitting up was a mistake. When Simmons asked Fitz if Shaw had blinked out of existence, Fitz turned to Shaw and told her no. Reaching the control room level, the two met up with Mackenzie. When the Remorath reached the level, the trio ran towards the control room with the Remorath on their tale.

Fitz telling Shaw not to call him "Gramps"

Reaching the control room, everyone prepared for the fight that was about to begin. While Fitz and Melinda May got fires started so they could see when the Remorath shut the lights out, Fitz is called "Gramps" by Shaw which he assured him that he would protect the Gravitonium with his life from the Marauders. As Shaw about to head to a secure position, Fitz stopped him and told him to never call him Gramps again before walking off. Shaw just smirked to himself.

Fitz waits for the Remoraths' assault

Fitz armed himself with a gun and prepared for the imminent arrival of their enemies. During the ensuing battle, Fitz managed to keep his assailants at bay, but they were ultimately outnumbered as the Remorath resisted the bullets, causing S.H.I.E.L.D. to run out of ammunition. Nevertheless, Fitz survived the conflict thanks to the unexpected arrival of Glenn Talbot, who had infused himself with the Gravitonium and used his newfound abilities to slaughter all the Remorath. Fitz then watched in shock as Talbot took Coulson and himself out of the Lighthouse.[5]

Centipede Serum

Fitz repairing the Lighthouse's systems

"There are lots of instances in history where... where it was necessary to sacrifice the few, in order to save the lives of many."
"Of course, you'd say that."
"Ruby was dangerous, and it got complicated, and that is just the way it was. So, I'm sorry, if that doesn't fit whatever narrative that you've built for yourself."
―Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

In the aftermath of the Siege of the Lighthouse, Fitz got to work repairing the Lighthouse's systems. While Fitz believed it would take forever to get the systems back online, When Deke Shaw repaired it in a few minutes, telling him he's used to working with technology of this time. Fitz tried to give his grandson a high five, only for Shaw to reject it, telling him it wasn't cool. Fitz looked over the systems, as Shaw is was pleased to breathe fresh air again. Fitz reminded him that being a S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent is full of risks, only for Shaw to rebut that he wasn't an agent, but still stuck around.

Fitz talks to Daisy Johnson over the comms

Fitz believed it was because Shaw had family at the Lighthouse in the form of him and Jemma Simmons, but he chuckled at that. Fitz in tern gave him a look, where Shaw assured him that he and Simmons were great grandparents and didn't think of them as disappointments. Before they could continue their conversation, Daisy Johnson contacted the Lighthouse, saying she was on her way back. Fitz attempted to answer, however, Shaw answered for him.

Fitz argues with Alphonso Mackenzie

Fitz would go to see Alphonso Mackenzie, who was implementing the new RCS thrusters in the Zephyr One. Fitz apologized for Mackenzie's brief lockup, but Mackenzie replied by reproaching Fitz with the events having caused Ruby Hale's death. Fitz would have an argument with Mackenzie about this sacrifice they had done to ensure the world's preservation. Fitz eventually got angry, claiming that Ruby was dangerous and that they had never meant for things to happen this way, but that it happened and they had to deal with it. Nevertheless, Mackenzie insisted that Fitz's way of thinking was wrong and that he needed to be somehow fixed.

Fitz and Simmons discuss creating a cure

Fitz would go to the lab, where Simmons was working on a way to combine a dose of Centipede Serum with Jiaying's DNA. He announced to Simmons that the Zephyr One had successfully made it to space, and Simmons assured him that it was thanks to his design. Fitz was then asked by Simmons if he okay not being in the control room to help, but Fitz said it was better off that way. He wondered whether Johnson's request actually was a good idea, but Simmons remained reluctant to address the matter.[19]

Fitz discusses changing the timeline

The two continued toward on the cure, still unsure about doing it as they didn't think Johnson's plan would work. They then ran another simulation on the procedure as they weren't comfortable with doing it. As they ran through the simulation, they expressed doubt due to what they were told from Yo-Yo Rodriguez, that saving Phil Coulson is how they lose. Which led to Fitz informing Simmons on a theory that if Coulson didn't die, then they wouldn't lose, changing the timeline.

Fitz thinks about a way to stop Glenn Talbot

They then went back into extracting a cure, now in belief that they can save Coulson and the world. Fitz is told by Simmons that they have was done, and they had successfully found a way to create the cure. Alphonso Mackenzie then arrived, and when they informed him of their plan. He then told them about Glenn Talbot, who had begun killing people. He then asked if there was a way for them to reverse what had been done to him, which Fitz would say that they would work it out.

Fitz trying to reverse the Gravitonium

They then began to work on a way to reverse the effects of the Gravitonium, which came to be inconclusive. Fitz struggling to find a way to cancel the effects of the Gravitonium which had infused in Talbot, which Fitz is told by Simmons that the cure, would be synthesized in a few days. This then caused the two to to reminisce about how the Centipede Serum was the start of their missions as a team, and that know it is how they will cure Coulson. They then started to discuss how they could stop Talbot, which using a combination of the Centipede Serum and the Odium. However, they realized that it still wouldn't be strong enough to kill him.[20]

Heroic Death

Fitz is faced with a tough decision

"You did good, Turbo. You did really good."
"Okay... Hey, Mack... I think my legs are broken."
"You've been through worse."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Leo Fitz[src]

When they arrived, they discovered that Phil Coulson had collapsed, taking him straight to the med lab. The team was given an update by Jemma Simmons, who informed the group that Coulson was not going to die as of yet, but, they have a way to save him, which would take a while. When asked about how to stop Glenn Talbot, Fitz informed them that they have a way to kill Talbot using the Odium and the Centipede Serum. However, Daisy Johnson informed them that there was no more serum. They all then realized that they could only save Coulson or save the world.[20]

Fitz prepare the remedy

The team then began to argue on what they should do, with Fitz believing that they shouldn't save Coulson as he realized that this is what Yo-Yo Rodriguez meant by saving Coulson was how they lose. As they argued, Johnson decided that they were saving Coulson, but Yo-Yo grabbed the Centipede Device desperately trying to beg them to change their mind. Alphonso Mackenzie then calmed her down and decided that they take a vote, when suddenly Melinda May destroyed the Odium. Fitz and Simmons then, with no other option, went to prepare the remedy.

Fitz votes for Alphonso Mackenzie

The team then discovered that Glenn Talbot had landed in Chicago, so they all headed there in the Zephyr One. Alphonso Mackenzie then informed them that they needed to stop Talbot, but more importantly save the civilians and Polly and Robin Hinton. Daisy Johnson then spoke to the team about her role as leader which she decided to appoint Mackenzie, claiming him to be the moral center. Everyone agreed with Johnson's decision and Phil Coulson then joined them, believing that he had taken the Centipede Serum. They then landed in Chicago where Fitz would go to rescue the Hintons with Mackenzie and Melinda May.

Fitz decides to infiltrate Qovas' Ship

When they did arrive, Fitz, May and Mackenzie would go and help civilians who were trapped in damaged buildings to evacuate to the Zephyr One. The group would end up finding the building, where they found Robin, who told them that her mother Polly was trapped in Qovas' Ship which Talbot had taken to Chicago. When Fitz returns he asked May where Mackenzie, realising that Mackenzie could be killed. As Mackenzie had left to find Polly, Fitz remembered that neither Mackenzie or Polly had survived the cataclysm in the dystopian future they had witnessed. Which Fitz and May infiltrated the crashed ship and arrived in time to save Mackenzie and Polly from two Remorath soldiers.

Fitz dies from his wounds

The party exited the ship, making sure that Polly and Robin could leave the building unharmed. However, a shockwave due to the duel between Quake and Talbot hit the building, which caused a heavy pile of rubble to fall over Fitz, who was buried underneath. Although Mackenzie and May managed to clear the debris, Fitz was too heavily wounded, with a chunk of metal piercing through his abdomen. Fitz himself did not fully realize the extent of his wounds, believing that he had simply broken his legs. While Mackenzie and May were present, they could see that there was no way to help him in time. With tears in their eyes, they held his hand, trying to comfort him as best as they could. Fitz eventually lost consciousness and passed away.[7]


Post Mortem

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"I made it to the future, and then I made the journey back?"
"It was a loop of the end of the world. And you died to help break it. You died a hero."
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

Back at the Lighthouse following S.H.I.E.L.D.'s victory in spite of Fitz's tragic fate, Jemma Simmons was informed of the death of her husband. While Phil Coulson and Melinda May decided to retire from S.H.I.E.L.D. and to spend some time together on Tahiti, the rest of the team now led by Alphonso Mackenzie chose to try and find the actual Leo Fitz belonging to their reality, who was still frozen in Enoch's Cryo-Freeze Chamber in his attempt to join and save his friends trapped in year 2091.[7]


"You need to look inside yourself and figure out what kind of man you want to be. 'Cause lately, what you've been… it needs fixing."
Alphonso Mackenzie to Leo Fitz[src]

Fitz learned to use his darker side to his advantage, thus allowing him to pose as a much more formidable and cruel individual than he actually was to blend in when dealing with dangerous individuals whenever the situation required it. As a result, Fitz sometimes displayed harsh pragmatism such as, for example, when he designed a trap which beheaded three Kree guards, so that others would be too frightened to chase the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, which initially shocked Simmons. However, Fitz later apologized to Alphonso Mackenzie for having exposed the young Flint to such a vision.

Fitz showed compassion and genuinely care for complete strangers, as when he tried to convince Kasius to give on execute Ben, despite he never saw him before, only doing it because he had no reason to let him die.

Eventually, due to the combined trauma of his brain damage, his experiences in the Framework, a lack of sleep, and general stress, Fitz developed a major case of schizophrenia, experiencing a psychotic episode involving his Framework personality. Fitz not only heard The Doctor but also hallucinated his presence, which led Fitz to hurt Daisy Johnson as his subconscious knew the only way to achieve Fitz's goals was using her powers by painfully removing her Inhuman Control Device. Once it was done and Fitz returned to his normal self, he isolated himself from his friends once again, claiming that he did not deserve their forgiveness and struggling between his regrets of having hurt them and the feeling that he had nonetheless done the right thing.


As he shares the same history as the original Leo Fitz up until entering cryosleep, Fitz possesses the same abilities as his original timeline counterpart up to that point.

"The other you thought it was a Fear Dimension."
"Yeah, well, he wasn't the smart one."
Deke Shaw and Leo Fitz[src]
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Fitz became a very well known agent in the S.H.I.E.L.D. tech community for his technological expertise. While contained inside the Framework, his intelligence was used by The Doctor, Fitz's evil self. As a result, he was able to devise clever but harsh plans he originally was unwilling to come by, such as when he tied Daisy Johnson down against her will and surgically removed her power-inhibiting implant. However, the original Leo Fitz stated that this Fitz was not the smarter of the two, as the original Fitz had correctly deduced what Izel's realm was whereas this Fitz had believed it to be a Fear Dimension.
  • Master Engineer: Fitz has designed and created many of the equipment commonly used by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, such as I.C.E.R.s. Fitz was able to upgrade Zephyr One to fly into orbit as well as harness the power of Deke Shaw's Gravity Puck to create a Gravity Containment Device to seal a rift in the Fear Dimension. Fitz's prowess also allowed him to create state-of-the-art prosthetic arms for Yo-Yo Rodriguez.
"You could have jumped in the octagon yourself, then."
"Well, wouldn't be fair. I do push-ups now. Double digits. That's impressive."
Daisy Johnson and Leo Fitz[src]
  • Skilled Combatant: When Fitz first joined Coulson's Team, he was not a capable fighter. However, through his years of training with the team after joining, he became an adept combatant. His time in the Framework also caused him to become more proficient at combat, allowing him to be more lethal and savage.
  • Expert Marksman:

    Fitz accurately shoots a button while falling

    Fitz was taught how to handle a handgun as per his S.H.I.E.L.D. training. Fitz greatly improved his marksmanship abilities after his time in the Framework, as shown when he and Lance Hunter reclaimed Zephyr One. After arriving in 2091, he used his proficiency with firearms during his escape from Kasius at the Lighthouse, and during a shootout against Anton Ivanov's Sleeper Mechs along with Jemma Simmons.
  • Skilled Spy: Fitz was able to convincingly play off that he was 'Boshtok the Marauder', a man who had a reputation for killing many, to Kasius and the bidders from around the galaxy. During this, he used his experiences from the Framework to his advantage to convince the group.










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