Leo Babikov was a former SVR agent turned Watchdog.


Kidnapping of Billy Koenig

A former SVR agent recruited in the Watchdogs, Babikov was sent to Al and Cam's Arcade with several other Watchdogs to kidnap S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Billy Koenig. Babikov found Koenig, but Koenig spotted him and defeated him before going to rescue his brother Sam Koenig, who was under attack as well. As Billy ran away, Babikov chased him and saw Tucker Shockley capture him. Babikov then escaped with Shockley and returned onto the Watchdogs Submarine.

Later, as Holden Radcliffe used Framework equipment to know where Billy had hidden the Darkhold, Anton Ivanov decided to confirm what Radcliffe had found out by torturing Billy himself. When Radcliffe refused, Ivanov ordered his men to take him and Aida out of the room. Babikov and Russian operative moved forward to Aida, who broke the operative's neck and then promptly killed Babikov by shoving her fist in his stomach.[1]






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