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"Retard loves that hammer."

Leo was a construction worker living in New York City who also worked as a low level criminal. While assisting Lance in the attempted robbery of Tony Gnucci's poker game, the new recruit Donny Chavez had accidentally revealed his identity, putting Leo and his friends in great danger of being found and murdered by by Gnucci. While Leo had attempted to murder Chavez to protect himself, the Punisher then intervened and brutally murdered Leo and his allies to save Chavez.


Construction Work

Bullying Pete Castiglione

"Kick his ass, Lance, maybe he'd understand that."
"Yeah, wise up, window licker!"
Paulie and Leo[src]

Leo and his crew first meeting Donny Chavez

Leo was one of the construction workers who accompanied Lance and others on the site, with Leo often being recruited by Lance to help with robberies to get Lance out of dept as they targeted local mobsters like the Gnucci Crime Family to steal extra cash. Upon Donny Chavez's arrival to the site to begin work as their latest team member, they all greeted him with little regard and introduced him to the workplace, with Lance refusing to shake Chavez's hand and only wanting to see what he could do on the construction site while Leo had followed on behind.


Leo making his comments at Pete Castiglione

While they made their way through the site, Lance gave Chavez a hardhat to begin the work before Paulie then pointed out Pete Castiligione to Chavez, whom they often choose to harass for his silence and constant working without interacting with anybody else, with Paulie referring to Castiglione as the gimp and telling Chavez to not worry about him as he claimed that Castiglione was not all there. When it came to lunch time, the group mocked Castiglione and threw concrete at his hardhat, while Leo made a comment on how much Castiglione loved him hammer while still laughing at him.


Leo and his friends laugh at Pete Castiligione

Seeing that Castiglione was working from early in the morning until late, Lance realized he was putting their jobs on the line by taking the work away from them, Leo and all of his friends had gathered around Castiglione as Lance warned him to change his ways. As Castiglione ignored them, Paulie questioned if he had a tongue in his head while Lance continued mocking him as Leo, Scut and Paulie laughed at him as Paulie recommended Lance kick Castiglione's arse. Finally, Lance kicked over Castiglione's lunchbox and threatened him, before stepping on Castiglione's sandwich before he and Leo walked away.


Leo and his crew leaving for the lunch break

Believing that they had put Castiglione in his place, Leo and his friends then left the building site to get some lunch together, Lance listened while Leo and Scut then made a bet of a hundred dollars together. Before they left, Leo saw that they were being followed by Chavez who asked where they were going and if he could come with them as he sought to befriend the group, however Paulie told Chavez that there was no room as they all got into Lance's Porsche and drove away, covering Chavez in dust while they drove into New York City, leaving Chavez to eat his lunch with Castiglione.[1]

Drinking with Chavez


Leo going out for some drinks with his friends

"Last round, and then I'm closing up. He pukes, you assholes are cleaning it up, all right?"
"You hear that? Keep it together, Donny."
Rhonda and Leo[src]

At the end of another shift, Leo joined his friends as they prepared to go to Murphy's for a drink, walking past Pete Castiglione who was still furiously beating down the walls with his sledgehammer. As they walked, they also teased Scut over whether or not Rhonda would be working and if Scut would build up the courage to talk to her. They were stopped on the way by Donny Chavez who asked if he could join them for a drink, promising to buy the first round of drinks, which they accepted.

Crew at Murphy's

Leo has drinks with his friends at Murphy's

While at Murphy's, Paulie and his friends took advantage of Chavez's enthusiasm at being able to join them for drinks after work, allowing Chavez to buy them all multiple beers and shots while Chavez got considerably drunk, as Rhonda warned the group that if Chavez then threw up then she would make them clean it all up. When Chavez returned, Leo and Scut joined Lance and Paulie as they gave their cheque for their drinks to Chavez, encouraging him to pay for their drinks they drank in the night, which the drunken Chavez did, despite this be a considerably more expensive night that he wanted.


Leo mocking the drunken Donny Chavez

While Leo returned to work on the building site the next day, his work was interrupted when an accident caused Scut's arm to be crushed under some machinery, as Lance and Paulie ran to Scut's aid. Seeing this, Chavez called to Castiglione to ask what medical skills he had from the United States Marine Corps, while Castiglione ignored him and walked away, leaving Scut in agony. While Scut was being taken to the hospital for treatment, Lance and Paulie had recruited Chavez to take Scut's place for their upcoming robbery of the Gnucci Crime Family which Leo was also a part of.[1]

Robbery Gone Wrong


Leo waiting in their car during their robbery

"Start the mixer."
"Are we really doing this?"
"Start that thing now!"
Lance and Leo[src]

Once they arrived at Linello's, Leo and his friends pulled up outside before Lance handed Donny Chavez his gun for the heist, holding it back and looking Chavez in the eyes to ensure that he was ready for the job, as Chavez took a breath before taking it. As they all loaded their guns, Paulie chuckled to himself while Lance told Leo to keep the car running ready for when they got back with the stolen money from the poker game inside, as the group ran into Linello's together to begin the robbery.


Leo agreeing to help to murder Donny Chavez

However the robbery went wrong as Chavez's identity was revealed via his dropped wallet which was seen by Tony Gnucci and all the other members of the Gnucci Crime Family, forcing them to make their escape back to Leo in the car. Returning onto the construction site, Leo and the men expressed frustration and abused Chavez for his mistake, although Chavez had desperately insisted that he would never rat out Leo and the others. After making the proposal of killing him in the cement vat, Leo excitedly started the mixer, while the men had attempted to control Chavez before they would murder him.

TP101 RescueofDonnyChavez

Leo and his friends surround Donny Chavez

Chavez was able to throw Paulie off of him, he ran into the unfinished building, picked up a rod, and readied himself for a fight. As the three men made their way up the stairs, Chavez had begged for Lance to let him go as he promised that he would run and Tony Gnucci would never be able to find him, however Lance denied his request as he knew that this would still put him and his friend's lives in danger. As Lance told Paulie not to use any bullets to murder him, their group then attacked Chavez again as Leo and Paulie overpowered Chavez, then threw him in the vat full of liquified cement to drown him.


Leo seeing Pete Castiglione watching them

While Chavez desperately begged to be pulled up, the three stood by and watched, as Lance told him that he had brought this on himself while Chavez still continued screaming out in terror as the liquified cement continued to rise. As they all continued watching Chavez's suffering, out of nowhere, Pete Castiglione had then come up behind them and ordered them to turn their mixer off, while still holding his sledgehammer. Seeing him, Leo jokingly referred to Castiglione as the gimp and was unintimidated while Lance, eager at the chance to kill his much-hated co-worker Lance pulled a gun on Castiglione.


Leo being struck with the hammer and killed

Instead of complying, the men had instead engaged Castiglione in a fight but are completely caught off guard by Castiglione’s superior training, ferocity, and speed. Castiglione immobilized Leo with a hit to the abdomen by a sledgehammer and brutally crushed his arm with another hit to the back of the neck and pushing him to the floor. As Leo attempted to get back onto his feet, the only thing he was able to comprehend is a look of absolute terror as Castiglione furiously swung his sledgehammer with such force and fury that Leo's neck was broken, falling in the filling vat of concrete to be buried.[1]




Behind the Scenes


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