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"We can't stay here for long. Six months ago, would you have imagined people supporting the cause like this?"
―Lennox to Flag Smasher[src]

Lennox was a super soldier and a member of the anti-patriotism group known as the Flag Smashers.


Flag Smashers

Chase in Munich

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Finding Refuge

"One world."
"One people."
Matias and Lennox[src]

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Escape in Bratislava

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Raid of the GRC Supply Depot

"They're just sitting on this stuff."

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Raid of the Resettlement Camp

"Stay there."
Winter Soldier to Lennox[src]

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Attack on the GRC

Lennox being run into by Sharon Carter

Lennox accompanied Karli Morgenthau and the other Flag Smashers to New York City to target the GRC New York Headquarters to stop the Patch Act. Lennox was tasked with overseeing the transportation of the GRC members. Pretending to be a GRC employee, Lennox ushered members inside an armored truck and locked the door with a device. He then walked back to his van only to be bumped into Sharon Carter.

Lennox is killed from the mercury vapor

Carter apologized, while planting mercury vapor on Lennox, however, he remained unaware. After Carter had walked away, Lennox hopped into his van and then crashed into a car in front of him, as the acid burned his skin off of his face, and he died due to the acid exposure.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Artificially Enhanced Physiology: The Super Soldier Serum enhanced all of Lennox's bodily functions, granting him low level superhuman physiology.
    • Enhanced Strength: To be added
    • Enhanced Durability: To be added
    • Enhanced Speed: To be added
    • Enhanced Agility: To be added
    • Enhanced Stamina: To be added
    • Enhanced Reflexes: To be added
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: To be added


  • Combatant: To be added


Other Equipment


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