"Come in. Rina will be grateful. I'll let Rina know you're here."
"Uh, no. That's okay. I... I don't wanna crowd her. How did he die? Kozlov. I... you know, I just couldn't bring myself to ask."
"It was a car crash. Freak accident."
"A lot of those going around these days."
―Leland and Jessica Jones[src]

Leland is a family friend of Doctor Miklos Kozlov and his widow, Rina Kozlov.


"This is a funeral, for God's sake. What is wrong with you?"
―Leland to Jessica Jones[src]

After the death of Miklos Kozlov, Leland took the responsibility of welcoming guests to Kozlov's home for the funeral. He welcomed Jessica Jones to the house believing she was one of Kozlov's former patients, and offered to introduce her to Rina Kozlov. Later, Leland intervened in the confrontation between Jones and Isaiah, admonishing them for their behavior as they were at a funeral.[1]





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