Lei kung
A collection of quotes from the monk Lei Kung, also known as the Thunderer.

Iron Fist

Episode 1.06: Immortal Emerges from Cave

"Because of who you are, there will always be forces gathering against you... preparing, waiting... looking for a weakness in you. Disguised as a friend. Slipping past you as a stranger. They are everywhere. You must always be aware of their presence, because they are aware of you. They study your every move, looking for what you reveal to them. In this way, you are your own worst enemy. And this is why I tolerate no questioning from you... because doubt leads... to death."
Lei Kung to Danny Rand[src]
"You cannot be in two places at once. You must be a double-edged sword. The enemy will try and divide you. You are a living weapon. Drive all other thoughts out of your mind except this... Destroy the Hand."
Lei Kung to Danny Rand[src]
"I hear you crying at night in your room. Weeping over your parents and their loss. That grief is a weakness. Banish it. Reject or accept the darkness. It is your choice. Both are acceptable. But your choice... reveals who you are."
Lei Kung to Danny Rand[src]
"At the entry to every door is the opportunity to choose a different path. If you wish to continue as you are, do not enter. But if you choose to face the dragon inside, know that you risk everything. Should you live... your former self will be destroyed. If you choose to take this up... you will be forever marked... as one of us. Are you willing to kill Danny Rand so that the Iron Fist might live?"
Lei Kung to Danny Rand[src]
"Cast away your childish needs. Bury your mother Bury your father. You belong to me and to me alone. You must submit, can you do it? Then tell me who you are! A child... touched by fire... delivered from heaven to become the greatest warrior, destined for victory. Guardian of the Gate... Destroyer of the Hand. Your purpose. Destroy the Hand. No room for doubt. Finish it. Finish it now. You belong to me... and I command you."
Lei Kung to Danny Rand[src]
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