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"Cast away your childish needs. Bury your mother. Bury your father. You belong to me and to me alone."
―Lei Kung to Danny Rand[src]

Lei Kung (Chinese: 雷公) is an elder monk of the Order of the Crane Mother, the father of Davos. When Danny Rand joined the Order of the Crane Mother after his plane crashed into the Himalayas, Lei Kung trained him to become a well-trained warrior. Danny was chosen by the Order of the Crane Mother to become the Iron Fist. In their last trial, Rand defeated Shou-Lao, granting him the power of the Iron Fist. Eventually, Rand abandoned their gate and left K'un-Lun, to return home. Not much later K'un-Lun was attacked by the Hand and it then disappeared.


Child Touched by Fire

"Tell me the legend again."
"Why are you so interested in hearing it?"
"Because it gives me courage."
"A child touched by fire. Delivered from heaven to be our greatest warrior. Destined for victory."
Danny Rand and Lei Kung[src]

As a great warrior, Lei Kung was one of the most honorable monks of the Order of the Crane Mother, earning the title of "The Thunderer". Having a child with Priya named Davos, Lei Kung mercilessly trained him to become the new Iron Fist, the sworn defender of K'un-Lun.

One day, Chodak and Tashi returned to K'un-Lun with an outsider named Danny Rand who was presented to Lei Kung. Although most of the Order regarded the outsider with suspicion, Lei Kung figured that it could be the sign and Rand was sent to them for a great purpose. Lei Kung decided to adopt Rand and raised and trained him alongside with Davos with whom he became good friends.[1] Sometimes, Lei Kung was making his trainees to eat insects, like worms and crickets, as they were the great source of protein.[3]

Grand Tournament

"Davos. Daniel Rand-K'ai. Neither of you may leave this place or this combat until one of you yields or dies. Begin!"
―Lei Kung[src]

While training under the watchful eye of Lei Kung, Davos and Danny Rand excelled with their studies and soon became skilled warriors while mastering every fighting style taught to them. Years later, Rand and Davos participated in the challenge organized by the Order of the Crane Mother to become the Iron Fist. Eventually, Rand and Davos competed against many of his fellow students until only both of them were the only candidates left.

Lei Kung, Priya, and Yü-Ti watching the trial

The final trial took place at a temple of K'un-Lun and was witnessed by Lei Kung, as well as Priya and Yü-Ti, settling a ritual of bringing down ropes that tie each other up. Once the fight had settled, Rand and Davos fought for hours in the temple, however, both were equally matched and both received heavy injuries.

Davos almost beat his opponent but Rand tricked him and took an opportunity to pin him down so that he won't back down. As Rand held Davos to the floor, Rand demanded him to yield, only to get silence in response, ready to give the final punch. However, he was stopped by Lei Kung who ruled Rand as the victor, much to his shock, as he let go of Davos and continued off on his path. Lei Kung then personally prepared Rand to his trial in the Cave of the Dragon to face Shou-Lao.[4]

Losing the Defender

Suddenly, Danny Rand went abandoned the gateway and returned to Earth Plane, leaving K'un-Lun defenseless. Knowing that K'un-Lun was in danger, Davos made the decision to track Rand down himself, believing that he would have likely gone back to the United States of America to where he was born, New York City.[5]

Without their greatest warriors, Lei Kung and the Order of the Crane Mother were left defenseless in the face of their sworn enemies, the Hand. Eventually, the Hand learned that gateway is left unguarded and took their opportunity to infiltrate into the K'un-Lun and attacked the monks, ending K'un-Lun to be disappeared.[6]


  • Master Martial Artist: As an elder monk of the Order of the Crane Mother, Lei Kung has a vast knowledge of martial art, and trained Davos and Danny Rand to the same level.
  • Meditation: Lei Kung is a master of meditation, he regularly meditates to maintain his health and vitality.






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  • In the comics, Lei Kung the Thunderer was an immortal martial master from K'un-Lun and the father of the Steel Serpent, who trained the champions like Wu Ao-Shi and Danny Rand to became the next Iron Fist.
  • The medal used by Lei Kung bears the hexagram Li, meaning Fire. It symbolizes tending one's "inner fires" in an appropriate manner and the learning of how best to feed them and how much fuel to use,[7] which is a trait seen in both his son Davos and his trainee Danny Rand.



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