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"Permit my entry into night, and allow the darkness find its light."
Nico Minoru

Left-Hand Path is the seventh episode of the third season of the television series Runaways.


The kids try to get the message out about Morgan's phones and Molly falls for a boy while the Minorus unite as a family to steal Morgan's most prized possession.


Having found Molly Hernandez under the influence of a Corvus phone, Chase Stein, Karolina Dean and Gert Yorkes attempt to remove the device from her, but Hernandez brutally attacks her. Eventually, they are able to force her to drop it before it is fried by Karolina's powers, enabling Hernandez to regain her senses, albeit with no memory of the whole incident. Meanwhile, Nico Minoru awakens among the witches of Morgan le Fay's Coven and learns from Robert Minoru that her mother Tina is in a psychiatric hospital. Nico then meets with le Fay, who offers to help her rescuing Alex Wilder from the Dark Dimension, but insists that she needs Nico to bring the Staff of One to do so.

Nico returns to the Hostel to reclaim the Staff of One, and faces Karolina's disapproval as her girlfriend strongly opposes working with le Fay. Nico initially refuses to listen to Karolina, stating that she has to do everything she can to save Wilder, but ultimately chooses to heed her advice to seek help from Tina. Therefore, Nico goes to the hospital where her mother has been taken and is able to release her.

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Due to the threat the Corvus phones pose, the Runaways decide to warn the world about it by posting a video online. Since they are unable to use Wilder's computer, they go to the Church of Gibborim Executive Office and use Leslie Dean's computer. However, having learned that Leslie is responsible for her parents's death, Hernandez confronts her about her crime and is willing to attack her, but has a change of heart up after Leslie explains that Hernandez would regret killing her just like she regrets her own actions.

Having seen the video, le Fay uses her powers to have it removed from the internet and prevent the teenagers to post it again. She then meets with Geoffrey Wilder, and uses a Crow Necklace to bring him under her influence as she did with Robert. Due to this spell, Geoffrey later captures Victor Stein and Stacey Yorkes, who had seen the video as well and attempted to implant a virus in the phones. Later, Chase, Karolina and Gert, as well as Dale Yorkes, are captured as well by Bronwyn and Cassandra, just like Hernandez, who was tricked by Bodhi who she talked with after her encounter with Leslie.

Meanwhile, accompanying Nico back to the hotel where le Fay is staying, Tina offers to go and reclaim the Darkhold for her. Before she can breaks into le Fay's office, she is found by Robert. Tina is able to damage Robert's necklace with her own powers, thus ending le Fay's control over him. Since le Fay is unaware that Robert is free of her enchantment, Tina decides to let him look for the Darkhold himself. Fearing he might be discovered, Nico goes to see le Fay and asks her to be shown Alex. Le Fay complies, but after the deed, the enchantress realizes that Robert has found the Darkhold.

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Therefore, le Fay returns to her study, and, upon realizing that Robert is now free of her control, she kills him by withdrawing the dark energy she had used to revive him. Nico and Tina soon find Robert dying. In his dying breath, he hands over his WizGlass to Nico, who returns to the Hostel, completely alone. Nico realizes that Robert was able to record the content of the Darkhold with his glasses. Using this newly acquired knowledge, she begins a ritual which causes a large stream of Darkforce to appear, from which two people emerge: Cloak and Dagger.


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Swan Ioanna Gika
  • Nico Minoru breaks down at Robert Minoru's side, then returns to the hostel and finds it empty. Nico performs a ceremony in honor of her father, then discovers what he left for her.



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