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"My son was coming to visit, I had to tell him 'No, stay out of New York, Lee, shit's going on.' I'm 73 years old, you know how many times I have left to see him."
Leland Owlsley to Wilson Fisk[src]

Lee Owlsley is the son of the late Leland Owlsley.


During Wilson Fisk's campaign to rebuild Hell's Kitchen, Owlsley was told by his father, Leland Owlsley, to stay out of New York City. This he was told because of his father's fear for Daredevil.[1]

A few days later, Leland Owlsley became worried about the involvement of Vanessa Marianna in Fisk and his campaign, telling Fisk that he has changed. Fisk reminded Leland Owlsley that him having a son, Lee Owlsley, means that he also once loved a woman.[2]

Lee Owlsley's father planned to disappear with his son after leaving Wilson Fisk's organization, but this never happened due to Fisk killing Lee's father.[3]



Behind the Scenes

  • According to Steven S. DeKnight, there was a chance that Lee Owlsley would have appeared in a future season of Daredevil and assumed the identity of the Owl, as his father did in the comics.


  • In the comics, Owlsey had a daughter called Jubula Pride. She possessed a flight suit and came searching for her father when he was kidnapped.