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"She's taking people over, possessing them."
"So she wasn't on that ship."
"She was in Davis and then she jumped into May and now who knows."
Yo-Yo Rodriguez, Alphonso Mackenzie, and Quake

Leap is the tenth episode of the sixth season of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..


The party’s over, and now the team must trust each other in order to face impending doom and an enemy that’s closer than they think.


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After getting shot by Melinda May, Sarge is taken to the medical bay. Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz rush in to help Sarge, briefly mentioning how much he looks like their former boss. Daisy Johnson talks to Melinda May about the shooting and wonders why she did it. Meanwhile, Fitz and Simmons notice that Sarge hasn't died despite the blood that he lost. Simmons claims he is getting stronger.

Yo-Yo Rodriguez goes to talk to May and finds her confused about what has happened. In the hallway, Piper notices something is wrong and shoots at an unknown figure. Fitz talks to his grandson, Deke Shaw, who tells him about his Company. Fitz asks if it's for money to which Shaw lies and says it's for science. Piper walks in and asks about May. She then sneakily takes Shrike crystal. Back in the holding chamber, May insists she didn't shoot Sarge and recalls what she remembers. She says her last memory was walking to her sleeping quarters, the last person she saw was James Davis.

Johnson walks down the hall and notices blood on the wall. She then looks around the corner to find Diaz on the ground and hurt, saying she was just guarding May and now she's there. Simmons shows Alphonso Mackenzie, Sarge's wounds that are now all healed. Sarge dreams about a shadowy woman hugging him. Johnson and Rodriguez go to Davis' sleeping quarters to find him hungover. Davis says that he seems to have lost time as well. He tells them he was chasing Izel, but that's the last thing he remembers. He says to ask Jaco, but they say he had died.

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Meanwhile, Piper uses the Shrike crystal as a compass, but Shaw catches up to her asking her why she has the crystal. Izel then comes out of Piper's body and possesses Shaw's. She convinces Piper to go get some rest. Johnson tells Mack that it was Izel who shot Sarge and she hadn't died the night before. Mack locks down the Lighthouse to keep Izel inside while the team investigates. They decide to share a secret that only one other person would know to prove who isn't Izel, but Shaw protests saying he doesn't have any secrets. Rodriguez and May are cleared, Rodriguez says she misses Potosí on her mother's birthday, to which May backs her up. Mack and Johnson are cleared when Mack says that Johnson sends part of her salary to Amanda Campbell, Lincoln Campbell's sister, every month. Mack then locks Johnson and Rodriguez in a room saying that it is important to keep them in there so that the strongest people can't get possessed. Davis is cleared when he says he stole a space pen because he though it was cool that alien's write.

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Shaw still protests, but Piper comes in saying she blacked out and when she woke up, Deke was there. Shaw says that he blacked out too and the last thing he saw was Piper. Mack notices that Leo Fitz is very quiet and asks where Simmons was when they first met. Izel then reveals herself as Fitz and goes into Piper, and then Shaw. Mack chokes Shaw so that she would come out. She asks him if he thinks that's a good idea and moves to Mack so she could choke Shaw harder, saying that she can kill any of them. Davis slowly walks up the stairs as Izel comes out of Mack. Piper pulls out her gun, but Izel goes to her and uses Piper's body to shoot Piper in the hand. Izel moves to May, Shaw, and Fitz, while making her way up the stairs. She reaches Davis' body and walks him over to the ledge where she leans over and comes out of Davis, leaving him to fall on his neck, killing him. She then jumps into Mack and leaves while Piper holds Davis' lifeless body.

Suddenly, Sarge wakes up on his bed. Simmons tells him they think someone possessed May. Sarge realizes it is Izel and that's how she gets away every time. He yells at Simmons to let him go, but she doesn't.

Fitz tells May that Izel wanted the Monoliths, but they're all gone. Shaw reminds May that when they exploded, it set off the Fear Dimension. They catch Fitz up on what the other him did with the Dimension. Fitz claims it wasn't a dimension, the third monolith could've been a creation monolith that created Sarge when Coulson went down to seal the rift. In the medical bay, Sarge breaks free from his restraints.

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Meanwhile, Izel in Mackenzie's body goes to a room and unlocks it with Mack's retinal scan. She then bangs his head against the wall to knock him unconscious while she leaves him and goes into the room. In the room, she finds the Gravity Containment Device used to close the Fear Dimension Rift. She goes to grab it, but is stopped by Sarge. Izel explains to him that his mind is broken and he concluded that he hates her instead of the truth that he loves her. She says that he doesn't have a family, it's an echo from Coulson's life, and his family. She continues, saying that they are from a realm where the entities don't have a form. Sarge took over Coulson's body and his mind got jumbled with the host. She helps him remember his name, Pachakutiq. Still disoriented from the memories, Sarge vows to stop her, but she leaves. When exiting the door, she finds Rodriguez and Johnson helping Mack. She takes over Rodriguez and says she's taking the plane, but Mack agrees only if he could go with her. Mackenzie, Izel, and Rodriguez leave while Sarge gets apprehended again. Johnson argues that he is surrendering himself, but May says he is trusting his team.


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