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"You know how you call a guy whose wife died a widower? Or, if your parents die, you're an orphan. You know, there's no word for someone whose kids die. Because it's like the worst thing that could happen."
―Leah to Bucky Barnes[src]

Leah is a waitress at Izzy.


Serving Patrons

"He would like to take you out on a date. Maybe to bingo or a night of pinochle?"
"Pinochle. Yeah. I'm really sorry about him."
"Why are you sorry? I'm game."
Yori Nakajima, Bucky Barnes and Leah[src]

Leah agrees to a date with Bucky Barnes

One day in 2024, Leah was working at her restaurant Izzy when a local named Yori Nakajima asked if she would go on a date with Bucky Barnes. She agreed and told Barnes to come back at ten o'clock that night.

Leah on the date

That night, Barnes returned and gave her flowers to which she was surprised. She pulled out the board game Battleship and drinks. After she asked how old Barnes was, she laughed at his response not believing that he was that old. She then playfully told him she was trying to read his mind, but he told her not too. Later on during the date, Leah brought up Yori's deceased son, however, Barnes suddenly excused himself and left to Leah's surprise.[1]


"I think it's really sweet you're spending time with Yori. It's been hard for him since his son died. I think not knowing how it happened is the hardest part for him."
―Leah to Bucky Barnes[src]

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  • Izzy: Leah is a waitress at the restaurant and serves at the bar.



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