"Are you a fighter, or are you food?"
―Lead Scrapper to Thor[src]

The Lead Scrapper was the leader of the Sakaaran Scrappers scavanger group that resides on the planet Sakaar. He encountered Thor when he was exiled to Sakaar and in an attempt to capture the God of Thunder and bring him to the Grandmaster, he was confronted and killed by Valkyrie.


Finding Thor

"I'm just passing through."
"It is food! On your knees."
Thor and Lead Scrapper[src]
Thor Ragnarok Teaser 26

The Lead Scrapper confronting Thor

The Lead Scrapper amongst his scavanger group found Thor after he had crash-landed on the planet Sakaar and shortly after confronting him, the lead asked the God of Thunder whether he was on Sakaar to fight in the Contest of Champions or if he was allowing the scavengers to eat him as their "food".


Scrapper and his crew after capturing Thor

After capturing the God of Thunder in an electric net, the lead and his crew were confronted by Scrapper 142, who claimed Thor as her find and after the lead informed her that Thor was already caught by them, Scrapper 142 pursued and shot at the lead and his crew with her ship's blasters, killing the lead and a majority of the crew.[1]



  • Magno Rifle: The Lead Scrapper's primary weapon which has the capability of shooting an electric net at its targets.
    • Electric Net: A specialized net which has the capability of electrifying whatever it touches upon being shot out by a blaster.





  • Thor - Attempted Captive
  • Valkyrie - Former Teammate turned Killer


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