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"The time for understanding is over. He sees you as one of us, and that is all he will ever see. The Iron Fist must be controlled. The Hand needs him."
Bakuto to Colleen Wing

Lead Horse Back to Stable is the eleventh episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Claire uses her improvisation skills, and Colleen gets conflicting information. Danny yearns to be more than just a destroyer.


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In the past, Davos runs into a cave in K'un-Lun to find Danny Rand. When he turns Rand over, his chest reveals the Iron Fist symbol. Rand wakes up and ignites his fist, Davos reveals that he won the Trial of Shou-Lao, making him the immortal Iron Fist.

In the present, Rand checks his abdomen and sees the bloody scar that his injury has left. He meets Davos in a warehouse and questions Davos on how he found Rand. Davos shows Rand his cell phone displaying Rand's promise to Regina Fitzgerald. Rand smashes the phone saying that Bakuto could track it. Davos tries to get Rand back to K'un-Lun, but Rand refuses because the Hand is in New York City. He then promises Davos that he will leave once this is over.

Colleen Wing enters Chikara Dojo to the sight of Bakuto. She questions her sensei about making her lie to Rand. Bakuto yells at Wing, telling her to respect her sensei. He then explains how they have saved people, Kevin Michener was orphaned during the Incident, Becca Yoo was kicked out of her house at 15. Bakuto tells Wing that Rand will always see her as a Hand soldier, and there's no hope for their relationship.


Claire Temple is reading a book when she gets a knock on the door. She opens the door to Davos and Rand who shows her his injury. After looking in his wound, she takes out the end of the blade he was stabbed with. In order to seal the wound, she disinfects a stapler and staples Rand's wound shut. Rand catches her up on what has happened and Temple asks where Wing is. Rand asks Davos to check the door and then tells Temple that Wing is in the Hand. Temple brings up the possibility that Wing was brainwashed, which gets Rand angry. He rants about how Wing lied to him all this time. Meanwhile, Harold Meachum boxes in his Penthouse and breaks the punching break, causing sand to pour on the floor. He stops and talks to Joy Meachum about Bakuto.

Temple enters her apartment to see Davos, who is skimming through a book. He tells her Rand is meditating on the roof. She asks Davos about K'un-Lun. He explains the Trial of Shou-Lao to her. He also explains how Rand was chosen over Davos to take the trial and become the Iron Fist. He believes that it was the wrong choice. Temple leaves to grab the pizza that she ordered. Outside, she sees Wing, who has already paid for it. Temple scolds Wing for not telling her despite knowing her friends had died to the Hand. Wing tries to explain that there are different factions, but Temple ignores it. As Wing is leaving, Temple changes her mind, saying that she still thinks Wing is a good person.

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Meanwhile, Rand meditates, but gets flashbacks of K'un Lun. There, Davos talks to him about becoming the Iron Fist. Rand continuously guards the gate. He is woken up from the memory by Wing. He blames Wing for getting stabbed, but Wing says that Bakuto claimed he attacked first; however, she is open to learning the truth. Rand asks why she is there and Wing says she cares about Rand. The Iron Fist sticks to his beliefs in K'un-Lun and vows to destroy the Hand. Wing then leaves after apologizing, saying there isn't hope. In the apartment, Davos eats pizza for the first time and remarks that it is chewy. Temple warns Rand about running in blindly to fight the Hand. He thanks her and asks for one more favor, to borrow her car. Rand meets up with Joy and Harold. Joy scolds Rand for not telling her that her father is alive. Harold defends him saying he was respecting his wishes. Rand presents Davos to them, saying that they will help take down the Hand. Joy then hacks into the Hand's servers and shut down their accounts.

At the hospital, Wing meets with her student, Becca Yoo, and asks her for a favor. Yoo presents Wing with the item she needed, but is caught off guard by her former students, who tell her Bakuto wants her. She joins them in their car. At the Hand compound, she is tied to a chair and wheeled down a hallway to Bakuto. Her sensei orders his men to bring her into a room to be tortured as well as drawing blood from her arm. Her former student, Mary, mocks her about her morals causing Wing to lash out and head butt her. Wing then gets out of her restraints and throws a knife at Mary, who dodges it. She battles her two former students.


Rand and Davos park at the Hand Compound. They share a moment of reflection about Davos thinking Rand betrayed him. Rand talks about how he never thought he belonged and then one day he saw a bird, showing that the gate has opened. Suddenly, Rand sees Wing running and jumps out of the car. He approaches the bloody Wing, who swings a staff at him. Rand promises he doesn't want to hurt her. She tells him she realized tat the Hand wasn't what she thought it was. They then share a hug, which Davos sees and disappointingly walks away.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
Animus Vox The Glitch Mob
  • Up on the roof top of Claire Temple's building, Danny Rand tries to center himself enough to recharge his chi though his wound and his emotions block him from gathering the energy.
New Duty Trevor Morris
  • Danny Rand tries to calm Colleen Wing down and advises her that they both have to stop destroying the things around them. They embrace. Davos sees Danny with Colleen and walks away.
  • End credits.



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