"Someone wants you and some kid. You're gonna take us to her."
"Who are they?"
"Listen, asshole, there's one of you, and six–"
―Lead Assassin and Punisher[src]

The Lead Assassin was the criminal sent out of locate Amy Bendix as well as the Punisher, as he had eventually tracked down the Punisher and had attempted to force him into then revealing Bendix's current location, but instead the Punisher quickly outgunned and killed the assassin and his entire crew.


Assassin for Hire

Attack on Frank Castle

"We were looking for five million dollars, and it was stupid enough to show up on its own."
"What are you talking about?"
"Someone's had enough of your shit, Castle. Put a bounty on your head. Where's the girl?"
―Lead Assassin and Punisher[src]

When word got out that somebody was setting out a high reward for anybody who could track down Amy Bendix and the Punisher, the lead assassin got together a small crew to find them. However, while they were relaxing at a bar, they witnessed the Punisher arriving in order to ask Lanie some questions about Jigsaw's Crew. Once the Punisher left, the assassin and his crew followed him outside, intending to go question him. When they turned the corner, however, they found that the Punisher had seemingly already managed to get away from them as they began looking for him.

However, the Punisher simply got behind them and had them cornered, now wearing the vest which the lead assassin merely laughed at. The assassin explained how there was a bounty for five million dollars on the Punisher and Bendix's heads as he demanded to know where Bendix was, although the Punisher denied all knowledge of her. Feeling confident that they had him outgunned, the lead assassin drew his gun, only for the Punisher to draw his and with remarkable speed, shot and killed all of the assassin's crew and wounded him. Putting another bullet in the assassin's other leg, the Punisher got the information he needed and then finished him off.[2]


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