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"This ship is solid. It survived two Karbona solar storms."
Leo Fitz[src]

The Lazy Comet was a spaceship formerly used by Viro to transport cargo across the galaxy for profit, until he was murdered by Leo Fitz and Enoch. The ship was then stolen by Boyle and Toad, until it was retaken by Izel who used it to transport her crew to Earth. It was destroyed by Jaco, who used an Atom Bomb in an attempt to kill Izel and her crew.


Viro's Command

"I patched all your fuel lines and rebuilt your entire tank irrigation system."
"He also increased the efficiency of the CO2 scrubbers by thirty percent, which has the added benefit of making the Xandarian Snails more fertile."
Leo Fitz and Enoch to Viro[src]

The Lazy Comet initially belonged to Viro, a Sivian smuggler who transported various cargo across the galaxy. During a stay on Sivos, Leo Fitz and Enoch were recruited as part of Viro's crew inside the Lazy Comet to ferry a shipment of Xandarian Snails. During the journey, the ship experienced some malfunctions, which were repaired by Fitz, including repairing the fuel lines, rebuilding the irrigation systems and improving the efficiency of the snails' breeding systems. In the meantime, Enoch remained hidden inside the walls of the spacecraft.[1]

Rescue of Sivian Engineers

"It will be challenging to conceal that we have murdered the Controller. The crew will be labeled mutineers, a death sentence in this section of space."
"So we'd need to sneak off the ship."
Enoch and Leo Fitz[src]

Despite everything Leo Fitz had done for the Lazy Comet, his lies were eventually exposed as he failed to behave as a true Sivian would, thus revealing that he was actually a Terran. Enoch was soon found as well by the crew, and they were reported to Viro, who threatened to have both of them ejected from the spacecraft. However, Fitz mentioned that the ship's heat shielding were damaged and offered to repair it for free. Viro agreed, ordering him to also repair the airlock.

Fitz and Enoch proceeded to the repair and then reported to Viro. However, Viro revealed that he planned on keeping them working as his slaves on the spacecraft while he would simply dispose of the rest of the crew by throwing them out of the Lazy Comet. As a result, the engineering crew was put inside the airlock for ejection, but Fitz interfered and went into the airlock as well. He then tricked Viro into opening the wrong airlock, thus ejecting Viro and his guards into outer space. Enoch then shut down the airlock, saving the rest of the crew.

Due to the death of Viro, in order to avoid the crew of the Lazy Comet being labeled as traitors, the spaceship was rerouted to the planet of Kitson instead of its initial destination Naro-Atzia. The Lazy Comet thus left the surroundings of Naro-Atzia right before the S.H.I.E.L.D. Zephyr One arrived.[1]

Ownership of Boyle and Toad

The Lazy Comet on Kitson

"We're just gonna take the snails and the ship, too."

The Lazy Comet thus landed on the planet of Kitson, where it was emptied of his cargo of Xandarian Snails which were sold by Leo Fitz and Enoch to two mercenaries, Boyle and Toad. However, once Boyle and Toad got on the ship and took the snails, they turned their weapons on Fitz and Enoch and simply drove them out of the spaceship, taking it for them. They could not take advantage of it for long, however, since the spaceship was later assaulted by a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents looking for Fitz, with Quake blasting one of the door to enter the ship.[2]

Transporting Izel's Crew

"I'm telling you, this bucket of bolts will never survive a hyper-jump."
"You'll turn us all all into space dust."
Boyle and Toad to Izel[src]

The Lazy Comet was still docked on Kitson when it was approached by Izel, Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, who commandeered it from Boyle and Toad in an attempt to go to Earth, despite Boyle advising them otherwise.[3] Although aware that they were undertaking a risky endeavor, Fitz equipped the Lazy Comet with a Phase Harmonic Teleportation Device provided by Izel, and upon activating it, the spacecraft was transported near the Moon without sustaining any severe damage.

The Lazy Comet enters Earth's atmosphere

While approaching Earth, Fitz and Simmons attempted to repair the communication systems of the ship, hoping to contact Earth and inform S.H.I.E.L.D. of their return, although they were initially largely unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Boyle found Toad's favourite candies on the ship's floor and figured out that something was wrong. Indeed, Izel had turned all the crew members, except for Fitz and Simmons, into Shrike hosts forced to do her bidding. The Lazy Comet then continued its approach to Earth, guided by the Shrike Tower Izel's creatures had built on the planet.[4]

However, the Shrike Tower was eventually destroyed, which puzzled Izel. She ordered Fitz and Simmons to finish their work on the communication systems, else they could end up just like the rest of the crew. Ultimately, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were able to contact fellow agent James Davis in the Zephyr One, but understood that he was in an emergency situation as well. Indeed, Sarge was present in the Zephyr One and indicated that he knew who was in the Lazy Comet: his archenemy Izel. After a tense conversation, Izel ended the communication with the Zephyr One.

Since Fitz and Simmons had recognized Phil Coulson's voice when Sarge was speaking, Izel accused them of having conspired against her. Threatened by the Shrike hosts, Fitz and Simmons thus fled, and decided to hide while several hosts chased them down in the corridors of the Lazy Comet.[5]


On Izel's orders, Boyle took the Lazy Comet back in Earth's upper atmosphere. There, it was approached by a Quinjet crewed by Alphonso Mackenzie, Yo-Yo Rodriguez, James Davis and Jaco. Together, they infiltrated the Lazy Comet, quickly encountering Shrike hosts they took down. Mackenzie and Rodriguez then found Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons as they were being attacked by Boyle and Toad, and handcuffed the Shrike hosts to a nearby pipe, saving their friends in a happy reunion.

Meanwhile, Jaco and Davis made their way through the ship's corridor and spotted Izel. They decided to split up to take her on two fronts, but by the time Jaco arrived, Izel had already taken possession of Davis, thus making believe that she had simply vanished. Jaco and Izel, still acting as Davis, then found the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and decided to leave the Lazy Comet. They went into the ship's airlock, where they used the Spray Paint Transporter portal on Jaco's jacket to evade, returning to Earth on Sarge's Truck.

The Lazy Comet is destroyed

Eventually, only Jaco returned inside the Lazy Comet through another portal he had drawn, and he brought with him an Atom Bomb reclaimed from the truck and initially meant for Izel and the Shrike Tower. As the Shrike hosts moved towards him, Jaco breathed fire and detonated the bomb, obliterating the Lazy Comet and its crew and hoping to have killed Izel as well, unaware that she had escaped with him earlier.[5]


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