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"The World Health Organization will make most of the purchases and subsidize it for third world countries. No one who needs this will be left untreated."
"No one should make a profit off of the misery of others. It's wrong. We need to sell the drug at cost. Period."
―Lawrence Wilkins and Danny Rand[src]

Lawrence Wilkins was a board member of Rand Enterprises who, in the wake of Danny Rand's return to the company, attempted to take control for himself. Wilkins fired Ward and Joy Meachum and blocked Rand from the company, however Harold Meachum then seemingly returned from the dead before he then threatened and murdered Wilkins, making his death appear to be suicide.


Working at Rand Enterprises

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Return of Danny Rand

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Removal of the Meachums

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Assassination of Lawrence Wilkins

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Wilkins was a corrupt executive, resorted to prostitution and diverted part of the company's money to the Cayman Islands. He was always envious of the Meachum family of directing Rand Enterprises and had been yearning for control of Rand. That's why he had the excuse of judging Danny Rand for being a bad businessman, to dismiss Danny, Joy and Ward from his position in order to take command of the family business.


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