"How's he been?"
"Quiet as a mouse. Half dead by the sound of it."
O'Rourke and Lawrence[src]

Officer Lawrence is a member of the New York City Police Department based at the 15th Precinct Police Station.


Lawrence was tasked by Brett Mahoney to guard the room at the Sacred Saints Hospital where New York City Police Department was holding Frank Castle. As he was guarding the door, he let Karen Page, Amy Bendix, and Dinah Madani to speak with handcuffed Castle.

Later, Lawrence was approached by O'Rourke who arrived at his shift to replace him sooner than usual. O'Rourke noted that he managed to catch the express and then asked Lawrence about Castle's condition. Lawrence informed him that Castle is quiet, probably because he is too wounded and exhausted. Lawrence then left Castle's room while O'Rourke replaced him.[1]





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