"The satellite network we need to map the Earth and find the city is controlled by the U.S. Air Force facility at Kaena Point, Oahu, and it's too heavily guarded to infiltrate. Which is why we came to Australia instead. There's a small station here that comes online whenever Kaena Point's feed goes down."
Phil Coulson[src]

Laura Creek Station is a satellite relay station in Laura Creek, Australia that serves as a back up to the relay station at Kaena Point Air Force Base in Oahu, Hawaii.


Infiltration into the Laura Creek Station


"Kiss your wi-fi, your coffee maker, and your top-secret satellite feed goodbye."
"And the Australian site goes online."
"We'll have roughly six minutes to patch a back end into the network."
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

Phil Coulson, Leo Fitz and Antoine Triplett managed to enter the satellite station in Laura Creek. However, Coulson felt that something was wrong inside the station, as there was no personnel.

Coulson contacted Skye, who stayed behind at the Bus to hack the station's satellite network, and informed him that the Electromagnetic Pulse in Kaena Point Air Force Base was about to happen. However, as the pulse activated, Skye lost communication with Coulson, as their communications had been jammed inside the station.

Triplett realized they were being ambushed, as many HYDRA operatives appeared and shot at them. Coulson and Triplett managed to kill many attackers, while Fitz untied the crew of the station.

Fitz pointed that the station had been activated, so Coulson ordered him to find the access point and install the transceiver, as they could not miss the opportunity. Skye, on the other hand, instructed her team of technicians to repair the communications with the station and prepare for using the satellite network as soon as Fitz's transceiver provided access.

Coulson rescued the station crew and instructed them to locked themselves inside a room while Triplett escorted Fitz as he installed the transceiver. Triplett killed another HYDRA operative that was about to shoot Fitz, but he ended up being wounded on the shoulder. Coulson arrived and killed the soldier before he could shoot Triplett again, and went on to tend his wounds.

A man that was with the station crew offered his help, as he was a doctor, and tended Triplett's wounds with Coulson's help. The doctor managed to control the wound, but as Coulson asked him to stabilize and move Triplett, the doctor slipped and called Coulson using his first name.

As the Doctor continued speaking, Coulson realized that man was actually Skye's Father, and quickly grabbed his gun. The doctor explained that he had sliced Triplett's brachial artery; so Triplett would die if he let the clamp that was keeping it together go.

The Doctor asked Coulson and Fitz to gave him their guns; Coulson asked why he was bargaining with Triplett's life. The doctor wanted to use it to buy time to escape, and also to know Coulson a little more. However, he was relieved that Skye was not there, as he wanted to give her a good first impression. Coulson explained that his first impression had been the pile of bodies they found at his clandestine clinic and joining Daniel Whitehall in HYDRA.

The doctor lost his temper when Coulson wanted to say what was good for Skye, arguing that Coulson was not her father, since S.H.I.E.L.D. was responsible for taking her from her family, and he was only using Whitehall for achieving his own goals. Coulson realized they had the same idea for locating the hidden city. The Doctor went on to explain that Whitehall had no idea of the existence of the city or the true nature of the Diviner until he revealed it to him.

Coulson did not know the true nature of the Diviner either, or that there was something inside. Coulson compared it to the Tesseract, but the Doctor did not understand the reference, and got excited when explaining the emotions that were leading them to chase the city, as his daughter would be there, in the center of the events.

Coulson warned the Doctor that Skye would never forgive him if he let Triplett die. He lost control again as Coulson referred to his daughter by that name again, but managed to regain calm and explained to Coulson how to save Triplett to give him time to escape. Coulson threatened that they would find him, and they would end that conversation, something that the Doctor was looking forward to.

S2E8 Trip Faint2

Fitz managed to install the transceiver and Skye hacked the satellite systems from the Bus. She instructed her team to prioritize thermal and ground-penetrating imaging, beginning with a full scan of the Earth to locate the city.

As the Doctor escaped, Coulson and Fitz managed to stabilize Triplett, and got him outside the station.[1]


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