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"Who does Fisk think he is? Summoning us here with no notice."
"Well, he's the only one who can."
―Latymer Zyl and Rosalie Carbone[src]

Latimer Zyl is a criminal figure in New York City.


Kingpin's Offer

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Kingpin's Wedding

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Zyl was a embittered criminal, who had a strong dislike for Wilson Fisk, possibly out of spite of his high status. His spite could be of Fisk becoming a higher figure in the criminal underworld, but simply due to Fisk's domineering personality. Despite his dislike, he would listen to Kingpin's offer when granted. Zyl was on good terms with the Carbone Crime Family, and kept it so in New York. He also didn't like to be bothered or called upon at the last minute, as he questioned by Fisk would summon him and other criminals to his residence, the Presidential Hotel.






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