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"We are family. And yet, no one can replace your mom and dad. They would be very proud of the person you are today. So I would like to dedicate this dance to them."
Chase Stein to Molly Hernandez

Last Waltz is the eleventh episode of the second season of the television series Runaways.


The Runaways are falling apart. Needing a break, they throw Molly a quinceañera. PRIDE ramps up their new arsenal. Frank puts Leslie in a facility to bring her back to the faith. Meanwhile, the mysterious voice Karolina has been hearing becomes real.



Chase Stein and Gert Yorkes are still held captive at the Yorkes Residence by Dale and Stacey Yorkes, who want the Runaways to come home. Dale, although unaware that his wife is actually possessed by the Magistrate's Wife, submits Chase to a truth serum to know the whereabouts of the other teenagers, but things do not go quite as planned as Chase instead begins talking about his sex life with Gert and Dale begins to worry about his wife's behavior. The interrogation is then interrupted by the arrival of Tina Minoru. Tension escalates to the point that the Magistrate's Wife threatens Tina and sends her to be kept in the basement with Chase and Gert. During the imprisonment, the personality of the Magistrate's Daughter possessing Tina resurfaces, which puzzles Gert. Still, Chase and Gert learn that PRIDE is willing to go to war against their children.

Alex Wilder struggles to find where Chase and Gert could be until he stumbles upon Molly Hernandez in the Hostel, who tells him that the previous day was her fifteenth birthday and that she does not want to celebrate it without Gert as she is her family. Wilder thus realizes that Chase will have taken Gert to her parents to be healed, and they decide to plan a rescue mission. Karolina Dean joins in as well, while Nico Minoru remains behind, still exhausted and traumatized after what she did during the Siege of the Hostel. The Runaways storm the Yorkes Residence and manage to release their friends, but are forced to leave Old Lace behind. Once her friends are gone, Nico performs a Wiccan ritual in which she claims to sever her ties with the Staff of One.

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Leslie Dean is submitted to a reindoctrination process by her husband Frank, but as she knows to well how the Church of Gibborim's methods work, the process is mostly unsuccessful. As a result, Frank sends Leslie to the Crater, where she is welcomed by a woman going under the name of S4E2R. Leslie remains rebellious towards S4E2R and her gentle talking into reindoctrination, but is surprised when the woman mentions Leslie's new pregnancy. Later, Leslie manages to sneak out of her room and accesses S4E2R, realizing that she actually her long gone mother, Susan Ellerh. Leslie tries to have Ellerh come back to her senses, but to no avail.

Janet Stein remains reluctant at the idea of using newly developed weapons against the Runaways to force them to come home, and instead convinces her husband Victor to appeal to Chase's emotions to make him come back. Victor comes up with a way to call all phones in the area and use voice recognition to find Chase.


The Runaways return to the Hostel, and Hernandez has a breakdown, expressing her distress that they have to face horrible ordeals despite their young age, mentioning everything bad that happened to them, including the fact that their parents are criminals and how they lost people such as Amy Minoru or Darius Davis. To cheer the team up, Wilder decides that the Runaways will hold a birthday party for Hernandez and go shopping for the special occasion. While doing so, Karolina is approached by a mysterious woman introducing herself as Xavin, who disappears shortly afterwards.

While preparing for the party, Chase voices his doubts to Wilder that the Runaways will ever be able to win against PRIDE, although Wilder insists that they will bring their parents to justice. Moreover, Chase receives a phone call from his father, who explains that he is sick once again and that he wants to see Chase again before he dies. Therefore, Chase joins in the party, during which the Runaways can finally share a moment of genuine happiness together, but then decides to leave the Runaways. Although he initially plans of quietly leaving, he is confronted by Gert, who calls him a coward and forces him to say goodbye to the team, leaving them heartbroken.


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