For the real Lash, see Lash
"Here. Watch this. It's low-res, but it's all I could salvage from one of the D.W.A.R.F.s."
"This can't be."
Leo Fitz and Melinda May[src]

Lash was an illusion of the real Lash which was manifested from the Fear Dimension and tried to protect the rift before being destroyed by Deathlok.


Realised Fear

Protecting the Rift

The illusion of the original Lash was generated by the Fear Dimension out of Melinda May's mind. Lash's illusion remained in the underground levels of the Lighthouse, where it roamed around the space-time rift which manifested all the other illusions, protecting it. Leo Fitz discovered its presence after analyzing the video feed of a destroyed D.W.A.R.F. sent to investigate the place after the explosion of the Kree Orb.

Deathlok vs Lash TRD

Lash's illusion being destroyed by Deathlok

Phil Coulson chose to risk his life to put a Gravity Containment Device in the rift in order to close it. He was confronted by an illusion of Mike Peterson which was destroyed by the real Deathlok. After that, the illusion of Lash arrived and tried to kill them both to protect the rift, but it was easily destroyed by Deathlok.[1]




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