"It's a locker full of confiscated weapons. Some of the juiciest killware I've seen in ages. Look at that laser cannon."
Rocket Raccoon[src]

The Laser Cannon, or Rifle Cannon, is a weapon obtained by Rocket Raccoon from a confiscated weapons case in a customs station in the Uptown district of The Hub. It became his weapon of choice after leaving the station, carrying it on various bounty hunting missions.



Hired by Sqqd'li, an employee of the crime-lord Zade Scraggot, to retrieve a package being held in the highly secure Uptown district of The Hub, Rocket Raccoon and his partner Groot successfully infiltrated the customs stations in which the package was being held.

However, after selling his Ion Cannon, Rocket could not resist the urge to obtain a new weapon, breaking a confiscated weapon case and obtaining a Laser Cannon, drawing the attention of other Hub security members in the process.

GotGP Rocket 2

Rocket Raccoon then used the weapon to shoot at the security guards and to blast open one of the bay doors of the station and exit to outer space.

After changing the deal with Scraggot and rescuing the Scalluscs retrieved from the Uptown district, Rocket and Groot had a brief scuffle with Scraggot and his men, with Rocket using his newly obtained Laser Cannon in the gunfight.[1]

Later Uses

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Rocket Raccoon aiming at Star-Lord

While pursuing Star-Lord after finding that the outlaw had a large bounty on his head, Rocket used the Laser Cannon to temporarily incapacitate him. However, Rocket was forced to drop the weapon when the Nova Corps arrived on the scene and placed him, Groot, Quill, and the assassin, Gamora, under arrest.

However, Rocket had managed to retrieve it during the resulting prison breakout and attempted to shoot Drax with it during a drunken stupor.[2]


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