"Maybe you should send 'em both to the hospital. Let the staties have this one, Roy."
"This is our town."
"And they ain't from it."
Evans and Roy Hardin[src]

Larkville is a small town in the state of Ohio.


Taking Shelter

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In order to get away from mercenaries, Frank Castle, together with Amy Bendix, drove his van out of Michigan and reached to Ohio. Castle decided to drive to Larkville and arrived at Tides Motel. Outside of motel, he had Bendix rent a room for them. When she did it, Castle drove the van to their room, where he came to the bathroom to remove the bullet from his back and demanded Bendix to stitch his wound.

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When she was done, Bendix attempted to escape again, only to be caught by Castle. He tied Bendix to bed, gagged her and went to his bed to sleep. Later, Castle untied Bendix and asked to tell her what she hid from him. Bendix kept insisting that she did not know anything and Castle took photographic films from her pocket. After a brief discussion about events of the previous night, Castle was going to leave for a while. When he took his tape to tie Bendix again she asked Castle no to tie her up, promising that she will not escape anymore. However, Castle did not believe her and tied her again before leaving the room.[1]

Ambush at the Tides Motel

Later, Frank Castle rented another room at the Tides Motel and broke the wall to there with a crowbar. At night, Castle spotted several mercenaries outside of the motel. Planning ambush, Castle gave Amy Bendix handgun for self-defense what she used to threaten Castle and force him to let her go. However, Castle said to her that if she wants to shot him, she must do it because he is not going to let her go. Bendix could not kill Castle and put her gun down.

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Meanwhile, mercenaries led by Marlena Olin prepared to storm the room and eliminate Castle and Bendix. Breaking into the room, mercenaries shot up all places where they could hide. However, they actually covered in the hole made by Castle and he used his opportunity to kill hostiles and emerged into the firefight with another mercenary.

While Castle managed to kill his enemy, Bendix was assaulted by Olin only to be knocked down by Castle. Together with Bendix, he attempted to capture her but Olin woke up and attempted to reach to the weapon. Castle then shot her in the leg and held her in the gunpoint, demanding to tell everything that he wanted to know. Bendix attempted to steal Castle's van however before she could escape, she was halted by Larkville Police Department officers which arrested Bendix, as well as Castle and Olin.[1]


"I'm in Ohio, police precinct, small town called Larkville."
Frank Castle to Dinah Madani[src]

While Evans were treating Castle and Olin's wounds, Roy Hardin questioned Bendix who stated that they kidnapped her. Deciding not to contact the state police, Hardin ordered Dobbs to put their identities into the system. Castle then exercised his right to a phone call and contacted Dinah Madani, however, she refused to help Castle. Hardin then questioned Castle about the shootout, ignoring his warnings and placed him and Olin into the cells with Bruce Ogden, while Bendix was held as potential victim and witness.[1]

The police were able to discover Bendix's multiple identities, finding it suspicious. Pressured by Hardin, Bendix confessed that Castle, in fact, saved her from Olin and her subordinates. Hardin then visited Castle and Olin at their cells, telling them about the information the police found. Olin claimed that her people will not leave her at the cell and Hardin better to let her go what Hardin simply ignored, even when Castle confirmed her words.

Later, the station was visited by Ferrara and John Pilgrim. Ferrera stated that the state police sent him to pick up Hardin's prisoners on suspicion in drug trafficking. However, Hardin and Dobbs noted that he had no documents or official statements and refused to handle their prisoners to him, as they were not accused yet. While Hardin denied any Ferrara attempts to convince him, Pilgrim made a cryptic threat to him before leaving the station.[2]

Attack on Larkville County Sheriff Station

As soon as Ferrara and John Pilgrim left the precinct, Pilgrim ordered mercenaries to cut the building out of the power. The police officers had found out that all mobile and radio communications were also jammed. Roy Hardin realized that the station was going to be attacked and ordered officers to prepare for a fight and try to reestablish their communications. Amy Bendix informed Hardin that Pilgrim and his men came for her and asked him to let her go what Hardin ignored once again.


Hardin ordered to bring Frank Castle at the office and demanded to tell everything that led in their current situations. Castle told Hardin and rest of the police officers about the confrontation with mercenaries at Lola's Roadhouse and the Tides Motel. Castle attempted to convince Hardin to let them go once again, noting that Pilgrim's mercenaries will not stop until everyone at the station die.

Hardin refused to let the prisoners go and ordered Ogden to drive away from the station and call the state police for help. As Hardin, Murphy, and Dobbs covered Ogden from the inside, he reached the vehicle and attempted to drive. However, he was shot in the chest by Pilgrim before he could leave, and Hardin took him back to the station. Pilgrim noted that Hardin will survive only with medical assistance, and Hardin has to give prisoners to him or every officer in the building will die.

While officers were treating Ogden's wound, the station was attacked by Pilgrim's mercenaries. Hardin and the officers attempted to fight back, however, several hostiles bypassed the crossfire and broke into the building. As they released Marlena Olin from her cell, they attempted to kill the officers. However, Castle managed to free himself and quickly take down every single mercenary in the station, saving the officers.

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Reluctantly, Hardin allowed Castle to deal with the mercenaries outside of the station. Much to their shock, Hardin and other police officers witnessed Castle shooting down every single hostile by himself. As most of them were killed by Castle, the Homeland Security had arrived to assist the Larkville Police Department. Dinah Madani personally asked Hardin to allow Castle to go with her and keep his involvement in secret what Hardin accepted. Hardin allowed her to take Castle and Bendix to return to New York City.[2]



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