"Feels like a place in a movie where you'd buy a clone."
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The Landman and Zack Building is the headquarters for the law firm Landman and Zack.


Internship at Landman and Zack

Defending Roxxon Energy Corporation

A team of lawyers headed by Parish Landman was hired to represent the Roxxon Corporation. The team, that included interns Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson, filled a countersuit against a man that had previously accused the company of serious damages to his health.

In a meeting with that man and his lawyer, Landman announced that Roxxon denied any culpability in the diagnosis, and they were going to pursue damages in order to defend Roxxon's patents as the man shared details of his work in a plant in Londonderry regarding the extraction and refinement process.

The man was surprised to hear that, and tried to explain that the only person he told anything was his doctor so he could guess what has happening to him. Murdock, who was able to hear the man's heartbeat from across the room, realized the man was telling the truth.

The man and his lawyer, realizing they could do nothing against such a big law firm, asked for a minute to discuss how to proceed.[1]

Quitting the Firm

Foggy Nelson return to the room where he worked with Matt Murdock as an intern at Landman and Zack, to announce him that, according to one of their colleagues, the firm was going to offer them an actual job as they were finishing their internship.

Nelson was excited about the new job, as they would not intern in a broom closet anymore and they would have their own office as they dreamed in college. However, Murdock had a stern look on his face that Nelson recognized, and Murdock revealed he had been reading his favorite fragment of Thurgood Marshall's acceptance speech for the Liberty Bell Award. Nelson already knew what meant, and Murdock began to read it again despite having done it in fron of Nelson a million times.

Murdock asked if what happened with the man that was accused of damages by the Roxxon Corporation was right despite the company caused him a terminal illness, and Nelson, who agreed in that it was not, according to the law, Roxxon was right in defending itself if the man had disclosed trade secrets. Murdock knew the man did not revealed anything to anyone else than his doctor, but he could not prove it, so Murdock simply stated he had a feeling. Nelson reminded him that "feelings" were not admissible in a court.

Murdock simply asked Nelson if he wanted to be a part of the system that protected corporations from people that needed help, and Nelson proposed to enter into Landman and Zacka and become partners. Murdock already guessed that plan, and it would meant to change the system from inside in 10 or 15 years while driving to the to work in Bentleys.

Nelson tried to convince him, saying that other interns would kill for the opportunity they had, and Murdock guessed those were the kind of people they should not be working with. Giving up, Nelson emptied a box, explaining that he was going to steal as many bagels as he could, as with Murdock as a partner, he did not know when he would be able to afford a real meal.

Murdock laughed, and promised they would get by. Jokingly, Nelson prompted Murdock to go and save the world, calling him Mother Teresa, and the two friends bumped their fists.[1]

Lawyers Meeting

Foggy Nelson and Karen Page visited the Landman and Zack Building to speak to the opposing lawyers in a tenancy case. Page was impressed by the building, commenting it looked like a place to buy a clone or a robot baby.

Nelson approached the counter, and announced his arrival. Marci Stahl descended to the entrance and greeted him, calling Nelson "Foggy Bear". Nelson was surprised to see Stahl there, as she had been working for Landman and Zack since Nelson and Matt Murdock left.

Stahl asked about Murdock, wondering if he had already left Nelson, and telling Page that Nelson had commitment issues. Nelson denied the statement and clarified that Murdock was just taking care of something else. Trying to end the conversation, Nelson said they had an appointment, but Stahl clarified that their appointment was with her.

Nelson was surprised that Stahl was Tully's lawyer, but she clarified that she was just part of the team, and since the rest of members were doing what she defined as "real work", she had been sent to deal with Nelson. Stahl even dismissed the importance of the case, saying that Nelson's client, Elena Cardenas, only had two options, to agree with the buyout or wait until an eviction.

Page complained that the workment that Tully sent acted illegally and busted the whole apartment, but Stahl said that they were making requested repairs, which never finished out of fear for their own safety due to the alleged criminals that lived there, such as junkies and drug dealers. Page got tired of the disrespect that Stahl showed to Cardenas, correcting her when she misspelled Cardenas' last name

Stahl then tried to make her point, saying that trying to renovate that building was actually doing the city a favor, and explained that the case was Cardenas' word versus Tully's, and there too many similar cases pending throughout the city, so Nelson should urge her client to accept the offer.

Nelson calmed himself and then retaliated Stahl's arguments, saying that the reason they were trying to force Cardenas to accept was they had fear that she and her neighbors would find a way to gain their homes. Besides, the illegal and physical way of forcing tenants out of rent-controlled homes would mean that Tully would lose the condominiums he wanted to build, and Landman and Zack would lose Tully as a client.

Nelson then pointed that Stahl's strategy was to want Nelson think that they had no leverage when they actually had all of them, so he said they would meet again in a court, where Nelson would, according to his own words, absolutely dismantle Stahl.

Stahl, impressed with Nelson's arguments, said that he would have been a great lawyer at Landman and Zack and he should have never left. However, Nelson told her that she should have never started working there, as she was good when she still had a soul.

As they were leaving, Page asked Nelson about the "Foggy Bear" nickname, and Nelson revealed he used to date Stahl, much to Page's surprise, but Nelson simply hurried her to leave the building as soon as they could.[2]

Arrest of Wilson Fisk's Associates

All over New York City, FBI agents were deployed to pursue and arrest Wilson Fisk's associates, as their involvement in Fisk's crimes was made public by former Detective Carl Hoffman.

Parish Landman headed to the Landman and Zack Building in his car, parking it in his reserved parking place. Upon descending from the car, he was surrounded by FBI agents, arresting him for his association with Fisk's crimes. Marci Stahl, who was inside her car, watched as Landman was arrested, and could not help to smile for that.[3]


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