"The very fabric of reality is gonna be torn apart."
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"Don't call me that! I'm his evil clone, Lan Stee!"
Clark Gregg and Lan Stee[src]

Lan Stee, also known as The Mastermind, is the evil clone of Stan Lee.


Stee hired a criminal whom he gave the alias Alex Mind to infiltrate the set of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a production assistant and find spoilers that he could then leak online. Mind located some images in the Directors' office and took photographs of them, successfully sending them to Stee.[2]

Mind put up several cameras in ABC Studios to allow Stee to track his progress more closely. Stee tasked him with finding the Writers' office, as it would contain all of the secrets they needed. Mind was unsuccessful, but took some photos of set images and concept art from the art department, sending them to Stee.[3]

Mind sent Stee some images of strange markings on a wall. Mind then found the script for the episode Melinda and took pictures of the pages and sent them to Stee, but was almost caught when the studio was placed on lockdown after it was discovered that show spoilers had been leaked online. However, it was discovered that Sam had stolen a script and she was apprehended by Marvel Security. Mind assured Stee that despite the complication he would continue his mission. Stee attempted to decode the markings, but they were revealed to be nonsense.[4]

Mind was given the job of bringing the editors their lunch after Sam was fired. Stee suggested he use this to his advantage and download the Season Two finale from Chris Cheramie's computer. Mind did so successfully, but was found by Dirk, the head of Marvel Security. His cover blown, Mind escaped through the back exit, but was pursued by Dirk.[5]

Mind reached Stee's hideout once he had lost his pursuit from Marvel Security. Stee began uploading the finale but noticed that Mind was still wearing his lanyard, which he pointed out was traceable. Marvel Security arrived, stopped the upload and arrested them. Clark Gregg contacted them and tried to persuade Stee to wait for the finale like everyone else, but Stee refused to surrender. Gregg then ordered Marvel Security to take Stee and Mind to the Fridge.[1]





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  • Lan Stee uses both of Stan Lee's catchphrases: "'Nuff said!" and "Excelsior!"


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