"What, you guys can't do anything without Connors? What am I not getting here?"
"Everything, cause you're not from here, O'Reilly."
Brigid O'Reilly and Lafayette[src]

Lafayette is a police officer with the New Orleans Police Department.


Captivity of Johnson and O'Reilly

"Listen, I get you're afraid, we all are. Most of the time we have a good reason to be. But right now I need you to find a reason to be just, to protect us. Look, you took an oath, and right now, you have two lives in your hands. Understand that power. Please."
Tyrone Johnson to Lafayette[src]

Lafayette was left to guard the supply room in which James Connors had imprisoned Brigid O'Reilly and Tyrone Johnson after their arrest. O'Reilly tried to convince him to release them, but failed, with Lafayette showing his disgust towards her due to her status as an outsider. Johnson then gave a speech highlighting how Lafayette, as a police officer, had taken an oath to protect people like Johnson.

Whilst Lafayette initially showed hostility towards Johnson, responding angrily when Johnson negatively compared him to Kenneth Fuchs, he was ultimately swayed by the speech. Lafayette was about to release O"Reilly and Johnson when his colleague Daniels arrived, informing him that Connors had placed the New Orleans Police Department Station under lockdown. Backtracking on his change of heart, Lafayette asked Daniels to look after the prisoners whilst he left the room.[1]

Attack on New Orleans Police Department Station

"What was that guy on?"

Lafayette was still present in the New Orleans Police Department Station when a Terror burst in and began attacking the police officers. When the Terror was put down, Lafayette wondered what had motivated the man's rage, only to find out that one of his colleague having touched the Terror became one himself. Lafayette was then forced to fight against the multitude of Terrors who invaded the police station. Knocking a Terror with a chair, he directed Cloak to the room where his cloak had been stored, shooting a Terror in the knee and covering Cloak and Brigid O'Reilly's retreat in the storage room.

Lafayette managed to keep the Terrors at bay long enough for Cloak to return and give him a taser gun, which Lafayette used to distract the Terrors and guide them towards Cloak, who wanted to gather all the Terrors in one spot. Once Cloak successfully rounded up the Terrors in the same room, Lafayette was ordered to close the door so that the Terrors would not infect anyone else.[1]



  • Handgun: As a NOPD officer, Lafayette carried a standard handgun. He used it to shoot a Terror in the knee during an invasion of the New Orleans Police Department Station.
  • Taser Gun: During the same invasion, Lafayette was given a taser gun by Cloak in order to distract the Terrors and to direct them towards Cloak.






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