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"Two years ago the Lady of the Lake Killer dropped two dead women in Echo Park Lake. I led a task force with manhunts, press conferences and everything."
"Never caught the bastard. He disappeared, until today."
Andrew Henry and Daniel Sousa[src]

The Lady of the Lake Killer was a serial killer active in Los Angeles in the 1940s.


"The killer's signature is to switch his victims' shoes."

In 1945, the Lady of the Lake Killer murdered two women and dumped their bodies in Echo Park Lake. The killer stabbed both victims several times and adopted the signature of switching the victims' shoes. Detective Andrew Henry of the Los Angeles Police Department led a task force in an attempt to catch the killer, but their attempts were unsuccessful and the killer's identity remained a mystery.

In 1947, the killer was believed to have returned when the corpse of Jane Scott was found in Echo Park Lake, which had been frozen in one of the hottest days of the year. However, the body was placed there by Detective Henry on the orders of Whitney Frost and Calvin Chadwick, as Chadwick had been having an affair with Scott, to avoid damaging their reputations and to revive the case after Henry's resources had been pulled.[1]




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