La Martinique was a night club active in New York City during the 1940s, owned by Spider Raymond. The attendants were usually members of New York City's upper class. Raymond used the club as a cover for his own illegal activities, especially black market deals.


Night at La Martinique


Spider Raymond, the owner of La Martinique, oversaw the ambiance in his night club before going to his office in order to discuss with Leet Brannis the sale of Nitramene, a formula developed by Howard Stark and stolen from his vault.

Raymond asked Brannis about the properties of the Nitramene and the rest of the content retrieved from Stark's vault, jokingly asking if Jane Russell's number was also there too. Seeing that Brannis did not say a single word, Raymond went on with the transaction, offering him a deal for any other items he could possibly obtain, and Brannis abandoned the club.


Peggy Carter, undercover as a blonde lady, was offered to dance by one of the patrons attending the club, to which she politely refused, and went on to find Raymond. Carter approached one of Raymond's bouncers, asking him to see his boss, and being allowed entrance knowing Raymond's taste for blonde women.

Carter prepared herself for the meeting using Sweet Dreams Lipstick, and entered Raymond's office, who was delighted by having a beautiful woman flirting with him; however, he tried to dismiss Carter as soon as she mentioned the formula for the Nitramene.

Carter flirted more aggressively in order to keep his interest, explaining that she had friends interested in buying the formula, and she even could offer him more than the buyer he surely already had could offer. Raymond told Carter that he was not carrying the formula, and went on to passionately kiss Carter.

One of Raymond's men entered the office to announce that someone was waiting for him, but seeing Raymond kissing Carter, the subordinate did not want to interrupt his boss.

Nitramene Carter

Peggy Carter discovers the Nitramene

Raymond lost consciousness due to Carter's lipstick, and she then searched for the Nitramene, opening Raymond's vault with her Pick-Lock Wristwatch. Carter was surprised to see that the Nitramene was not just a theoretical formula anymore, as it had been weaponized into a full bomb.

Carter called Edwin Jarvis at his residence, to inform him about the Nitramene and how it had been turned into a functional weapon. Jarvis left the dinner he was preparing for his wife and went on to look for Stark's notes regarding the Nitramene.

Jarvis explained that if the Nitramene had an orange glow, exactly as the sample Carter found had, it would reached peak volatility which could result in an implosion with a blast radius of 500 yards. The only way to prevent it from imploding was a solution of sodium hydrogen carbonate and acetate, that Carter already knew how to prepare.

Jarvis also warned Carter not to touch the core to the containment ring, as it would cause a core overload, and ended their conversation to attend his wife; despite Carter telling Jarvis that the job they were doing had "after-hours requirements", so did his wife.


Agents Jack Thompson, Ray Krzeminski and Yauch arrived at the night club, and one of the bouncers quickly recognized them as members of the law enforcement, asking them if they had a warrant or had come to the club to socialize. Thompson asked if they could do both, as he was sure nobody would mind if the three agents took a look around the club.

The bouncer went to ask one of his colleagues to inform Raymond of their arrival, while a man in Green Suit noticed something was happening. As the tall bouncer entered Raymond's office, he saw Carter trying to leave and an unconscious Raymond. Carter quickly knocked him out before he could grab his weapon, and left the office, coming across the man in Green Suit.

Carter saw Thompson, Yauch and Krzeminski in the club, and avoided being discovered by accepting the dance that a customer proposed her as she arrived.

In her office, Raymond regained consciousness and realized that the blonde woman had stolen the Nitramene from his safe. The man in Green Suit entered the office, and though Raymond tried to explain that the blonde woman had the Nitramene, the man killed Raymond and stole his agenda.

Carter avoided Thompson once again, and thanked the man for the dance, leaving the club in a hurry and taking a taxi from the Lucky Star Cab Company to return to her apartment.

Thompson, Yauch and Krzeminski stormed Raymond's office, finding his corpse on the floor, and realizing that they spent many time changing their clothes. Thompson ordered to seal the exits of the club, but both Carter and the man in Green Suit had already left the club.[1]


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