"And I thought she chose this place for the ambiance."
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The La Comtesse Furieuse[1] is a restaurant.


A Date with Raina


Raina arranged a meeting with Phil Coulson at a restaurant, as she wanted to discuss a very urgent matter. Coulson deployed Lance Hunter, whom Raina did not know, undercover as another customer, while Agents Melinda May and Skye were waiting inside the kitchen as tactical support, despite the chef's complaints.

Hunter was surprised by Raina's appearance, that an apparently harmless woman made them deploy such an operative. Raina sat with Coulson and started talking to him, surprising Hunter again, as it appeared that she was hitting on Coulson; May explained that it was what she usually did.

Coulson went directly to the matter, saying that he would obtain what he wanted from her, and Raina noticed how Coulson had changed since their last encounter; he said that it might be because, during that last encounter, Coulson was being tortured with the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine.

Coulson prompted her to reveal the location of the Obelisk, as it was too dangerous to be used given the amount of death it had already caused. Raina, knowing more than Coulson about its nature, said that it was only the beginning, and they both wanted the same thing.

In order to coerce him, Raina revealed that HYDRA was looking for a spy, and threatened to send an incriminating image of Jemma Simmons to every HYDRA operative at the HYDRA Laboratories. Coulson warned her about how he disliked threats, and Raina revealed what she wanted in return, to take Skye with her; if he agreed, she would delete the file.

Coulson angrily wondered the reason for allowing that, which would prevent HYDRA employees from receiving the file, and started a countdown to automatically send the file. What she wanted from Skye was very simple, as she only wanted to take her with her father, and save herself from a difficult situation.

Skye, still in the kitchen with May, wanted to hand herself in order to meet her father and also save Simmons, being sure that Raina knew her father as Grant Ward had revealed it during their last conversation.

Raina prompted Coulson to let Skye decide, being sure that she had listened to the whole conversation, taunting her saying that her father loved her and he had been searching for her since she was taken from him against his will. Raina appealed to Coulson's goodness to convince him, but Coulson refused, greatly surprising Raina.

May had to stop Skye, who wanted to turn herself in; May assured her that Simmons was not in danger, as Coulson was not in danger, though she doubted his judgment due to having been succumbed to the side effects of the GH.325

Raina tried to convince Coulson, and, seeing her countdown was coming to a close, even begged, though Coulson did not even say a word. Finally, the file was sent, and Raina lost her leverage.[2]

True Motives

Raina, having lost the opportunity she had to blackmail Phil Coulson, was forced to reveal her motivations to offer Coulson a deal, and Coulson correctly guessed that HYDRA forced her to give them the Obelisk, and the reason she wanted to take Skye was that the Obelisk was in her father's possession.


Coulson saw Raina was scared of that man, something that was not usual in her, and she assured that he was a very dangerous man. Raina begged Coulson to imprison her, as Daniel Whitehall would kill her for not giving him the Obelisk. As part of his plan, Coulson had Lance Hunter to inject a Tracker inside Raina, using her to locate Whitehall, though he would save her once Whitehall found her, depending on her usefulness. He suggested that she should start by revealing where Skye's Father was located.[2]

Planning a Raid

Lance Hunter accompanied Raina to the exit of the restaurant, believing that Phil Coulson let her go too easy, and despite her cold answer, he wished her good luck.

Coulson reunited with Melinda May to coordinate their investigation of the address Raina gave them, where they could supposedly find Skye's Father, that was near the restaurant. As they both deactivated their communications, May reminded Coulson about what Richard Lumley told them when they first uncovered some secrets about Skye's past, and maybe Skye's Father was the one who killed Lumley's partners and made him hide for more than 20 years.

Coulson then ordered Hunter to run surveillance on the site and had May check the police scanners to make sure there were no patrols in the area, but then realized that Skye had gone alone to locate her father.[2]

Behind the Scenes

The scenes inside La Comtesse Furieuse were shot inside the Cicada restaurant in the iconic James Oviatt Building in downtown Los Angeles, which is on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.


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