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"Agent LT Koenig. Sorry about kicking your candy ass."
―LT Koenig to James Davis[src]

LT Koenig is a veteran S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and the elder sister of Eric, Billy, Sam, and Thurston Koenig. Following a mission to hide the Darkhold, which she did with her brothers, Koenig learnt that Billy had been captured by the Watchdogs, as she then regrouped with Sam and helped in the rescue mission.


Early Life

Growing up with Brothers

"So, what was it like growing up with four of them?"
"There was a lot of crying."
"They picked on you?"
"I picked on them. It was fun. The laundry was disgusting, enough DNA to make a clone army."
Quake and LT Koenig[src]

LT Koenig grew up with her four younger brothers, who were named EricSam, Billy and Thurston, whom she would often pick on, while also being disgusted by the boys' dirty laundry. Koenig eventually joined S.H.I.E.L.D., and encouraged all her siblings to do so as she helped them get into the organization except for Thurston, who then declined due to his opposition against the organization. While Koenig had become a special agent, Billy and Sam joined the Life-Model Decoy Program, as Eric was charged with protecting the Providence base, only to lose his life when Grant Ward had murdered him, with Koenig believing that Eric died a hero, while protecting his allies.[1]

Hiding the Darkhold

Operation Hot Potato

"It was Operation Hot Potato. Pass it back and forth, keep it moving. Billy was the last to have it so my guess is he put it in the Labyrinth."
―LT Koenig to Phil Coulson[src]

While they were working with S.H.I.E.L.D., Koenig had fallen out of contact with her brothers, as Sam would write post-it notes to himself, reminding him to get back into contact with his sister.[2] The Koenigs eventually reconnected, once they were recruited by Phil Coulson, to handle the removal of the Darkhold, as Coulson believed that only the Koenigs could be entrusted with the book. After receiving the book from Sam, Koenig then passed it onto Billy who hid it in the S.H.I.E.L.D vault known as the Labyrinth.[1]

Reunion with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Koenig being picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents

"What happened to you? We had the same parents, same teachers, same liquor cabinet. Your brothers toughened up, joined the cause."
"Yeah, that worked out great for Eric. He'd still be alive if it wasn't for you!"
"Eric died so good people could live and do good things! What good have you done for the world?"
―LT Koenig and Thurston Koenig[src]

Koenig had attended an evening at The Soul Patch, where Thurston Koenig would be performing one of his sets. However, while Thurston got onto the stage and performed his own set about the concept of television programming their viewers, while accusing S.H.I.E.L.D. and Tony Stark of being a cause, Koenig had then noticed James Davis and Daisy Johnson were watching Thurston closely. Suspecting something was wrong, Koenig got behind Davis and held her gun on him, ordering him outside, only for Davis to try and defend himself, resulting in Koenig throwing him onto his back.

Koenig getting reunited with Phil Coulson

While Johnson ordered Koenig to drop the gun, they were interrupted by the arrival of Phil Coulson, causing Koenig to lower her gun, while Thurston then confronted Koenig for ruining his act, although Koenig insisted that he was doing that all by himself. As Thurston attempted to order the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents out from the building, Koenig simply responded by then shooting him with her I.C.E.R., before introducing herself and explaining her relation with Thurston. Coulson explained to Koenig that they were sent by Sam Koenig, since Billy Koenig was in trouble, as Koenig had then helped Davis back onto his feet.

Koenig mocks Thurston Koenig's complaints

Koenig and Thurston were then given their lift onboard the Quinjet to Zephyr One, where they were Sam, as Thurston had then confronted their sister for shooting him with an I.C.E.R., as she told him to stop whining about everything, while Sam had insisted that they had been brought onto Zephyr One for his own protection, although Thurston insisted that he did not want anything to do with S.H.I.E.L.D., which Koenig and Sam rolled their eyes about, as Koenig questioned why Thurston was like this, while also noting how they had grown up with the same parents, same teachers and the same liquor cabinet.

Koenig is brought into a hug with her brothers

Koenig then reminded Thurston of how all of his brothers had since toughened up and joined S.H.I.E.L.D., to which Thurston noted that this resulted with Eric Koenig being murdered by Grant Ward, which he blamed on Koenig. However, while Koenig then insisted that Eric died for a purpose and had questioned what Thurston had done for the world, Sam finally stepped in and reminded them that they were family and Eric would not have wanted this tension. As Sam brought his siblings in for his hug, Koenig then responded by punching him in the gut, noting that he had simply left himself open for the punch.

Koenig telling Sam Koenig to man back up

As Sam complained that they were having a family moment that she had ruined, Koenig told him to grow back his balls, as Thurston then questioned if he could go home yet. However, Coulson then rejoined them, as he informed Thurston that he would have to remain on their plane for his own safety, as he had his agents take him into his room, much to Thurston's considerable annoyance at the situation. Koenig and Sam had then joined Johnson, who then explained that they had finally gotten a lead on who had kidnapped Billy from all her research into those men who had attacked both of them at the Arcade.

Koenig listening to Phil Coulson's briefing

Koenig and Sam listened closely to Johnson, as she explained that she had discovered that their Russian assassins had been working for Anton Ivanov, since they had left the SVR, as he was a wealthy industrialist all with interests all over the globe. While Coulson noted that Ivanov could be the source for Ellen Nadeer's funding, Johnson also noted that Ivanov was also an avid collector of military antiques, which had included his own Submarines, with Coulson noting that if they found Ivanov, then they would be able to locate Billy, while Sam had noted that they at least knew that the Darkhold was still safe.

Koenig explaining where the Darkhold is now

However, Koenig then awkwardly revealed that the worse news was that she had given the Darkhold back to Billy during their Operation Hot Potato, as a means of ensuring that it was difficult to keep track of it's location. Koenig confessed that Billy was the last one of them to have the Darkhold, which would likely mean that Billy would have taken it to the Labyrinth, while Coulson noted that only the Koenigs knew of the location of the Labyrinth, and therefore they would need to get into the Labyrinth, before Holden Radcliffe and Ivanov gained all of that information from Billy and then locate the Darkhold.[1]

Showdown in the Labyrinth

Koenig and Daisy Johnson in the Labyrinth

"We've got company!"
"Hey! What's going on?"
"Three men, armed, heading our way, and they've got Billy."
"Alright, you take this, we'll handle it."
―LT Koenig and Sam Koenig[src]

As they arrived into the Labyrinth, Koenig was ordered to keep watch with Daisy Johnson, while Sam Koenig went to find the Darkhold. As they stood at the doorway for the Labyrinth, Koenig then spoke with Johnson, who asked what it had been like to grow up with those four Koenig brothers, to which she admitted that there was a lot of crying, and as Johnson had questioned if this was due to the brothers picking on her, Koenig admitted that she picked on them. While noting that their childhood was fun, Koenig claimed the laundry was disgusting, as there was enough DNA there to make a clone army.

Koenig warning about the Watchdogs coming

However, as they had been guarding the doors, Koenig and Johnson had seen three members of the Watchdogs were approaching, while they held Billy Koenig at gunpoint. Having witnessed this, Koenig had then rushed to Phil Coulson and Melinda May to explain their current situation, finding Coulson and May in the middle of their first kiss, as Sam was coming out from the vault with the Darkhold. Once Koenig had told them about these Watchdogs arriving with Billy, Koenig and Sam went to deal with it themselves, while they handed the Darkhold over to May, in order to ensure that it did not get into their hands.

Koenig and Sam negotiating for Billy Koenig

Koenig and Sam greeted the Watchdogs, as Tucker Shockley held a gun to Billy's head and had promised that they would give Koenig his brother back, as long as Koenig handed the Darkhold over to them, although Sam denied the fact that Billy was his brother, despite them actually being identical. However, Coulson had then arrived with the Darkhold, and promised to give this to Shockley if they let Billy go, as he threw him the book, before Shockley let Billy walk free. As Koenig greeted his brother, she then promised that he would be okay, with a confused Billy only saying that they had taken away his puppy.

Koenig and Sam Koenig subdue a Watchdog

However, just as Shockley attempted to escape with the Darkhold, it was thrown out of his hands by Quake's shockwave, as Coulson and Koenig drew their I.C.E.R.s and shot back at these Watchdogs, with Sam commenting on how cool Quake was. Coulson ordered Koenig and Sam to get Billy and escape to a Quinjet, before they witnessed Shockley subduing Quake with his Taser Rod, allowing several more Watchdogs to attack, while Koenig and Sam ran for cover. During the fight, a Watchdog got too close to the Koenigs, as Koenig and Sam then subdued him together before they had escaped together.[1]

Reunion of the Koenigs

Koenig and James Davis talk to Phil Coulson

"Well, Quinjet's ready when you are. We'll get you home safely. As always, thank you for your service."
"Anytime, Coulson."
Phil Coulson and LT Koenig[src]

Once they were safe onboard of Zephyr One, Koenig listened as Billy Koenig discussed how the Labyrinth's secrets were all compromised, and they had actually failed to keep their Darkhold away from Holden Radcliffe, while Billy apologised for letting them down. However, they were told by Phil Coulson that, thanks to all Billy's experiences, they knew the identity of the Superior, who had been secretly running the Watchdogs and funded Ellen Nadeer, meaning they could now stop the Watchdogs.

Koenig mocking James Davis' confusion

During the discussions, Billy had also expressed his own amazement that Radcliffe had built this fully functional Life-Model Decoy, as they agreed that it put all their work to shame. Seeing his visible confusion about this, Daisy Johnson had told James Davis that the Koenigs had been part of their original Life-Model Decoy Program, although Davis had still been highly confused over what they actually did, until Sam had explained that they had been technicians, while Koenig questioned if Davis had actually thought that all of her Koenig brothers had been robots, due to their identical appearances, which they laughed at.

Koenig and all her brothers prepare to leave

As the Koenigs shared their laugh at Davis' expense, they were then joined by Thurston Koenig, who had immediately hugged his brother, as he had expressed his great relief that he was finally safe from the Watchdogs, before he had then continued to insist that they were all still sheep for believing in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s mission, which all the other Koenigs rolled their eyes about. With that, Coulson then informed the Koenigs that they had their Quinjet ready to take them back home for their safety, before thanking them all for their services to S.H.I.E.L.D., with Koenig insisting that he could call on them at any time.[1]


"Stop being a whiny little bitch."
―LT Koenig to Thurston Koenig[src]

LT Koenig is a very lively person. Despite her short size, she does not let anyone step on her feet and does not hesitate to fiercely defend herself. Being the one who brought the other Koenigs to S.H.I.E.L.D., she is keen on making sure that they are always on their guards. She also heavily criticizes her brother Thurston who blames his siblings for taking part into S.H.I.E.L.D. activities, stating that he is not particularly doing good on his own. In spite of this trend to pick on her brothers, LT deeply cares for them and is ready to take risks when one of them is in danger. She is also very dedicated to the S.H.I.E.L.D. cause, which his why Phil Coulson frequently asks for her assistance along with her brothers'.




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