"Senator Atwood. She was a HYDRA pawn for years. Helped her get into office when I was the Winter Soldier. And after HYDRA disbanded, she continued to abuse the power I gave her."
Bucky Barnes to Christina Raynor[src]

Senator L. Atwood is a former United States of America senator and a member of HYDRA.



Winter Soldier Confrontation

"Remember me? I am no longer the Winter Soldier. I am James "Bucky" Barnes, and you're part of my efforts to make amends."
Bucky Barnes to L. Atwood[src]

Atwood was a member of HYDRA, who installed her in political office by having the super soldier assassin Winter Soldier eliminate any rivals, allowing her to become a senator in New York. After HYDRA was dismantled, Atwood continued to abuse her political power, attempting to have other political rivals eliminated. However, she was unaware that her conversations were being recorded by Winter Soldier, who disabled her car and turned her over to federal custody.[1]


"Make this go away. If Congressman Lockhart wants to speak up, silence him for good."
―L. Atwood[src]

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