"Hey, Zeller, we're in position."
Cybertek Employee to Kyle Zeller[src]

Kyle Zeller was forced to work for Cybertek after his wife was kidnapped. He was forced by John Garrett to be Deathlok's handler.


Obeying Orders

"Zeller. Yeah it's me. Stream Mike Peterson some video of his son this afternoon."
John Garrett to Kyle Zeller[src]

As a reward for a successful assassination, John Garrett phoned Kyle Zeller and ordered him to send Deathlok a video feed of son.[1]

Battle at Cybertek

"So basically, I've been here since day one. Started with me on my computer in the basement and look what we've grown into."
―Kyle Zeller to Jesse Fletcher[src]

While Kyle Zeller was introducing a new employee to the Cybertek Manufacturing Facility, Coulson's Team was being surrounded by Centipede Soldiers at the Barbershop Headquarters of HYDRA in Havana, Cuba. He instructed the other handlers in his charge to have their soldiers attack them. When Agent Melinda May caused the building to collapse on them, Zeller reported this to Garrett who did not care.

Later, Skye and May infiltrated the building during the Battle at Cybertek and told the handlers that they had a bomb to keep them quiet. Zeller told them that they accounted for this contingency by switching the soldiers to their default mode, the protection of John Garrett, but, to Zeller's surprise, the women had already planned for that.

Skye used Zeller's phone to call Garrett to tell him that Phil Coulson was coming for him; Garrett responded by bragging about ending Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons, who, unknown to Garrett, had been saved by Nick Fury.

Skye then strapped her backpack containing the bomb to Zeller's chest. Zeller stated that he would die before talking and insisted that she cannot control the Centipede soldiers without active handlers. However, Skye said that she is interested in why he serves HYDRA and asks if it is because he was a "true believer", sees HYDRA as the family he never had, or if it was because of the "Incentives Program"; Zeller's reaction to the third question told her that he was a pawn like the others.

Suddenly, they are interrupted by Grant Ward, who calls Skye's bluff. However, Skye merely held Ward's attention so May could ambush him. While the two were fighting, Skye dragged Zeller to the Incentives dormitories where she freed Mrs. Zeller, resulting in the happy couple reuniting. She then continued unlocking doors until she found Ace Peterson. She then reveals to Zeller that the "bomb" was actually the Hulk action figure, to his embarrassment.

Given that Zeller was Deathlok's handler, and he was not communicating with him, Zeller was surprised to learn that Skye was already in contact with Deathlok and had already told Mike Peterson that his son was free; therefore, he was free also to attack Garrett.[2]






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