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"Are you crazy? The hospital will fire you if they find out you stole a confidential–"
"I didn't steal. I copied."
"It'll be our secret, along with that performance."
"This is a HIPAA violation. You could be sued or arrested."
"I did it for our daughter."
"Where's the rest of it?"
"Well, that's all I could find."
"I'm married to a criminal."
Ash, Kyle and Trish Walker[src]

Kyle is a fan of Trish Walker whom agreed to have her sing at his daughter's birthday party for copied, confidental information.


"Where did you get that file?"
"A hospital security guard who's a fan. I just sang at his kid's birthday party. Yeah, it was a low moment. But this was worth it."
Jessica Jones and Trish Walker[src]

Kyle was married to Ash, and they had a daughter, Lillibet. He agreed to help Trish Walker in her investigation over IGH, at the expense that she performed a song at his daughter's birthday party one night. Afterwards, Kyle rewarded her with some of the copied files from his workplace and reassured his husband that they were not going to be in any trouble.[1]





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