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"You know the price for betrayal. You know how this has to go down. To be redeemed... you gotta pay for your sins in full."
―Kusack to John Pilgrim[src]

Kusack was a criminal and leader in the Aryan Brotherhood who had once been good friends with Robert, who escaped the mob and renamed himself as John Pilgrim. When Kusack finally tracked down Pilgrim with the help of Danny, he set up an ambush for his former friend, only for Pilgrim to gain the upper hand and kill everyone there, including Kusack whom he had brutally beaten to death with his knuckledusters.


Aryan Brotherhood

Friendship with Robert

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Attack on John Pilgrim

"I know that I wear a suit now, but... do me the respect of having a drink with me. I ain't changed that much."
―Kusack to John Pilgrim[src]

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"I was a sinner. But I've been born again. And now I'm with the people who will inherit the earth."
"Yeah. Six feet of it."
John Pilgrim and Kusack[src]

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"You have no mercy coming."
―Kusack to John Pilgrim[src]
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