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"We must be careful. Baba Yaga nears. I can feel her."
―Kurt Goreshter[src]

Kurt Goreshter was a friend of Scott Lang who worked as the team's hacker on heists and was an employee of X-Con Security Consultants. In the aftermath of the Zombie Apocalypse, he joined a small group of survivors to try and find a solution to end the plague. However, Goreshter was eventually killed by Scarlet Witch.


Zombie Apocalypse

Peter Parker's Guide Video

In 2018, a virus known as the quantum virus spread throughout the United States of America turning those infected into zombies. Goreshter, along with Hope van Dyne, escaped San Francisco and travelled to New York City. There they met the surviving allies, including Peter Parker, Bucky Barnes, Sharon Carter, and Happy Hogan and camped out in a base consisting of six train cars suspended above the city by Parker's webs. Soon after, Okoye joined them.

Goreshter and Parker working together

Goreshter, quickly adapted a friendship with Parker, and helped him create a video guide on how to survive a zombie apocalypse. He, along with Hogan, Barnes, and Carter participated in the video. When Bruce Banner was brought into the base, he was shown their video before they received word from Okoye about a hexagonal coded message with a location to a potential survivor's camp. Carter deduced the location to be Camp Lehigh, New Jersey, and van Dyne proposed that they leave right away for it.[1]

Traveling to Camp Lehigh

Goreshter at the Grand Central Terminal

Happy Hogan then drove the team in a shrunken van to the Grand Central Terminal. Before they could get out of the van, a zombie approached them, but Hogan enlarged the van, killing the zombie. Inside the Terminal, Goreshter was paired with Bruce Banner, Hope van Dyne, and Peter Parker to go and find the train. After finding the train, they found out that it wasn't working, but Parker volunteered to get it started using his webbing. Once the train became active, a horde of zombies attacked. When one zombie grabbed Goreshter, Banner pulled him back to safety, while van Dyne, shrunk down in her Wasp Suit, and fought them off.

Goreshter brings news to the team

Moments after getting on the train, Goreshter, Parker, Banner, and Okoye ran to the back of the train to find Bucky Barnes, holding a shield, and van Dyne, having just killed a zombified Sharon Carter. Goreshter along with the others then saw that van Dyne had become infected. As the others gathered around van Dyne, Goreshter watched their surroundings and alerted them when they had reached Camp Lehigh. He told them that they had to get through a whole horde of zombies before getting to the base.

Goreshter startled by Vision

Van Dyne volunteered to sacrifice herself, and after growing to giant size, carried Goreshter and the team across the horde over to the base. As they walked towards the base, Goreshter warned Banner about the fictional witch named Baba Yaga before getting startled by Parker, and both of them getting startled by Vision.[1]


Goreshter sees what happened to Lang

Inside the Camp Lehigh, Goreshter listened as Vision explained how he had used the Mind Stone to run experiments as a potential cure to the Quantum Virus. When Okoye asked if Vision was successful, he showed them Scott Lang. However, to Goreshter's shock, only Lang's head had been revived, and was now in a jar with a life support system attached to the bottom. After Bucky Barnes left to explore the base, Goreshter and the others waited with Vision.

Goreshter is killed by Scarlet Witch

Shortly Barnes returned, along with a wounded T'Challa, which caused them to realize that Vision hadn't been telling them the whole truth. Vision then explained that he was trying to keep his love alive and had been luring survivors there because of it. Once Okoye threatened to kill Vision's love, a zombified Wanda Maximoff broke into the room, frightening Goreshter. Before he could react, Maximoff used her powers to kill him swiftly.[1]


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