The Krylorians are a species made physically distinctive by their pink skin.


Krylorians are a frequently seen race in the advanced galactic communities. Because of their beauty, female Krylorians were often used as slaves by criminals. For example, Taneleer Tivan seemed to prefer Krylorian females as his assistants, and often treated them cruelly. One of these assistants was Carina.[2]

Krylorians were also shown to be sexually active with other races besides their own, as Peter Quill slept with a Krylorian named Bereet, and Rhomann Dey was married to one and had a child.[3]

Characteristic Traits

Like many other alien races in the galaxy, Krylorians are a human-like race whose physical features are almost entirely similar to that of a Human. The only difference is their pink skin pigments and eye colors, which are much brighter than that of a human. They also have scar-like ridges on their face, but where on their face is indeterminable.

Krylorians are capable of procreating with other species, such as Xandarians and Humans.

Notable Krylorians


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