"You're Kronan, aren't you?"
Thor to Korg[src]

Kronans are an ancient race of rock-like humanoid beings.


One Kronan warrior was a member of the Marauders, and was present during the battle against the Asgardians on Vanaheim in 2013. The Marauder attempted to duel Thor, but was destroyed with a single uppercut from Mjølnir.[1]

Two Kronans were fighting on Ria when the Quadrant passed by, catching their attention.[2]

Korg, a Kronan, was punished to be a gladiator for Grandmaster for the Contest of Champions. After his acquaintance with Thor, Korg led a rebellion against Grandmaster and escaped the planet of Sakaar to join the Asgardians on their quest to Earth.[3] In the aftermath of the Snap, Korg remained by Thor's side on New Asgard. During the Battle of Earth, Korg joined the rest of the heroes fighting Thanos' army.[4]

Notable Kronans


  • In the comics, the Kronans are also known as the Stone Men from Saturn, although they are native to the planet Ria. They were introduced in Journey into Mystery #83, the same issue that introduced Thor.


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