"Perhaps next time, we should start with the big one?"
Fandral about the Kronan Marauder[src]

The Kronan Marauder was a Kronan warrior and a member of the Marauders.


Marauders' War

Battle of Vanaheim

"Hello... I accept your surrender."
Thor to the Kronan Marauder[src]
Thor vs Korg

The Kronan Marauder furiously confronts Thor

The Kronan Marauder was the strongest member of the Marauders. While attacking Vanaheim in a war between Marauders and the Asgardian army, he came face to face with the Asgardian prince, Thor. The Kronan Marauder roared at Thor, prepared to attack, but was destroyed with a single blow of Thor's mighty hammer, Mjølnir. Witnessing the death of their strongest ally, the other Marauders all surrendered to the Asgardians.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Kronan Physiology: Kronans are an ancient race of rock-like humanoid beings, with superhuman abilities.
    • Superhuman Strength:
      Kor thrashing Asgardian soldier

      The Kronan Marauder knocking away an Einherjar

      The Kronan Marauder possesses immense superhuman strength, beyond that of an average Asgardian, though not quite on par with that of Thor Odinson. Hence, he was able to send an Einherjar flying with a casual swing of his club.
    • Superhuman Durability: The Kronan Marauder's rock-like body is incredibly durable, though still vulnerable to blows from sufficiently powerful opponents, as Thor was able to shatter him into pieces with a single mighty blow of Mjølnir.


  • Combatant: The Kronan Marauder was a feared combatant in the fields of Vanaheim, so much so that his allies among the Marauders stepped aside as he approached for battle. However, he was still not a match for Thor with Mjølnir.


  • Club: The Kronan Marauder carried a large club as his weapon of choice. During the Battle of Vanaheim, he used the club to knock away an Einherjar soldier and intended to use it against Thor before his death.





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